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The 6 Best Car Detail Shops in Boston

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If you’ve owned your car for a while now, you may have noticed that it no longer looks as shiny as it did when you first got it. This is often because of the dirt, grime, and debris that you accumulate as you drive it over the years. If you’re one to live a little carefree, you may have also accumulated some fast food crumbs in between your seats and console. Hey, we’re not judging.  

This situation won’t be solved by a simple car wash. You’ll need something better—something that brings back the shine that your vehicle had when you bought it. We went out in search of the best car detail shops in Boston that can help clean and detail your car, and here’s what we found. 

Best All-Round Car Detailing Service: Arlington Auto Detailing

Arlington Auto Detailing is a full-service car detailer that offers professional services in the Belmont area. The company has been in business for more than 25 years. Whether you drive an ordinary sedan, a classic car, a 1995 Camry, or an exotic sports car; chances are the guys at Arlington have already worked on something similar.  

The shop was founded by Steve Porcella, who is an expert at doing all types of paintwork. Some of the services that Arlington Auto Detailing offers include ceramic and paint protection film, water leak and odor removal, exterior detailing, interior detailing, headlight restoration, windshield treatment, scratch removal, stain and bird dropping removal, and complete cleaning services for your car. You can see the results of their services on their Instagram account

What Their Customers Say 

Customers say that the service at Arlington Auto Detailing is second to none. Most claim that after driving around for so long collecting dirt, scratches, hair, and everything else that you can think of, Steve and his team were able to transform the looks of their cars. Most of them even went back after a while to have their car worked on again. 


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Runner Up: Auto Gleam Mobile Detailing

Auto Gleam Mobile Detailing is a luxury detail shop that offers auto detailing services in Boston. It is one of the region’s premier detail shops that caters to owners of RVs, trucks, SUVs, and cars. Whether you’re at home or the office, the team will drive to wherever you are and look after your car. 

Services offered cater to both interior and exterior detail needs. The interior package offers a full vacuum blowout, panel wipe-down, and crevasses cleaning.  A deluxe package is also included that caters to both exterior and interior parts of your car. Here, you get to enjoy spray wax, tar and bug removal, window treatment, and paint decontamination. You can see the results of these services on Instagram

What Their Customers Say

Customers say that every time they go to Auto Gleam, they are always impressed by the service they get. The team is always able to restore the shiny and clean look that their cars once had. In their opinion, Auto Gleam Mobile Detailing is one of the best car detail shops in Boston.  

Editor’s Pick: Cochran Auto Detailing

Cochran Auto Detailing is a reconditioning and window tinting auto shop that offers its services to the residents of Weymouth and beyond. The team treats each vehicle that pulls into their shop as their own. They employ the best techniques and use the best products on the market to deliver the best reconditioning services to all customers. 

Some of their services include ceramic coating, paint protection, and window tinting for cars, motorcycles, boats, and commercial and residential units. Their renowned SunTek window film guarantees a lifetime of service and has made them the go-to option for many. You can take a look at what the team has in store for you on their Instagram page.  

What Their Customers Say

Most of Cochran’s customers cannot stop talking about how great the services at the shop are. Those that had taken their older models for a good reconditioning or detail service were more than impressed with the results. The team’s ability to deliver outstanding results leaves many with a smile on their faces. 


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Best Value for the Money: Deluxe Auto Detailing 

Deluxe Auto Detailing is a car care and detailing provider based in Auburndale. It offers professional detailing services for coupes, sedans, crossovers, mid-SUVs, large SUVs, and full-size SUVs. It prides itself in its ability to provide extensive services according to the car owner’s needs. 

Some of the offerings that Deluxe Auto Detailing has in store include hand washes, bug and tar removal, clay bar treatment, paint sealant, carpet and shampoo vacuum, upholstery cleaning, headlight restoration, pet hair removal and so much more. You can check out some of Rogelio Moreira and his team’s work on Instagram

What Their Customers Say

Customers say that Rogelio Moreira is a perfectionist. As such, he’s able to take every detail of your car into account when cleaning or detailing it. His ability to reach the farthest of corners means that you get impressive results that leave your car looking brand new. 

Best Mobile Service: Bottoms Up Detail

Bottoms Up is a full-service mobile detailing company that offers detailing services for boats, motorcycles, and cars. With its extensive package for both the exterior and interior, the company is able to cater to all needs. Whether you want your car taken care of at work or at home, the Bottoms Up team will be there. 

Some of their services include scratch removal, machine wax finish, carpet and seat shampoo, complete leather treatment, heavy stain removal, machine polish, hand washing, tire shine, window cleaning, and so much more. Their extensive offerings will leave you with more than you can choose from. Check out some of their work on their social media. 

What Their Customers Say

Customers that have taken their cars for a detailing service at Bottoms Up say that they’d give the shop 10 stars if they could. The team is very responsive and has a keen eye for details. Once you make an appointment for your boat or car, you’re bound to be wowed by the results. 


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Most Convenient: Bulldog Auto Detailing 

Bulldog Auto Detailing offers car detailing services alongside headlight restoration and window tinting services. For convenience, all of these can be performed either off-site or on-site. This is thanks to a dedicated mobile team that brings all the necessary supplies, water, and electricity needed to deliver a clean exterior or interior finish on your car. 

All packages are budget-friendly. The shop even offers free estimates, promos, and a variety of discounts for their detailing services. You get to give your car that professional look without digging too deep into your pockets. Take a look at some of the work Bulldog does on its Instagram page

What Their Customers Say

Customers claim that once you get your car taken care of at Bulldog Auto Detailing, you’ll feel like you’re driving a new car again. For those that had filthy interiors, the team was able to deliver a clean and remarkable finish that made it look like nothing had happened before. This makes it one of the best car detail shops in Boston.  

Don’t Ride Dirty

The best car detail shops in Boston have forged their reputations through professionalism, unyielding attention to detail, and a hard-working attitude. They’re able to restore your car to its former glory, as well as protect it going forward against the wear and tear of everyday life. Try out one of these detailing shops for yourself and see the difference—we promise you won’t go back.

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