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The best used luxury SUVs on the market

Since the SUV craze started to take hold of America around 30 years ago, manufacturers have been steadily increasing the number of SUV models in their lineups. One of the most popular subsets of SUVs is the luxury SUV. This class of vehicle has been nothing short of astonishingly successful for the luxury brands of the world, who now see SUVs making up more of their lineup than sedans. Whether you’re looking for a compact, midsize or full size - there’s a luxury SUV for every need and price range.

The best used luxury cars on the market (and how to find them)

One of the smartest buys in the world of automobiles is a used or certified used luxury car. The reason for this is quite simple: depreciation. Luxury automobiles are one of the fastest depreciating assets in the automotive world, and smart buyers know how to take advantage of them. Check out our list of fastest-depreciating cars if you don’t believe it - 6 of the 8 cars on the list are top-end luxury cars.

The 7 Best used SUVs under $10,000

The SUV has become the new choice for drivers in America who are looking for a vehicle that does it all. Over the last 25 years, the SUV has gradually taken market share from the venerable midsize sedans by offering customers similar fuel economy and sedan-like driving dynamics along with off-road capability and increased cargo capacity. For most families, an SUV is really the perfect choice. So what if you can’t afford the newest option off the showroom floor?

The 8 Best Minivans To Buy Used

Honda Odyssey by Navigator84 - CC BY-SA 4.0 When the minivan came on the scene way back in 1983, it was an unequivocal success here in the United States. As soon as Dodge and (now defunct) Plymouth began to sell the Voyager and Grand Caravan, families found much to love in their roomy interiors, fair gas mileage, and a huge variety of configurations. Those that grew up in the ’80s or ‘90s no doubt have fond memories of piling into minivans with all of their friends and heading to school or soccer practice.

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