The 8 Best Minivans To Buy Used

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A curated list of the most reliable, affordable, and functional used minivans on the market

Photo of Honda Odyssey

Honda Odyssey by Navigator84 - CC BY-SA 4.0

When the minivan came on the scene way back in 1983, it was an unequivocal success here in the United States. As soon as Dodge and (now defunct) Plymouth began to sell the Voyager and Grand Caravan, families found much to love in their roomy interiors, fair gas mileage, and various configurations. The 80s or 90s kids undoubtedly have fond memories of piling into minivans with all of their friends and heading to school or soccer practice.

Over the years, every major manufacturer joined in on the popularity of minivans, which peaked in the 1990s and early 2000s. Today, the SUV craze has caused an enormous demise in the minivan’s popularity due to the gradual morphing of SUVs into family vehicles that don’t necessarily look like family vehicles. Even the originators of the minivan (Dodge) recently stopped selling their legendary Grand Caravan model due to poor sales.

Fortunately, many manufacturers have continued to build minivans for families looking for the ultimate companion that excels at shuttling around people and all their stuff. This article will cover the 8 best minivans based on their reliability and overall rating with reviewers and owners alike.


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The 8 Best Used Minivans On The Market Today

1. 2015 Honda Odyssey

2015 Honda Odyssey Beige

Image source

Predicted Reliability Rating: 55 (J.D. Power)

Used Price Range: $15k to $25k

The Honda Odyssey is, bar none, the absolute favorite among both car reviewers and owners alike. For 2015, the Honda Odyssey impresses with a massive interior that can swallow 150 cubic feet of cargo, high-quality interior appointments, solid handling, a powerful engine, a high safety rating, and excellent fuel economy.

The 2015 model is especially notable for its stellar reliability rating. You may pay a little more for an Odyssey vs. other vehicles in the class, but it’s worth the price.

2. 2019 Kia Sedona

2019 Sedona Gray

Image source

Predicted Reliability Rating: 45 (J.D. Power)

Used Price Range: $22k to $31k

Although most sales in the segment go to Honda, Toyota, and Chrysler, it’s best not to forget about the awesome Sedona van from Kia as an option. You can pick up a gently used Sedona with extremely low mileage for the same price as a much older Honda or Toyota.

Throw in a higher predicted reliability rating than the Honda Odyssey, and it’s hard to pass this one up. It has a pleasing interior with tons of room and tech features, but it lacks the accessible fold seats and handling of rivals like the Odyssey. Still, this is a fantastic van for the money.


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3. 2017 Chrysler Pacifica

2017 Pacifica Gray

Image source

Predicted Reliability Rating: 3.55 (J.D. Power)

Used Price Range: $20k to $31k

The Pacifica is the replacement for the venerable Town and Country van, which was killed off in 2016. Formerly a full-size SUV wagon, the Pacifica is a rock-solid van that offers a powerful V6, a quiet and smooth ride, and one of the nicer interiors in the class. The Pacifica also offers a full set of driver-assist features, advanced technology, and family-friendly niceties like rear-seat entertainment systems.

You can pick one up for a great price, especially if you’re willing to settle for a lower LX trim line. However, luxury goodies are found on top-trim Touring and Limited. This van carries a solid predicted reliability score as well.

4. 2015 Chrysler Town and Country

2015 Town and Country White

Image source

Predicted Reliability Rating: 35 (J.D. Power)

Price Range: $11k to $22k

Chrysler knows a thing or two about minivans, and it shows in the 2015 Town and Country design. Although it pulls in a lower reliability rating than the stalwart Honda, it bests the Sienna in reliability. Its real calling card is its interior flexibility and luxurious appointments that impress owners and reviewers alike.

Stow and Go seating is a trick option that allows the rear seats to be instantly folded into the floor of the Town and Country. The minivan comes with a potent V-6 that gives solid fuel economy ratings of 18 City and 25 Hwy rounds out the good stuff. These can be found a little cheaper than the competition, making them an even better deal.


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5. 2019 Dodge Grand Caravan

2019 Dodge Grand Caravan Gray

Image source

Predicted Reliability Rating: 3.55 (J.D. Power)

Price Range: $19k to $21k

The Dodge Caravan’s last production year was 2019, and it has a design that has persisted for nearly ten years. It’s not the most comfortable van in this group, and it does not come loaded with tech and safety features like the Pacific or the Odyssey.

If you’re a budget shopper who’s not interested in bells and whistles, this minivan is for you. It offers a solid powertrain, roomy interior, and good reliability. Best of all, it can be had for a great price!

6. 2019 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

2019 Pacifica Hybrid

Image source

Predicted Reliability Rating: 35 (J.D. Power)

Price Range: $30k to $37k

Although the Pacifica can be found without a hybrid powertrain, the plugin version of this minivan makes it a star. Since this is the only hybrid minivan on the market, you will pay more upfront. Still, you’ll enjoy 30 miles of electric-only range, near-instant acceleration, and enhanced gasoline fuel economy.

These come with a solid reliability rating of 35 and can be picked up for a relatively affordable price. Keep in mind that the Hybrid version of the Pacifica is also more loaded up with equipment and luxury amenities.

7. 2018 Honda Odyssey

2018 Odyssey Green

Image source

Predicted Reliability Rating: 25 (J.D. Power)

Price Range: $22k to $31k

For 2018, Honda completely redesigned the ever-popular Odyssey van. Engineers added even more family-friendly features like a system that allows you to speak to rear passengers, a built-in vacuum, and over 20 cupholders scattered throughout the cabin.

This Honda also brings a solid reliability rating (although not as high as previous years) and a powerful engine to the table as well. Keep in mind that few vehicles hold their value quite as well as the Odyssey, so you’ll pay more for it upfront than the competition but enjoy a lower depreciation over time.

8. 2015 Toyota Sienna

2015 Sienna White

Image source

Predicted Reliability Rating: 25 (J.D. Power)

Used Price Range: $13k to $26k

The Sienna is the other favorite minivan amongst lovers of the family shuttle. Reviewers and owners compliment the Toyota on its massive interior, quality interior appointments, and powerful engine. Plus, it boasts a high safety rating and returns a solid fuel economy rating of 19 MPG city and 25 MPG highway.

Although Toyota is typically known for its reliability, this year of Toyota Sienna brings in a less than stellar 25 reliability rating from J.D. Power. Still, this is a solid option for growing families.

Honorable Mentions

Can’t get enough of our minivan list? Here are more used minivan models you should keep an eye out for in the market:

2016 Nissan Quest

2016 Nissan Quest White

Used price range: $11k to $24k

Unfortunately, Nissan has bowed out of the minivan game, and the 2017 is its last entry into this segment. The 2016 Nissan Quest is an excellent bargain in the used car market if you can find one. It features a distinct style, a posh interior with comfy seats, and offers a smooth ride. As a Nissan product, it’s also reasonably reliable, which makes it an ideal used vehicle purchase.

2020 Chrysler Voyager

Used price range: ‎$24k to $29k

With the continued popularity of crossover SUVs, many manufacturers have killed their minivans. The Chrysler Voyager is yet another minivan that’s caught in the crossfire. Discontinued in 2021, the Chrysler Voyager is a budget-friendly minivan with excellent fuel economy and a competent powertrain.

The 2020 Chrysler Voyager is a solid choice for the segment with standard seven seats, a fold-away third row, and a powerful 3.6-liter V6 engine. While it looks barebones on paper, the Voyager actually feels every bit as nice and expensive as other better-equipped models like its sibling, the Pacifica.

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