The 10 Best Car Photographers in Austin

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red sports car in front of a mansion

Photo by M on Unsplash

Automotive photography is both an art and a skill. It takes patience, experience, and the willingness to learn how to perfect it. This is because taking an eye-catching photograph plays an important role in the marketing and advertising of every vehicle. If it’s not done right, the photographer will not be able to communicate exactly what the car is about. We went in search for the best Austin car photographers, and we found a treasure trove of high-end talent. 

1. Kurt Bradley

Kurt Bradley is an automotive photographer that has been doing motorsports shoots since 2014. He’s traveled all over the world and attended different races including Le Mans, MotoGP, Formula 1, and World Challenge. He’s also worked for different editorial clients like Jalopnik, Type7, and DriveTribe. 

His style of photography involves a much softer touch that includes strong contrasts between the car and its shadows. The car is almost always the lightest value in his shots. He also creates a warmer lighting effect to set the mood. You can check out some of his work on his Instagram feed


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2. Danny Batista

Danny Batista is a professional photographer with a background in taking portraits and automotive images. His style involves bringing forth the character and demeanor of whatever he’s shooting.

He manipulates lighting well to bring out every detail of the object and uses warm colors to make a statement. His versatility can be clearly seen in some of the work that he has posted on his social media.

3. Amaury Dubois

Amaury Dubois is a French automotive artist photographer that loves to create an artistic vision out of hundreds of detailed shots. His portfolio mainly includes symbolic cars that bring forth the history and quirks that characterize their existence. Each and every car photographed is made to look beautiful and surreal. 

A lot of his work can be found in several art galleries in Europe, Luxembourg, Holland, USA, Portugal, Switzerland, Singapore, and Holland. Dubois is also the founder of Art Photo Car and displays his art pieces on his Instagram page as well. 

4. Liam Parkes

Liam Parkes is easily one of the best Austin car photographers because of his niche approach to automotive photography. He mostly focuses on grassroots drifting and has a unique way of detailing every car’s capability on the track. 

Most of the cars he shoots have been heavily modified. Parkes works his skills behind the camera to portray their power and ruggedness in a way that appeals to any observer. You can check out his love for motorsports and racing on his social media

5. Justin Wallace

Justin Wallace is a versatile photographer that uses his expertise and experience to create some of the best images in the automotive field. His skill in product photography allows him showcase the tiny details of every car that he shoots. 

Viewers get to see the highlighted aspects of each vehicle in crisp and clear photographs. Dark colors are employed where necessary to set the mood while white spaces are used to bring focus to nothing but the object in front of the viewer. Wallace also uses dramatic depth of field to make still images of vehicles look fuller and more lifelike. You can check out his portfolio here


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6. Ryan Koopmans

Ryan Koopmans is a Dutch Canadian photographer that is interested in everything that is shaped by the built environment. Even though his main goal is to capture urban landscapes while he is behind the camera, Koopmans takes his time to take shots of the coolest cars that he comes across. 

He is an award-winning photographer with a huge portfolio under his name. His style involves bringing more than just one aspect of an image into focus. It’s not uncommon to find yourself engaged in different things while checking out his work. You can see some of it on his Instagram handle.   

7. James Sanny

James Sanny is an aspiring automotive photojournalist that knows how to bring out his artistry in every photo. The quality of his work is TV-ready and can be used commercially to sell a vehicle’s features to any type of audience.

His authenticity makes him one of the best Austin car photographers. It sets him apart from the rest by offering a unique perspective that only comes about through skill and experience. You can check out some of Sanny’s work on his social media page

8. Shelby Rae

Shelby Rae is a talented photographer that also has a couple of things going on her end. In addition to taking shots for different clients working in different industries, she has great skill in taking the most professional automotive photos that you’ll ever see. 

Her client portfolio includes vehicle manufacturers like Infiniti, Subaru, Mercedes-Benz, and Honda. She uses just enough light in her editing to make every photo as vibrant and alive as she can. You can check out some of her work on her Instagram page

9. Alex Bouckley

Alex Bouckley is a photographer that loves to take photos of the sportiest and most luxurious cars that he comes across. His portfolio is filled with cars from the biggest brands including Lamborghini, Ferrari, Dodge, McLaren, and Porsche. 

His style of photography is one that involves bringing to life the design and allure that each sports car holds. Whether it’s a Ferrari moving down the road at maximum speed or a McLaren showing off its stylish suicide doors, Bouckley will be there to capture it. You can visit his Instagram profile to check out his work. 


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10. Josh Baker and Andrew Fritz

Josh Baker and Andrew Fritz are founders of AzulOx Commercial, a company that brings together photographers, videographers, and production staff that work hard to offer the best commercial photography services.

The team makes it to our list of the best Austin car photographers because of their deep technical understanding of automotive photography. They know that a cell phone won’t cut it and neither will a decent photo from a pro. It requires skill, experience, and combined effort from the very best in the industry. You can see some of the team’s work on their Instagram feed

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Austin has earned a reputation as having one of the most talented communities of creative professionals in the country, so it’s no surprise that the city churns out some of the finest automotive photographer in the States. The best Austin car photographers bring a deep love of cars and a top-notch expertise in photography to the table to produce images that turn heads, and we can’t get enough.

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