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Cities With the Biggest Increase in Used Car Prices

Photo Credit: Alamy Stock Photo 2020 has been a volatile year in many sectors of the economy, and the market for used cars has been no different. Used car sales tend to follow consistent seasonal patterns, peaking early in each year and trending downward as the year goes on. But like the rest of the economy, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic early in the spring brought the used car market to a halt, with total sales falling to their lowest levels since 2014.

Programs that offer free cars to college students

If you’re like millions of college students, you’re no doubt feeling the financial pinch of having to balance a full set of classes - and potentially work a job as well. If you don’t have a vehicle in college, it can make your life quite a bit more difficult, especially if you’re attending a commuter school. Beyond campus life, you may also need to do things like shop, run errands, or go to a job that’s off campus.

How to lease a car as a college student

For the modern college student, leasing a car may make perfect sense. When you lease a car, monthly payments are often very inexpensive, and the upfront cost of a lease can often be nothing. Additionally, since college students are under constant pressure, the last thing they want to worry about is a vehicle that is unreliable or will cost them money to repair. The other reality of being a college student is that you don’t typically have a lot of income, since most college students work a second job or a part-time job - which doesn’t leave very much room to pay for a car loan!

The 3 most practical cars of 2021

If you’re looking for a practical car, 2021 just might be the year to find your perfect ride. Whether you’re looking for a small vehicle to commute back and forth to work, or something large enough to carry your children, your dogs, and all of your camping gear, there are several options to choose from. How you define practicality and how other people define practicality may be a little bit different, but in general, we like to think that a “practical” car is roomy, fuel-efficient, and reliable.

Why are Jeeps so expensive?

Among automotive brands, there are few with more heritage and history than Jeep. Jeep does have a variety of vehicles under its umbrella, including the Cherokee and the Compass, but most enthusiasts love Jeep for its famous Wrangler. The starting price of a Wrangler is around $30,000 and they can easily crest over $40,000 and even $50,000 in some trim levels! This may have you asking yourself, why are Jeeps so expensive?

The 7 best used car pre-purchase inspection services in Newark

The Best Pre-Purchase Inspection Services in Newark NJ Buying a used car these days can be a difficult process. While there are plenty of reputable sellers out there, it only takes one bad egg (or lemon) to ruin the experience. Fortunately, there are services to help weed out the lemons. Here are 8 pre-purchase inspection services in the Newark, NJ area. GET THE SAME LISTING INFO THAT DEALERSHIPS USE

The 8 best used car pre-purchase inspection services in NYC

Buying a used car, especially in the city, can be a difficult task. Cars in the city usually don’t get driven often, which can lead to increased rust and other various engine problems. Thankfully, there are services to ease the burden of buying a car. Here are 8 pre-purchase inspection services in New York City. Quick list: The Best Pre-Purchase Inspection Services in New York Coys Auto Repair: Services all makes and models, import or domestic Z&P Motor: Has a 4.

The 7 best pre-purchase inspection services in Naperville

We hate to break it to you, but even if you find your dream car at a good price, it might not be a good car. A car that seems perfect at first glance could be hiding thousands of dollars in repairs. Luckily, there are inspection services to ensure that you don’t buy a lemon. Here are 8 pre-purchase inspection services in the Naperville, IL area: Quick list: The best pre-purchase inspection places in Naperville Naperville Automotive Solutions: Spot for multi-services Automeister: Services both import and domestic vehicles Posh Automotive: Has a 5.

The 8 best used car pre-purchase inspection services in Houston

When buying a used car, you don’t always know what you’re getting – and even buying from a dealer is no guarantee of perfection. Thankfully, there are services that can inspect a car before you decide to drive off the lot. Here are 8 pre-purchase inspection services in the Houston area. Quick list: The Best Pre-Purchase Inspection Services in Houston TX Auto Exam: Specializes in vehicle inspections of all kinds, from state to pre-purchase Lemon Squad: ASE-certified techs Auto World Houston: A family owned and operated shop that services both domestic and imported cars Texas First Auto Inspections: Performs four categories of inspections, which cover 170 points Texas International Motors: Specializes in European cars, mainly Mercedes and BMWs Eurocar-Werk: Only services European makes and models, from Jaguar to Porsche Professional Auto Care: Services every make and model, whether they’re domestic or imported Driver’s Auto Repair: Services everything from oil changes to radiator replacements Auto Exam Address: 17555 El Camino Real, Houston, TX 77058

The 7 best used car pre-purchase inspection services in Fort Worth

Buying a used car is never a cut-and-dried process. You have to contend with questionable Craigslist ads, dealers that want more money than your chosen car is clearly worth and, finally, the almighty enemy of rust. You might not always know what to look for when buying a used car, but that’s OK. Here’s a list of 8 pre-purchase inspection services in the Fort Worth area to take a little bit of weight off your mind.

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