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How soon can you trade in a financed car?

Some quick statistics that might surprise you: 85.4% of vehicles purchased in America are financed. The average length of a car loan in America is 67 months. These staggering numbers coincide with the ever-rising price of the average new car as more and more Americans struggle to afford everything from higher rents to increased healthcare costs. This means longer loans, lower interest rates, and higher-priced vehicles. Pair that with taxes, fees, and depreciation and you may find yourself owing more on a car than what it’s worth.

The best used station wagons

The station wagon used to be the backbone of American motoring. Families would pile in, strap some luggage to the roof, and careen off on a vacation to Walley World. OK, maybe that’s the plot of National Lampoon’s Vacation - but still, the station wagon once occupied a coveted space in many American driveways. SUVs have all but killed the station wagon, but believe it or not, there are still plenty of fantastic station wagon options on sale today.

The best used trucks under $5,000

Let’s be frank - for $5,000, you’re not gonna get a nice truck. But you can get a reliable, well-running truck, and that’s what really counts. Why spend $50-70k on a brand new truck you’re going to beat the hell out of anyway? This article will help you determine the best-used trucks that cost less than $5000 and offer high levels of capability and reliability, as well as how to find them in your area during the truck shortage.

The best used trucks for under $10,000

What’s more American than a truck? These “do it all, haul it all” vehicles have become the backbone of getting things done. Although new trucks can easily crest the $70,000 mark, you can find a great truck that will do everything you need it to do and more for far less money. Sure, you’ll give up some modern details, but the core of what a truck is and what it can do are the same regardless of fancy toys.

The best used sedans for really tall people

If you’re reading this article you’re really tall, and you’re familiar with how hard it can be to fit in a small car. Luckily for tall drivers, there are several vehicles that can easily accommodate them - and they don’t always need to be super-sized to be comfortable. This article will help you determine the best-used cars for tall people in a variety of different vehicle classes, focusing on front legroom and front headroom.

Best Used Family Cars

The landscape of the family car has changed drastically over the course of the past 10 years, as SUVs have slowly but surely taken over as the car of choice for increasing numbers of American families. This isn’t to say that the family sedan is dead in the water, especially since there are several sedans that are standouts at performing family duties and being fun to drive as well. Regardless of what your personal style is, there are several awesome choices.

The best used cars for college students

If there’s one thing that many college students absolutely depend on, it’s their car. Whether it’s running to class, going out with friends, or driving home for holiday breaks, having a vehicle that is reliable, cheap to run, and tech-focused is incredibly important to the modern college student. When choosing a used car for your college student, there should be a few main things on your mind: Vehicle price Mileage / Reliability Safety Cost of ownership This article will examine the best cars for college students, broken down into a few categories.

Ford Focus Transmission Problems

The Ford Focus has stood out over time as a vehicle that is both fun to drive, practical, and extremely stylish. Its European roots come through in its fun to drive demeanor and a selection of models allows buyers to choose from “mild to wild”. Despite all of these accolades, there remains one unavoidable issue that the latest generation of Ford Focus (2011-2018) suffers from, and that is perpetual transmission problems.

The Best Used Car Dealerships in New York City

There’s nothing more frustrating than dealing with deceptive or underhanded used car dealers. We’ve been conditioned to believe that all used car dealers are built to take advantage of customers eager to get into a great car at a low price – but this isn’t necessarily always true. In fact, there are reputable dealers that sell highly recommended and well-priced vehicles; you just need to know how to tell the good ones from the bad.

The Best Used Car Dealerships in Naperville

Choosing the right dealership is often as important as choosing the right car. A good dealership will make or break the value of a deal. There are reputable, reliable dealers that sell vehicles that are highly rated, well priced, and in fantastic condition - you just need to know where to look. If you’re looking for the best used car dealers in Naperville, Illinois, we’re here to help. We read reviews, called the dealerships, and found the best used car dealers in the Naperville area.

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