Jeep Renegade Interior: Everything You Need To Know

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Jeep Renegade in the woods

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The Jeep Renegade is one of the most popular models thanks to its affordable price point. Many people use this car as an entry into the Jeep community. If you want a new car, it’s critical to consider the interior of the vehicle. You might wonder - what is the Jeep Renegade interior like in reality?

If you’re interested in learning more about the Jeep Renegade interior, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more about the 2022 Jeep Renegade interior, the trim levels available for the car, and the old interior versus the new one. Let’s talk more about the inside of this car to determine if it’s ideal for you.

2022 Jeep Renegade Interior Features

First, we need to start with the most recent version of the Jeep Renegade interior. The 2022 model has many new additions. It’s also the most advanced, which means it is full of technology and advancements previous iterations of the vehicle did not possess. The 2022 interior is one of the best.

According to, here are the 2022 Jeep Renegade interior features:

  • Interior air filter
  • Flexible storage solutions
  • Adjustable cargo floor
  • Premium audio system
  • Heated steering wheel
  • Dual-zone automatic climate control

These are just a few of the prominent 2022 Jeep Renegade interior features.

The 2022 Jeep Renegade stands out with its adaptations for the world. You will find plenty of interior features that make it easier to travel off-road, such as additional storage space and plenty of ways to heat icy-cold parts in the dead of winter. Jeep added to an already awesome interior. Now, let’s talk a little bit about the trim levels for the car.


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Jeep Renegade Trim Levels

In every vehicle, there are different trim levels. The pricier trim levels typically have more advanced features and amenities, including the interior of the car. It’s critical to consider the trims on the market to determine what you are willing to sacrifice if you want to save a little money when purchasing your next vehicle.

According to, here are the Jeep Renegade trim levels:

  • Jeep Renegade Sport
  • Jeep Renegade Latitude
  • Jeep Renegade Altitude
  • Jeep Renegade (RED)
  • Jeep Renegade Trailhawk
  • Jeep Renegade Limited

There are six trims to choose from with the Jeep Renegade.

The pricier the Jeep Renegade trim, the more features you will find in your car. The Jeep Renegade sport is one of the more affordable options and it’s equipped with a six-speaker audio system and integrated voice Bluetooth common. The pricier choices, such as the Jeep Renegade Limited, have features such as an eight-way power driver’s seat and leather trim.

Old Interior vs. New Interior

The Jeep Renegade has been around for a long time. Thanks to its lifespan, the interior and exterior have changed over time. If you are considering saving money by purchasing an older model, it’s critical to consider what you will lose in the Jeep Renegade interior.

Here are a few items that separate the old and the new:

  • Storage: There is more storage space in the new Jeep Renegade than in the old one.
  • Technology: The new Jeep Renegade is intertwined with technological features.

These are the most noticeable aspects of change when considering what has shifted over the years.

The newer Jeep Renegade interior is much more updated with technology. You will find air filters and temperature control technology that didn’t exist a few years ago. Still, the sacrifice of interior features may be worth the money saved for many. Jeeps are expensive investments.


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Unique Interior Features of the Jeep Renegade

In every vehicle, some features help a car stand out from the rest on the market. There are many excellent features built inside the Jeep Renegade. Let’s talk about a few of the best available for drivers and riders of the car.

Here are a few of the most iconic features that come with the Jeep Renegade:

  • Heated steering wheel components 
  • Ample storage space
  • Dual-zone automatic temperature control
  • Adjustable cargo floor

These help the car stand out amongst other options.

The Jeep Renegade is one of the best of its kind and one of the more affordable options for those interested in a Jeep. These features allow the Jeep to carry passengers comfortably in every circumstance, from sweltering days to cold evenings.

Negatives Of The Jeep Renegade Interior

As with any vehicle, some bad qualities come with the Jeep Renegade. These are critical to consider if you want the Jeep Renegade.

Here are a few of the negative aspects of the Jeep Renegade interior:

  • Limited legroom
  • Interior wind noise
  • Plain interior

These might cause an individual to second-guess.

Despite the flaws, there are many excellent qualities associated with the Jeep Renegade. It has an excellent air filter and a heated steering wheel for temperature control in the worst climates.


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