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The 7 Best Sports Cars for Snow

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Car covered in snow

Car covered in snow by AgnosticPreachersKid CC BY-SA 3.0

Picture your favorite sports car commercial. What do you see? Don’t let us put words in your mouth, but we’re guessing it looks something like this: an athletic-looking two-seater (probably in red) is tearing down a sun-drenched highway, kicking up sand blown in from the nearby beach.

There’s palm trees in the background, and the driver is almost definitely wearing sunglasses. There might even be a shot of the searing pavement, complete with the wavy reflection of heat bouncing off the black pavement. Did we get a bingo?

Sports cars over the years have somehow become synonymous with summer fun. And, of, course, they are. But that doesn’t mean that’s all they’re good at. Some smart vehicle designer somewhere along the line asked, hey, why can’t we drive sports cars in winter?

We tip our hat to this proverbial car guru whose dream set the scene for what we think are some of the greatest sports cars on the market for today. Here are our picks for the 7 best sports cars for snow.

What to Look for in a Snow-bound Sports Car

Here are some must-have features if you’re going to take your sporty speed-racer on snowy roads.

  1. All-wheel or 4-wheel drive. Of course. Sports cars are generally very light and with a low center of gravity, which makes them great at speeding down flat, dry highways.

But this also means that sometimes they need a little extra help in dealing with looser ground like gravel or snow. AWD or 4WD is a must. 2. Ground clearance. Don’t expect to reach heights that compete with SUVs. But do expect your winter-ready sports car to stand a little taller than its fair-weather-only counterpart.

These vehicles need a fighting chance at being able to clear a snow bank, and a taller ride height will give it to them. The best sports cars for snow can’t afford to be belly-draggers. 3. A cozy interior. Many sports cars on the market elect for a spartan interior that saves valuable pounds and gives you extra speed in a straightaway. And this is all fine if you’re driving with the top down in 70+ degree weather. But creature comforts like comprehensive environmental controls are an important feature for your cold-weather car to have.


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Best Sports Cars for Snow

2021 Audi R8 V10 - $145,895

Out of the corner of your eye you might think this superb sports car was a Lamborghini. Lucky for your wallet, you get all that power and supercar-styling for about a third of the cost (assuming you go for the base model.) At around 6 inches off the ground, the ability to mount a snow bank is a little lacking, but the Audi more than makes up for this in raw power.

602 HP drive the massive V10, and with the help of chains or snow tires make you virtually unstoppable on snowy streets. Plus, heated seats and automatic climate control keep you cozy while you’re tearing through your winter wonderland.

2020 BMW i8 - $148,495

What is that thing? I don’t know, but I want it! This BMW is a work of art that feels like it should be hanging on a gallery wall, surrounded by waspy onlookers sipping wine. In reality this vehicle is perfectly at home taking on the harshest winters you can throw at it. And it’s a hybrid!

You might think that this would be a detriment, but having an electric engine means more torque ready to go at a moment’s notice and help you tackle slushy pavement. The Beemer also features heated seats, heated side mirrors, and an auxiliary water heater for those extra-cold days.

2020 Porsche 911 Carrera 4s - $123,750

In snow? Really? Yes! The Carrera is the first on our list to actually come equipped with all wheel drive, meaning this iconic sports car is actually intended to take on rough winter weather. At just 4 13 inches off the ground she’s a little short, but nonetheless a force to be reckoned with when all 4 wheels are fighting against the elements.

Comfort features include standard heated seats and mirrors, but Porsche takes it a step further with heated windshield fluid dispensers, so you can stay safe on a snowy day at the track.


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2021 Nissan GTR - $115,335

Standard AWD number 2! The GTR was “built from the ground up” to handle any kind of road, from dry, to wet, to frozen over. As usual, heated seats, heated mirrors, and a dual-zone automatic climate control come as standard, but Nissan does you one better and offers a no-extra-charge winter package for serious snow bunnies.

Included in this offer are all-weather tires and coolant specifically formulated for colder climates. They’re just begging for you to take this vehicle snow-drifting. And so are we!

2021 Kia Stinger - $34,125

Who knew a Kia could be such a beast if you hooked up an AWD drivetrain to it? The Stinger lets you know right out of the gate what it’s all about, with a mean-looking face and sharp edges (it’s also in the name, right?) 5 inches of ground clearance makes it a little on the lower side but, as we’ve seen from the other vehicles in our list of best sports cars for snow, a powerful engine and all-wheel drive make that a thing of least concern.

2021 Jaguar F-Type AWD - $62,750

Reviewers describe the Jaguar’s optional AWD drivetrain as “intelligent,” and praise the F-Type for its ability to aggressively take on snow while remaining “drop-dead gorgeous.” The external style of this vehicle pays a subtle homage to its predecessor, the E-Type, but take all 575 of its horses for a ride on icy streets and you’ll immediately forget that there were any other Jags before this one. One review does complain that the interior feels a little cramped. But honestly, will you care?


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2021 Dodge Challenger GT AWD - $36,365

The American has entered the building! At just over $36,000, this vehicle is one of the cheapest on our list by nearly half. But that doesn’t make it any less exhilarating than the other cars. With 4078 lbs of muscle it is one of the heaviest, making it a little on the slower side, but this also means it’s easier to handle on slippery, slushy, or snowy surfaces.

Standard comfort features include heated steering wheel, heated seats, and heated side mirrors. And if you feel like splurging, you can ask for the auto start option which will get the car warmed up for you before you set foot outside your home.

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