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Cars With The Best Sound Systems

Source: Pixabay Sound systems have come a long way since the first car radio was installed in 1924 by Kelly’s Motors in Australia. These days the number of speakers and the amount of wattage are more crucial than ever to qualify a vehicle as one of our picks for cars with the best sound systems. Many automotive manufactures partner with high-end audio brands like Bose to set them apart from vehicles with your run-of-the-mill car factory sound systems.

The Best 2-Seater Cars (2021)

Photo by Nathan Van Egmond on Unsplash If you decided you are in the market for a 2-seater sports car, we can assume one of two things or both: you don’t have a family or family duties, or you do have a family and you want an extra vehicle for fun. Either way, awesome! Some 2-seaters can get pretty pricey, especially if they’re Italian or German, so in the interest of knowing not everyone is a millionaire, we kept our choices mostly to the more modestly priced 2-seaters.

The 9 Best Cars for Snow

Photo by Alexandr Podvalny from Pexels Winter driving impacts a good portion of the country and can wreak havoc for young and experienced drivers alike. If you live in an area that is often affected by snow and unpredictable weather, you know how important it is to plan ahead. Lower visibility, freezing temperatures, and often slick roads make for sometimes outright dangerous situations for driving. Improved technology, safety features, enhanced comfort for those cold days, and convenience capabilities all factor into a vehicle’s ability to handle winter driving.

Our Picks for the 8 Cars with Best Residual Value

Photo by gregoire ceas on Unsplash Buying a new car is an investment, but it’s about more than just getting a fair price for a reliable and high-quality vehicle. It’s more like buying stock: you purchase a car at market cost and then watch the value of that car fluctuate as it ages. And if you choose to sell or trade-in your vehicle in the future, you have to do it at the right time in order to avoid losing too much money.

The 8 Best AWD Cars Under $10K

2020 Subaru Outback by Kevauto — CC BY-SA 4.0 There are plenty of reasons to buy a car with all-wheel drive instead of front or rear-wheel drive. For some, it’s the ability to take your adventures off-road. For others, it’s the thrilling performance and the way all four tires can tightly grip corners and speed down the straightaways. And for many, it’s the peace of mind that their car can handle any weather that comes their way.

The 8 Best Luxury Cars with the Best Gas Mileage

Photo by Arvid Skywalker on Unsplash Nothing about a luxury car reads as “efficient.” And that’s the point! Luxury is by definition abundant, ostentatious, and plush. Luxury cars are intended to be fun, comfortable, flashy, and tricked out with all the latest gadgets and gizmos. And all this makes luxury cars expensive (hey, it’s in the name, right?) But while a luxury car is an investment up front, that doesn’t mean that you have to resign yourself to breaking the bank at every fill up.

Our Picks for the 6 Cars with the Best Power to Weight Ratio

Photo by Adrian N on Unsplash We could spend all day going over the mathematics of vehicle performance. Driving geeks know that calculating the potential speed of a vehicle alone is a complicated equation involving a multitude of factors. But we don’t have all day to talk design aerodynamics, suspension quality, what kind of roads you’re driving on, etc., etc. So we’ll keep it simple. What makes a car fast?

The 10 Best Cars for New Parents

Source: Pixabay Protecting assets is something most parents keep in mind. But what about protecting your most important assets — your children? Safety is the number one factor new parents should consider when purchasing a vehicle, but safety doesn’t mean sacrificing style and amenities, at least not these days. This article will explore the 10 best cars for new parents and some of the perks of each. Honda Pilot  This midsize SUV scored a 5-star safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for models from 2016 – 2021.

The Best Sedans with High Ground Clearance in 2021

Photo by Isak Pettersson on Unsplash Finding the perfect car to suit your lifestyle can be tricky. You like to go track driving on the weekends, but you’re not about the off-roader vehicle aesthetic. Maybe you live down a dirt road and you’re tired of all the bumps and scrapes you hear under your car on your daily commute, but you’re not into the idea of investing in a full-sized SUV.

Our Picks for the 7 Best Cars for Short People

Photo by Chase Baker on Unsplash Driving an ill-fitting car as a short person can be uncomfortable. Your feet don’t quite reach the pedals, you have to sit way too far forward in the seat, and you can barely see over the steering wheel. Luckily, it’s easy for short drivers to find a car that fits them perfectly, if they know what they’re looking for. The ​best cars for short people​ will not only be safe and easy to drive, but also comfortable and convenient.

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