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Nissan Frontier Remote Start: The Full Rundown

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Silver Nissan Frontier

2021 Nissan Frontier Pro 4X by Autosdeprimera — CC BY 3.0

Are you thinking about a remote start for your truck? Read this article on Nissan Frontier remote start: the full rundown.

It seems kind of odd, but not every vehicle has a remote start. Yes, they’re about as common on new vehicles as heated seats, but there are still consumers that buy base model vehicles or vehicles that aren’t brand new that could use an aftermarket remote starter.

If you fall into this category, there are some things you need to know before you go out and buy the first remote start you see.

Common Questions Asked About an Aftermarket Remote Starter Install:

Will I Risk Damage to My Truck?

The easy answer is No. But that only refers to a correctly installed remote starter. These remote start systems require being hooked to other very important parts of your truck electronically.

If you hook up an aftermarket system wrong, you could risk doing some major damage to your truck that would cost more in damages than it would cost you to have a professional install the remote starter.

Parts That Have To Be Accessed:

●  Ignition switch

●  Power wire

●  Ground wire

●  Brake security system

●  The starter

●  Tachometer wire

If a wrong wire connects to other wrong wires, all kinds of bad things can happen.


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Will My Vehicle Warranty be Void?

No. If you have a remote start installed correctly, not only will your warranty not be void, but you will add a little more value to your vehicle. But if your vehicle suffers damage because of a remote starter faulty install, the cost of repair will fall back on either you or the person/place that installed the remote starter.

What’s the Max Amount of Distance from My Vehicle I can be When I Want to Start It?

The distance of how far away from your vehicle you can be and still use your remote starter will be determined by the product you buy. Each product will let you know what the distance is in the product feature section and should range from 500-5,000 feet. You might want to keep this in mind when purchasing a remote starter, it would be a will bummer if you couldn’t use your starter in places where you need it the most like work or shopping.


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Can Someone Just Get in My Vehicle and Steal It?

All remote starters use their own unique frequency code so no one else’s key fob will start your vehicle. Also, when you start your vehicle with a remote starter, the door locks are automatically activated, plus if the vehicle brake paddle is pressed in to select a gear, the truck will automatically turn off if the key is not in the ignition.

This may not be a theft precaution as much as a forgetfulness prevention perk, but if you start up your truck using your remote start and get sidetracked for longer than a certain amount of time (10-20 minutes) the remote start will turn your vehicle off automatically. 

Nissan Frontier Remote Start: The Full Rundown - Pros and Cons

Pros: The biggest pro here is the obvious, the reason why you’re probably considering one - a warm truck to get into in the winter and a cool truck to get into during the summer. But there are some other pros to think about, depending on what brand remote starter you choose, you can have your vehicle start-up and active things like the heater, heated seats, defroster, and you can pop the trunk and do other convenient things without being at your truck.

Some remote starters will be programmable to your phone and give you even more access to setting up your truck the way you want to have it when you get in. You may also find these options convenient if you want to leave a pet or some weather-sensitive food in your vehicle on a hot day.

All of these programming concepts sound nice, but they take a little bit of knowledge to set up, this is another great reason to have your remote start put in by a professional.

Cons: If you’re someone who is always compiling about gas prices, a remote starter can add to your weekly gas bill. If you start up your vehicle 10-15 minutes before you get into it, that will surely burn more fuel. And if you’re a Go-Green fanatic, you might find it difficult to justify polluting the air for an unnecessary 10-15 minutes.

One other con that has to be taken into consideration is price. A remote starter its self will cost you around $100-$300 depending on the brand you purchase and its capabilities, but that does not include installation. The installation price will vary on the brand and the features the remote starter has and features your vehicle has. If a technician has to work around features like push-button start, a complicated alarm system, a hybrid system, or a manual transmission, the price will start to go up.


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A Start-X Plug N Play Nissan Frontier Remote Start: The Full Run Down

There are some options on the market that will allow you to plug in a remote starter without splicing into all those important electrical wires. A Start-X Remote Starter for a Frontier 2008-2019 model is available for about $200.00. If you like the features and they seem to be compatible with your remote starter needs, this could very well be a great option for you.

You wouldn’t have to buy any extra components, and as a novice, you should be able to install this on your own in about 10 minutes. Again, you would have to check and see if all of the features you want comes along with the kit. 

Shopping for a Remote Starter and Installation

Not always does a shop tell you right up front how much a remote starter is plus installation. Make sure you get the Nissan Frontier remote start: the full rundown on the price.

Make it clear when you let someone work on your truck, you get a price for everything including programming, key fobs, bypass module for ignition, and every other little thing they will do to your truck. Instead of waiting for a surprise bill, always pay for everything first.  

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