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The 10 Best Car Photographers in San Francisco

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Photo by Alan Flack on Unsplash

Automotive photography is a unique profession that involves effectively communicating and portraying the personality and purpose of a car. It requires special knowledge, creative experience, and a unique set of skills. 

For the best San Francisco car photographers, knowing how to photograph a car requires a deeper understanding than other forms of photography. Here are ten who we found to be greatly skilled at capturing quality images that have been used by top brands and agencies in San Francisco. 

1. Kory McNail 

Kory McNail is a car photographer that enjoys telling the stories of passionate car builders and owners through his lens. He owns and operates Kustom Car Photography where he brings to life his unique point of view about the transportation industry. In addition to documenting cars, McNail is also a mechanic and designer. 

He has experience building, customizing, driving, and working on cars. He loves to show off any car, truck, bike, and modified hot rod in a way that leaves people in awe. You can check out some of his work on his Instagram feed


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2. David Bush

David Bush is an automotive photographer that has captured the unique allure of classic and sporty cars for more than a decade. He has worked for the very best in the industry, including brands such as Ferrari, Jaguar, Maserati, Top Gear, Waymo, and Mercedes-Benz.

His work is virtually incomparable, and he stands out among the best in the country. To get a glimpse of what we are talking about, be sure to check out his Instagram page

3. Jay Watson

Jay Watson is an editorial and lifestyle photographer who shoots assignments covering different industries. He is an exceptional automotive photographer that has also worked with some of the top magazines and vehicle manufacturers in the world.

Since he doubles as a lifestyle photographer as well, Watson has been featured in several press releases and podcasts where he provides his own views about photography. He also shoots video, and you can peruse some of his work here

4. Christopher C. Lee

Christopher C. Lee is a versatile photographer that owns and operates Photomochi—a leading cinematography and photography studio in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has a heart for beautiful and unique things and loves to capture everything that is profound and unique. As we all know, the automotive industry is full of innovations that fit the bill. 

Lee has more than one million followers on his Instagram page. He does not shy away from showcasing his work and sharing with his fans his love for photography. Each photo speaks for itself. You can check out his feed for a diverse look of the work he has done. 


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5. Raymond Rudolph 

Raymond Rudolph’s journey as a photographer started during his search for adventure. After traveling to more than 50 countries capturing unique and captivating shots using his first camera, he returned home to San Francisco, where he started working with other commercial photographers. 

Rudolph is also a versatile photographer that loves to mix things up a bit. He is able to differentiate his automotive snapshots by allowing cars to blend well with their surroundings. This allows him to tell stories through his photographs that sometimes go beyond the cars themselves. You can take a look at some of his work on his Instagram feed

6. Courtney Frisk (Cutchen)

Courtney Frisk is an automotive photojournalist and creative photographer that believes every car is a piece of art. She has a special place at heart for classic cars which comprise most of her shots. 

Frisk is able to capture the nostalgic and unique character that distinguishes them from the modern-day locomotives while showcasing their reminiscent creativity that we might never see again. In addition to this, she also loves involving the people that bring life into the machines. We find that she’s quite professional at what she does, and we hope you will too.

7. Jordan Reeder

Jordan Reeder is an established advertising and corporate photographer that covers lifestyle, automotive, portraits and product photography. He is the founder of Reeder Studios, LLC— a company that has won several awards for its exceptional work. While Reeder and his team embrace versatility, their skills in car photography remain unmatched. 

The team has a way of capturing the most unique photographs that bring out the best elements and stories behind every car. Whether it’s a classic car that takes us back to the very beginning, or a motorsport event that brings life to a race track, Reeder and his team can do it all. You can get a peek of what we are talking about on his Instagram feed


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8. Xisco Fuster

From the minute you land on his feed, you can tell that Xisco Fuster is not your average automotive photographer. He likes to do things his own way and showcase every car in an edgy yet modern way. His work is extremely professional, and you can immediately see why he is one of the best San Francisco car photographers. 

He loves every bit of nature and tries to find a way he can incorporate it into the vehicle’s surroundings. This is thanks to his lengthy experience as an advertising adventure and lifestyle photographer. You can check out his Instagram page to get a feel for the work he does. 

9. Exit 63 Productions

Exit 63 Products is a video production and photography company that also makes it to our list of the best San Francisco car photographers. It’s an all-rounded company that has curved out its own space in the industry by setting exceptional standards in what it does. Some of the top brands that the team has worked with include Subaru, Acura, Toyota, Audi, and Honda. 

Unlike other photographers, Exit 63 benefits from a structure and teamwork that delivers the very best. Photos are able to deliver the high-end, plush, and hyper-stylish look of luxury cars and also provide the utility-inspired image for day-to-day vehicles. You can see this and more on the company’s Instagram page.

10. Ocean Blue Photography & Design

Ocean Blue Photography & Design offers a team of well-experienced automotive photographers ready to take photos of any classic or luxury car that you may have. Like some of the photographers mentioned above, the company offers versatile photography services that capture the artistic beauty of events and objects. 

Cars are brought out in great detail wherever they are shot. Paul and his team do their very best to bring out every element of a car’s aesthetics to an observer. Sometimes, it’s less about the car and more of how it makes you feel. You can check out what we’re talking about on the team’s Instagram feed

Photos Speak A Thousand Words

As you may have noticed while going through this list, the best San Francisco car photographers have the skills to make any ordinary car look like an automotive masterpiece. We hope you enjoyed checking out some of the photos while still searching for what you want.

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