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Ford Escape Ground Clearance: What To Know

Image source A few years after discontinuing their iconic Bronco, Ford introduced the Ford Escape as their new small SUV offering, and it has stuck around (albeit in pretty different forms) for over twenty years now. And this year, the Bronco has returned, but since the Escape has changed so much over the years, they serve two very different purposes in Ford’s lineup now. While the Bronco is an off-roader more in the vein of a Jeep Wrangler, the Escape is mostly meant to provide you with plenty of cargo space and passenger room with a smooth ride on city streets and highways.

Subaru Impreza Ground Clearance: What To Know

Image source Ground clearance is an important vehicle characteristic that often gets overlooked during the car buying process. Subaru is known for its off-roading ability, and can be a major difference from city-specific driving and being able to explore a bit more. When looking at the vehicle from scratch, how does the Impreza’s ground clearance compare to other vehicles in the class? Let’s Start with the Basics: What Is Ground Clearance and Why Does It Matter?

Honda Element Ground Clearance: What To Know

Image source Ground clearance is an extremely important part of the car buying process that many new or less experienced buyers can often overlook. It can be the different between maintaining your cars for years or having unexpected damage and repair issues pop up unexpectedly. Seasoned car buyers know the importance of this, and the Honda Element’s ground clearance is right on average with other mid-size SUVs. But what is ground clearance and why do car buyers need to know?

Ford Explorer Ground Clearance: What To Know

Image source When drivers are in the market for a new vehicle with plenty of ground clearance, they’re not always looking for an adventure car. Plenty of people need the ride in order to overcome obstacles you can find in and around developed areas. Maybe they have a steeper-than-average driveway and are tired of scraping their bumper every time they pull in. Maybe they live down an unimproved road and want to put a little bit more distance between the belly of their car and the gravel being kicked up by their tires.

Nissan Rogue Ground Clearance: What To Know

Image source If you’re looking for a well-equipped compact SUV with plenty of cargo space and room for friends and family, the Nissan Rogue is a great option. With its brand-new design for the 2021 model year, it has never looked sharper inside and out. While the last generation still looked pretty good, it was decidedly early 2010s and a refresh was in order. With the update came a slew of new standard technology, and a new engine.

Kentucky Lemon Laws for Used Cars: What To Know

Photo by Justiniano Adriano from Pexels From the Western Waterlands to the Appalachian Mountains, the Bluegrass State has some of the most beautiful land to traverse. But if you want to take in all the nature, culture, food, and Bourbon Kentucky has to offer, you’re almost certainly going to need a car to do that. And while you can do all the research in the world before buying a car, there’s no way to fully guarantee your car was well made and in good condition, even if you buy it new.

Subaru Outback Ground Clearance: What to Know

Image source As you search for the right off-road vehicle to fit your needs, it’s important to consider the ground clearance. This is one area that some consumers fail to include in their research into off-road vehicles. That’s why we’re taking a close look at the Subaru Outback’s ground clearance. This is one off-roading ride that excels in its class. Newer Outback models have gained added ruggedness and a litany of innovative features to help enhance your outdoor adventures.

The 10 Best Cars for Young Professionals

Image source As a young professional, it makes sense that you would want to buy a vehicle that complements your line of work. If you’re in the market for a new ride, we’re here to help. We put together the 10 best cars for young professionals so you’ll have an idea of what others are buying and why. Our Top Picks Chevy Cruze Chevy has built itself an empire with the Cruze alone.

The 10 Best Cars for Camping

Image source If you’re into the outdoor life and need a vehicle that will better accommodate your passion, consider our guide to the best cars for camping. Here, you will find a collection of the most versatile rides for roughing it. Whether it’s just you and your companion or the whole family, we have the perfect solution to your needs. 2017 GMC Acadia If you are the proud parent of a large family who loves camping, the Acadia is right up your path.

RAV4 Ground Clearance: What To Know

Image source The Toyota RAV4 has consistently been among the best-selling vehicles for years. In fact, since its launch in 1994, more than 10 million RAV4s have rolled out of Toyota’s factories. For compact SUV shoppers, what’s not to like? Legendary Toyota reliability, decent gas mileage, and crossover functionality. RAV4 ground clearance is another favored characteristic. Let’s drill down on ground clearance and what it means. Ground Clearance Pros and Cons Ground clearance is the space from the lowest part of a vehicle’s body (excluding tires and wheels) to the surface below.

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