CoPilot Actionable AI

Your CoPilot Intelligent Agent brings actionable AI to your car shopping experience:

  • Searches every dealer in your area to identify every car for sale matching your specific needs
  • AI-powered analysis & rankings harnessing comprehensive data from across the internet in combination with proprietary CoPilot databases
  • CoPilot provides independent results, unlike other major car shopping sites & apps which return results based on which dealers pay them
  • Two Exciting New AI Tools: ChatGPT Plugin & Model Discovery Chat Tool

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CoPilot Model Discovery Chat

Not sure which car you want to buy? Want guidance on which car is best for you? Check out our Model Discovery Chat tool!

Chat with your CoPilot and get personalized recommendations on cars that best meet your needs. AI-powered analysis harnesses comprehensive data from across the internet in combination with proprietary CoPilot databases to help you find the perfect car. Whether that’s extra space for a growing family, towing capacity for heavy loads, or fuel-saving commuters, we’ll help you get the perfect fit!

You’ll never miss out on the best car with a CoPilot by your side!

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CoPilot ChatGPT Plug-in

CoPilot, the leading AI-powered, consumer-focused car shopping app, has launched the first-ever ChatGPT plugin for car shopping.

The AI plugin, launched in June 2023, is the first to allow ChatGPT users to view up-to-date details on any vehicle, and to access live listings based on pricing, mileage, and location.

It harnesses CoPilot’s proprietary data to give users real-time information about the vehicles they are interested in - translating research on ChatGPT into action in the real world. It also makes it easy to make head-to-head comparisons between specific models, enabling users to make better-informed car buying decisions, faster than ever, amid one of the most challenging markets in history.

ChatGPT Plus users can install the CoPilot plugin and start shopping now!

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