CoPilot for Dealers Frequently Asked Questions

Are there services that dealers can purchase from CoPilot?

Since CoPilot is a service to consumers, we do not accept any payments from dealers. This ensures that our users can feel confident that we are 100% on their side and that our results and advice are based entirely on their interests.

Do I need to send my inventory to CoPilot to be included in results?

CoPilot leverages the power of search engines to find all publicly available cars for sale online. Your dealership should be covered by the search engines. We also enhance the results based on other data that we have obtained. If any data is inaccurate or if we are missing inventory, please let us know so that we can improve our results.

What can dealers expect from consumers using CoPilot?

CoPilot is bringing transparency, trust and confidence to consumers in the car shopping process by providing unbiased expert insights to our users.

  • CoPilot also looks to include, value and highlight positive attributes about vehicles. For example, our pricing analysis gives credit for high value packages and other premium equipment that other sites ignore

    • This means that dealerships with good cars that are priced fairly will likely get a lot of free leads from CoPilot
    • Consumers are also more likely to purchase these quality, well priced cars because of their increased confidence after receiving validation from a trusted third party
  • On the other hand, if your cars have issues, such as salvage titles etc, or are overpriced, CoPilot will raise these issues with the consumer

    • Although typically these types of vehicles are not recommended by CoPilot and so are less likely to even be seen by consumers using CoPilot

How does CoPilot make money?

CoPilot earns money two ways:

  • The only way that CoPilot makes money from helping members with cars shopping is through tips from happy customers.
  • CoPilot also makes money from helping members save money on their auto insurance

To contact CoPilot with questions or other issues please email