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7 Best Car Dealerships in Arlington, VA

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Photo of car dealership lot in Arlington, VA

If you’re looking for the best way to save money on the purchase of a vehicle, you’re probably looking to buy a used car. The reason is simple: depreciation. Once a car rolls off the lot it immediately loses value, typically in the range of 15% to 20%. Purchasing a used car, even a newer used car with low mileage, can yield savings of thousands of dollars.

You’ll need to connect with a reputable used car dealer or go through a private party to purchase a used vehicle. However, since most people finance vehicle purchases, a trusted used car dealer is a needed partner in the process.

If you live in the Arlington, Virginia area and happen to be on the hunt for your next car, this article will help you find the best dealer to purchase your next vehicle.


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1. Virginia Auto Trader

Photo of cars lined up in front of Virginia Auto Trader office

Address: 2510 Lee Hwy, Arlington, VA 22201

Phone number: (703) 567-6565

Specialty: Late Models, Low Cost

Website: https://www.vaatco.com/

Virginia Auto Trader is a top-rated used car automotive dealer that offers a fantastic selection of late-model, affordable used cars, and specialty luxury automobiles as well. Customers rave about the family-friendly atmosphere of the dealer and their consistently great deals. They pull a very high 4.65 on Google, 3.55 on DealerRater and 4.4 /5 on Cars.com.

They also have a fantastic website that keeps the buying public up to date on their inventory, and lets you make an appointment to come look at one of their many great cars. Virginia Auto Trader is a great place to start your search for a used car.

2. Merlex Automotive Group

Photo of cars lined up in front of Merlex Auto Group sign

Address: 1105 N Glebe Rd, Arlington, VA 22201

Phone Number: (703) 685-9312

Speciality: Luxury

Website: https://www.merlexautogroup.com/index.shtml

For buyers in the D.C. area, Merlex Automotive Group is the go-to for luxury automobiles of all types. They are a Capital One preferred dealer and even work with several local credit unions to help get you financed on your new car. Their customers love their ability to find specific and hard to find luxury cars and have them shipped in from all over the country. They have earned a 45 from Google and a solid 3.9 on DealerRater with over 1000 reviews between the two. Overall, they have a super impressive selection of vehicles and a well deserved, positive reputation.

3. H&R Auto Sales

Photo of H&R Auto Sales office

Address: 2825 Washington Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201

Phone Number: (703) 243-4467

Specialty: Low Priced Luxury

Website: https://www.handrautoinc.net/

The team at H&R Auto Sales is well-deserving of their 4.35 Google Rating and 4.3 Cars.com rating. They keep a fantastic selection of late-model, luxury cars, and late-model family vehicles for all of your needs. If you’re into luxury but don’t want to spend a ton of money on a new car, they have a great selection of low mileage, well-loved luxury cars. H&R will also buy your car from you and get you cash on the spot, whether you want to buy from them or not!


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4. C&G Imports

Photo of cars in front of C&G Imports showroom

Address: 936 N Kenmore St, Arlington, VA 22201

Phone Number: (703) 525-7441

Specialty: Trucks and SUVs

Website: https://www.sudealeramigo.com/

C&G specializes in late model trucks, SUVs, and family vehicles. They purchase vehicles that have low mileage and are known for their reliability. Toyota, Honda, Subaru, and Nissan are frequently sold by the professionals at C&G.

They have a fantastic 4.65 on Google, 4.35 on Cars.com and a 4.9 on Facebook. Their in-house financing is one of the best in the D.C. area and reviews state that it is exceedingly fair for “buy here, pay here” dealers.

5. Arlington Auto Group

Photo of car in front of Arlington Auto Group office

Address: 918A S Monroe St, Arlington, VA 22204

Phone Number: (703) 839-5298

Specialty: BMW’s & German Luxury Cars

Website: https://arlingtonautogroup.net/

The team at Arlington Auto Group specializes in BMWs, as well as other German luxury brands like Porsche and Mercedes-Benz. They keep a solid selection of these well-loved vehicles on the lot and can help find you a particular model of your choosing.

They also specialize in finding M versions of BMW vehicles and AMG versions of Mercedes-Benz. Throw in some in-house financing, a solid 4.4 rating on Google, and a 4.3 on cars.com and you have a fantastic place to stop when looking for your next German luxury car.

6. CarBridge Auto Motors

Photo of CarBridge salespeople holding an award

Address: 3621 Columbia Pike Suite # 10, Arlington, VA 22204

Phone Number: (703) 888-1439

Specialty: Late Model Hyundais, Toyotas and Hondas

Website: https://www.carbridgemotors.com/

What makes CarBridge unique is their focus on late model Hyundai and Honda vehicles that come in well under $20,000. Traditionally seen as the “sweet spot” in the automotive market, these late model, well-loved vehicles are the perfect daily drivers at the right price.

CarBridge has a fantastic rating of 4.6 on Google and 4.4 on Cars.com. They offer in house financing options and are one of the preferred dealers for GWC Auto Warranties - a leading provider of automotive warranties. Overall, an awesome choice for your next daily driver!


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7. Arlington Auto Sales Inc.

Screenshot of Arlington Auto Sales Inc. website

Address: 2427 Shirlington Rd, Arlington, VA 22206

Phone Number: (703) 685-0205

Specialty: Toyota, Honda, and Subaru

Website: https://www.arlingtonmotors.net

Arlington Auto Sales Inc. is another solid choice when you’re looking for reputable and reliable vehicles One of their main allures is their solid selection of late-model Subaru vehicles, which are awesome for those harsh VA winters. Their in-house financing team and trusted relationships with banks allow them to help any credit situation as well.

Their 4.3 rating on Google is due to their willingness to go out of their way for their customers and their quality vehicles. They also stock a huge selection of vehicles for you to choose from.

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