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How To Reset Your Parking Brake Light

Source: Pixabay Turning on the car key will cause all light indicators in your dashboard to flash briefly and quickly go away. One of those indicators is your car’s parking brake light which comes on whenever the parking brake is applied or not fully released. If the parking brake light stays on despite not engaging the parking brake, there’s likely something wrong with the parking brake system or the switch.

What Is Positraction?

Source: Pixabay “Posi” is a type of differential that enables its two output shafts to rotate at different speeds while restricting the maximum difference between them. So, what is Positraction and why does it matter? They are essentially one and the same, and it’s often referred to simply as “posi” that allows both driving wheels to spin at the same speed all of the time. To this day, the majority of American cars equipped with a limited-slip differential are routinely referred to as Positraction, or Posi for short.

The Best Year for the Jeep Patriot

Jeep Patriot by Alexander TuRbO_J — CC-BY-SA-4.0 Any driver out there seeking a comfortable, capable ride should look no further than the Jeep Patriot. Known for being one of the most dependable five-door compact crossovers on the market, the Jeep Patriot is a great car. However, with so many year models on the market, it can be hard to figure out which one is best for you. Luckily, CoPilot has done the research for you and found that the best year for the Jeep Patriot is the 2017 year model!

How to Reset a Chevy Silverado Oil Light

Source: Pixabay Nothing quite encapsulates the American can-do attitude like owning your own pickup truck that can do anything under the sun and working yourself to maintain it. And one of the easiest yet most necessary parts of maintaining your own car is performing regular oil changes. It is a good idea to track when you do your oil changes yourself, as you should be changing it every 5,000 miles or 6 months, give or take depending on the oil you use, the computer in your car will let you know when it’s time.

The Best Year for the Nissan Murano

Image by thisguyhere from Pixabay The Nissan Murano isn’t always the first thing to come to many people’s minds when they think of a midsize SUV, but maybe it should be. This reputable SUV is nothing to overlook if you’re in the market for such a vehicle. While we think a Nissan Murano could potentially be the right car for you based on your needs and interests, we don’t want you to buy a subpar year model.

8 Cars Like Subaru WRXs: Similar Rides Worth Checking Out

Source: Pixabay If you love cars, you know that the Subaru WRX is a popular choice among drivers. From its speed to its mileage, many agree that it’s one of the top choices on the market. You might wonder if there are any similar cars like Subaru WRXs for sale. Read on to learn about eight different cars like Subaru WRXs. All of these are excellent competitors, and you might find yourself falling in love with one of them rather than the WRX.

How To Lease A Car With Bad Credit: Is It Possible And Should You Do It?

Source: Pixabay Leasing is increasingly becoming a popular option for driving a new car. Benefits such as lower out-of-pocket costs (i.e., lower down payments) and more manageable monthly payments are certainly helping the case of car leases. But what if you have a not-so-stellar credit score? Is leasing still on the table? Like with car buying, some dents on your credit score will make you wonder if you’re qualified for a lease.

Toyota Tundra Towing Capacity: What To Know

Source: Pixabay If you’re a person who finds themselves hauling large amounts of equipment from one place to another frequently, towing capacity is probably one of the most important factors in determining your purchase of a vehicle. It’s essential that you know your truck’s towing capacity as well as the weight of the objects you’ll be towing before embarking on any grand adventures to ensure you’re driving safely and keeping your stuff safe, too.

Ford Edge Towing Capacity: What To Know

Ford Edge by Vauxford - CC-BY-SA-4.0 Fords are widely recognized as durable and effective vehicles at all size ranges and model types. They’re known for their towing capacity and their ability to work well as working vehicles, especially in rural environments. But what about the Ford Edge? Does it compare with other vehicles in the same class, and what is the Ford Edge towing capacity? Is this compact SUV a good fit for working vehicles?

Toyota Rav4 Towing Capacity: What to Know

Source: Pixabay The Toyota Rav4 is a unique car that looks good both in an urban and natural environment. Any person can enjoy this car, as it is efficient and fun to drive no matter where you are. If you find yourself needing to tow a trailer or similar item, you might wonder about the Toyota Rav4’s towing capacity. How much can this car pull behind itself before breaking down?

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