An Oklahoma Vehicle Bill Of Sale: Requirements & How To Write One

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Buying and selling a car might seem intimidating, especially if it’s a private sale between two people. There are several papers you must fill out along the way. One you might notice is the bill of sale. If it’s the first time you’ve heard of this document, you might wonder - what is in a bill of sale? What are the requirements for an Oklahoma bill of sale, and do I need one?

If you want to learn more about the vehicle bill of sale in Oklahoma, you’re in the best place. The better you understand this document, the more confident you will feel completing the sale, no matter your position in the buying or selling process. Read on to learn more about the requirements in Oklahoma, whether it’s required for registration, and more.

Oklahoma Bill of Sale Requirements

If you want to create an acceptable Oklahoma vehicle bill of sale, it’s vital to include several items on the paperwork. These ensure the buyer and seller are covered, describing everything necessary for a complete picture of the action.

According to, here are some items that must be on a vehicle bill of sale in Indiana:

  • VIN: The Vehicle Identification Number determines what the car is.
  • License plate number: This information is right on your plate.
  • Vehicle information: This section includes a car description, make, model, and more.
  • Signatures: Buyer and seller must sign the document.
  • Sale price: Note how much the car sold for in the transaction.
  • Date of transaction: Write the specific date the transaction occurred. 
  • Addresses and contact information: For both parties, note addresses and accessible contact information.

These are the bare bones of the bill of sale in Oklahoma.

A bill of sale is a receipt of what occurred between buyer and seller when transferring the ownership of a machine. The information on the bill of sale helps describe who was involved, the state of the car when it was sold, and contact information for if something goes wrong along the way.


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Is A Bill of Sale Required to Register a Vehicle in Oklahoma?

According to, a bill of sale isn’t a requirement to register a vehicle in Oklahoma. Oklahoma isn’t a state that requires a bill of sale in a private transaction, so they also don’t make it necessary to register the machine. You can get by without one if you don’t have the time.

However, missing out on creating a bill of sale for a machine in Oklahoma means you will lose out on the benefits accessed through the document. It’s more than just a slip of proof, which we will dive into later.

Does the Bill of Sale Mean Ownership?

In an emergency, the bill of sale can indicate ownership in Oklahoma. However, these instances are rare. A bill of sale will show a transfer took place, but it won’t prove the owner in any legal manner.

Despite that, it’s always a good idea to keep a bill of sale as proof of the transaction. You never know when you might land in a legal dispute, and the bill of sale is the proof necessary to show you aren’t the person at fault.


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What Are the Benefits of a Bill of Sale in Oklahoma?

An Oklahoma vehicle bill of sale isn’t necessary for a transaction involving a car, but the good things associated with it make it worth the time to bring it to life. Whether you’re on the buying or selling end of things, the bill of sale can be an asset.

According to, here are the benefits of an Oklahoma bill of sale:

  • Release of liability: The bill of sale releases liability from the buyer to the seller. It will help when one party makes a crazy claim about the other, even though they don’t own the machine anymore.
  • Proof of transaction: Ownership isn’t defined by the bill of sale. However, it does show a transaction occurred.

You will find excellent value in an Oklahoma bill of sale.

A bill of sale is typically the only proof you will get for the transaction, aside from the other documents associated with registering a vehicle. It’s worth it for the security and clarity you will find.


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An Oklahoma vehicle bill of sale isn’t a requirement for private sales in the area, but it is a critical item to include if you want proof of liability for the new seller and a release of liability if you’re the previous owner of the machine.

We hope this information comes in handy! The more you know what is necessary inside these documents, the more confident you will feel in making one yourself or accessing an online template for the bill of sale. It’s excellent to place in your records if a crisis arises.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a bill of sale?

A bill of sale reveals that a purchase happened, and a machine switched hands from one person to another. It clarifies the details surrounding the deal.

Items shown in a typical Oklahoma bill of sale include the following:

  • Purchase date
  • VIN
  • Car description
  • Amount paid

These provide evidence the purchase occurred between parties.

A bill of sale doesn’t prove someone is the sole owner of a car. However, it does show there was a time when the machine moved from one person to another.

Does Oklahoma require a bill of sale?

Oklahoma doesn’t require a bill of sale. However, it’s still a good idea to have one on hand after the transaction. 

What do I do after getting an Oklahoma bill of sale?

The title transfer and registration will come after getting an Oklahoma bill of sale. After this portion, the car will belong to the buyer officially.

A bill of sale is a receipt of a private transaction. Keep it in your filing cabinet for future use.

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