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What our happy drivers have to say
  • As a busy working mom I found a car on CoPilot 10 minutes after downloading the app. I went and bought the car the very next day!

    Jessica E | Minocqua, WI
  • CoPilot told me the car I bought was overpriced and when I told the dealer, he knocked $2,500 off the total price! CoPilot had all the information I needed all in one place. It totally transformed my experience!

    Emily W | Pittsfield, MA
  • I felt so confident in CoPilot’s analysis that I didn’t even have to negotiate at the dealership. I found the right car at the right price on CoPilot.

    Casey M | Chicago, IL
  • Dealers only show you the pros of every car, but CoPilot will show you everything, even the cons. I bought 2 cars I found on CoPilot and I wouldn’t have been able to negotiate $3,000 of the asking price without it.

    Salvador E | Apollo Beach, FL
  • I usually buy new cars, but with CoPilot I was able to buy an upgraded pre-owned car while paying less than brand new. I have already bought two cars using CoPilot and it’s a game changer!

    Andrea W | Roosevelt, NY
  • I wasn't sure what car to get and CoPilot guided me towards a nearly new 2018 Audi Q3. I wouldn't have found my car if I hadn't used CoPilot. They have better inventory than any other car site and helped me avoid the games dealers play.

    Jessica W | Oconomowoc, WI

Shop & Buy with Confidence

Shop smarter, armed with expert insights.

CoPilot removes the grind from car shopping. Our experts cut through the noise, searching every local dealer to find you the perfect car at the best price.

We arm you with insights, enabling you to shop smarter, and buy a better car than you thought you could afford.

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Always 100% on your side. Always free.

Unlike other sites, dealers can’t pay to show up in our results. How do we make money? Tips from happy CoPilot members.

Comprehensive Search
Your CoPilot will search every dealer in your area to find all the cars that match your preference.
Curated & Ranked Buy Lists
Take out the guesswork. Zero in on the best cars and discover hidden gems with a list of Great Buys curated just for you.
Insights You Won't Find Anywhere Else
Get more than just the car basics. Your CoPilot researches across the internet to empower you with data no one else has about why to buy or avoid each car.

Own with Confidence

As an owner, CoPilot stays by your side.

CoPilot will make sure you get the best price on services and help you maintain your vehicle.

Is the mechanic charging too much? Do you need an oil change? Should you refinance? Is there a safety recall? CoPilot will remove the hassles of owning a car.

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We only make money when we save you money.

Dealers and manufacturers cannot pay to influence our advice. We only make money if we save you money on your insurance.