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The 7 Best Car Photographers In Miami

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Silver car on a road

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

Car photography is the ability to portray a vehicle in the best light possible, to tell its story, and to express its soul. Anyone can be a car photographer—you just need a camera and a car.

However, being a good car photographer, let alone a professional, is something that requires strong automotive knowledge, strong technical know-how, and a creative perspective. It requires years of hard work, and the photographers we’re going to talk about have put in more than enough work. They’re the best Miami car photographers for a reason.

1. AH360 - Steve Momot

Steve Momot is a versatile photographer, but car photography in particular, has a special place in his heart. He’s more than willing to go above and beyond for his automotive photography customers, because he loves what he does, and because of his background—Momot used to be a licensed Florida car dealer.

In other words, he isn’t just a car enthusiast, he has the knowledge to understand what makes a car stand out in a photo. In our eyes, that makes him one of the best Miami car photographers in the field today.

Steve knows exactly what he’s doing, “Many of our clients require not only that our pictures of their cars look great, but that they serve an actual purpose.” A vehicle comes off of the production line with a purpose, whether that’s hauling heavy loads, claiming racing titles, or simply providing a luxurious ride.

A photographer must be able to translate that purpose into a picture. Steve’s portfolio has a little bit of everything, and you’ll definitely find something you enjoy.


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2. Camere Photography - Jonathan Camere

Jonathan Camere’s car photography is just beautiful. It’s simply breathtaking. Before you read on further, we invite you to check out his Instagram page. If you’re a car enthusiast, you won’t regret it.

It’s amazing how well Jonathan blends every aspect of photography together. In every single picture, the car’s purpose is portrayed incredibly well through background, scenery, effects, and lighting. He knows exactly when a vehicle’s color should contrast the background and when it should not.

We can attribute his skills to him being, first and foremost, an outstanding photographer, and secondly, a huge car enthusiast. We’d love to hear Johnathan describe his car photography to us, but he enjoys letting his work do the talking, and his work speaks loudly.


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3. RFMartin Photography - Rafael Martin

Rafael Martin is one of those car photographers that can turn every single ordinary moment into an iconic photo. Only a few photographers possess that ability, and that ability is hard to quantify. You know it when you see it. That special something is what cements Martin’s position among the best Miami car photographers on the scene today. To see it for yourself, take a look at his Instagram page.

We love how well Martin utilizes the background, as well as the foreground to enhance the story he’s telling about his subject. It’s a mark of an outstanding photographer. Martin has a background in arts, which he incorporates into his photography. That’s what makes his pictures stand out from the rest; that’s what makes every single one of his pictures iconic. Additionally, Martin is a car photographer through and through—it isn’t just one of his niches, it’s his primary specialty.  

4. Marco Signorini Photography

Marco Signorini isn’t your average photographer. He’s a lifelong photographer and a car guy, which translates to excellent work. We invite you to take a look at his Instagram page, and you’ll notice that his pictures do indeed stand out from the pack.

Signorini enjoys taking pictures of cars on the exact location he sees them, “I can capture the real essence and personality of the subject and its immediate surroundings,” he explains.

You would think that it would be counterintuitive, but Marco’s pictures end up looking extremely clean. In addition, the cars in the pictures do have personality, whether it be due to the imperfect background, or the natural lighting. This embrace of the vehicle in its natural state makes Marco’s car photos stand out.

5. Avatar Pix

Avatar Pix is actually primarily an aviation photography business. However, they wouldn’t be on the list of the best car photographers in Miami if they weren’t exceptional at automotive photography. They mostly enjoy shooting exotics, and their photos of exotic vehicles are very unique, in the best way possible.

Pointing out one single thing about Avatar Pix and their car photography would be difficult. The photos simply look extraordinary. It could be their keen eye for color, as well as the unique touches they apply in color correction during editing.

It could be the flawless lighting and the super-crisp focus. It could be the way that all of their photos communicate the idea of luxury with just a glance. 

Regardless of how they do it, the end result is professional, unique, and outstanding. You’ll have to see it for yourself.


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6. Global Memories Photography

Global Memories Photography is another company that enjoys taking car pictures with the vehicle in its natural location. And because they shoot in Miami, the natural location is always beautiful. However, the main reason we choose Global Memories as one of the best Miami car photographers is that their pictures ‘pop’. You’ll love the sights Heather McKean, the mastermind behind Global Memories, captured and posted on their Instagram page.

McKean, as well as her team, are not only naturally talented, but they have loads of experience to back up that talent. They understand photography, but they also understand how to showcase the smallest of details of a car. Global Memories is a team that you’ll love working with.

7. Christian Santiago Photography

To round out our list the best Miami car photographers, we chose Christian Santiago. Santiago loves taking pictures of cars during track days, and if you’ve ever tried it yourself, you’d know how difficult it is to take a good picture of a car in motion. We love that Christian doesn’t focus exclusively on luxury cars. He’s willing to photoshoot any car, and this is where his magic comes into play.

Shooting pictures of cars that aren’t high-end takes deep automotive knowledge. Christian has that knowledge, and he’ll utilize it to make any car stand out. The combination of the scenery, with the lighting, as well as the angles, show the true purpose of a car. Check out his portfolio, and you’ll understand why he’s one of the best!

South Florida’s bold, bright colors and fearless style are on full display.

The best Miami car photographers have a few things in common: they’re technically proficient, have a deep love of automobiles, and have a flair for creativity. That reminds us all over again that cars are not only feats of modern engineering, but also carefully crafted works of art, wherein every detail has been meticulously designed. They deserve good photography, and thankfully, Miami has it covered.

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