Why we created CoPilot

So, it’s time to buy your next car. Don’t you wish you could buy with confidence?

It’s not like buying a cup of coffee, a home gym, or even a TV.

The car you choose will take you to work everyday, pick up your kids from school, and drive you to your summer vacation. You’re going to live with it, and likely pay for it, for a long time—so you really want to get it right.

So why is shopping for a car so stressful? Frustrating. Time-consuming. Untrustworthy. 

With over four million cars for sale online, and more than 1,000 models to choose from, the joy and excitement quickly gives way to overwhelming grind, scrolling through endless listings full of technical jargon that only car people understand. Deep down you know you’re missing out on a better car or a better deal. And in an industry built on commissions, it’s hard to get advice you can trust. It feels like a world built so the insiders always win, while the outsiders hope for the best.

Artificial Intelligence now changes all of that.

CoPilot AI-Assisted Car Shopping puts you back in the driver’s seat—with highly empowering technology on your side and in your pocket.

CoPilot has your back every step of the way, from trim to transmission, loans and insurance, even maintenance down the road. Just tell your CoPilot what you’re looking for, choose your “must-have” and “nice-to-have” preferences, and we’ll search every car at virtually every dealer—every day. Our AI analyzes millions of cars in seconds leveraging data you won’t find anywhere else, then ranks your perfect matches. Even better: it’s always 100% free, and always keeps your information private.

We named ourselves CoPilot because we’re 100% on your side. Unlike other apps, dealers can’t pay to show up in CoPilot’s results. That’s right, the cars you see ranked at the top are there because they’re the best fit for what you want, at the best price, from the best-rated dealers.

We only get paid when we save you money on purchases related to your car, like insurance, loans, or warranties from the most trusted partners, which we can do by tapping into the combined buying power of our growing CoPilot community. Because we’re not just here to help you buy a car. We’re here to be your CoPilot on everything you need for your car and more—today, and for years to come.

Something went wrong with car shopping a long time ago. It’s time to rethink how the whole thing works. Because when you’re buying something this important, you should drive home excited, and confident that you’ve made the right choice.

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