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8 Cars Like Honda Fits: Similar Rides Worth Checking Out

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If you’re looking for cars like Honda Fit, you’re in luck. We have a list of 8 cars that are similar to the Honda Fit, most of them with competitive price tags and modern designs. Though the Fit might be the car that you’re after, take a look at these 8 that have comparable features before you decide. 

About the Honda Fit 

The Honda Fit is considered a subcompact car that has plenty of interior space. The drive is smooth, and the engine is a 1.5 four-liter that gets about 36 mpg combined. It boasts 130 hp and comes with a modern exterior design and cool interior features. 

The specs and the look are a few of the many reasons why the car has won the hearts of many drivers. That plus the price tag makes it a good pick for anyone looking for an economical ride. 


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8 Cars like Honda Fit 

The Toyota Yaris 

The Toyota Yaris is a cool hatchback car with a modern twist. The new remodel of 2018 was updated to include a hatchback for more room in the interior, plus some new cool colors were added to spice up the competition with other cars in its class. 

Price tag: The starting price is $15,635

Fuel Economy: 33 and 32 mpg combined from 1.5 4-cylinder engine 

Verdict: While the driving and handling are not rock solid, the look and the interior space are what make it like the Honda Fit. Plus, with an economical price tag, it’s suitable for all who are looking for a great and ride with good gas mileage. 

The Fiat 500 

The Fiat three-door 500 is an amazing car that’s fun to drive with good handling and well-designed interior space. The colors are bold and daring, and the handling is tight for a smooth drive in the city and on the highway.

Price tag: The starting price is $16, 245

Fuel Economy: 30 mpg standard, 27 mpg automatic – 1.4L 

Verdict: What makes this car comparable to the Honda Fit is the smooth drive and the cool look. Though the price tag is a tad higher, it has a lot of features that make it stand out, including the cool colors and Italian flair. 


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The Prius C

The Prius took the car market by storm, showing out as one of the top hybrid cars out there. Though it has a higher price tag, it comes with a hybrid engine, which gives it a fuel economy that doesn’t compare to any other out there on the market. On top of that, it’s not bad on the eyes, with new and improved designs and colors. 

Price tag: The starting price is $21, 530

Fuel Economy: 46 mpg 1.5L four-cylinder 

Verdict: The main thing that sets Prius C apart from all other cars is the fuel economy. While you do have to sacrifice some power, you’ll still get a smooth drive in a modern-looking set of wheels. 

The Ford Fiesta 

The Ford Fiesta is a fun compact hatchback that made its way to the market back in 2010. With a wide range of colors and an economical price tag, this is one of the most fun cars like Honda Fit. 

Price tag: The starting price is $14,260

Fuel Economy: 30 to 31 mpg 1.6L 4-cylinder engine 

Verdict: It’s fun, it’s compact, and it’s filled with specs that make it comparable to the Honda Fit. Plus, with an economical price tag, it’s one of the best choices for compact hatchbacks. 

The Mini Cooper 

The Mini Cooper is the ultimate compact car with both two-door and four-door options. It comes with cool color combos and specs that set it apart from other cars of its kind. When compared to the Honda Fit, it definitely shows out in some areas, making it the perfect dupe. 

Price tag: The starting price is $219,00

Fuel Economy: 32 mpg 1.5L 3-cylinder

Verdict: It’s fun to drive whether you go with the automatic or manual transmission. It’s got a reasonable price, nice fuel economy, and plenty of space in the interior to kick your driving game up a few notches. 

The Chevrolet Spark 

The Chevrolet Spark is considered a subcompact car and one of the cars like Honda Fit that has the lowest price tag. The fuel economy is decent, and the build has enough space for additional cargo, unlike other economy cars on the market.  

Price tag: The starting price is $13,220

Fuel Economy: 33 mpg 1.4L four-cylinder

Verdict: When looking at the Chevrolet Spark and the Honda Fit side by side, there are a lot of comparisons. It’s a good dupe for the Fit, with a fun look and smooth drive. 

The Hyundai Accent 

Though it doesn’t have the traditional hatchback design that the Honda Fit has, the Hyundai Accent is still a solid car, one that has a lot of great specs for the price. It’s fun to drive and comes in a few fun colors.  

Price tag: The starting price is $14,995

Fuel Economy: 31 and 32 mpg

Verdict: When up against the Honda Fit, the Hyundai Accent looks a little longer and doesn’t have the hatchback. Still, it offers a smooth drive and great fuel economy, two of Honda’s top features that drivers love. 


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Chevrolet Sonic 

A lot of drivers forget about the Chevrolet Sonic, as I was released during all of the hatchback hype. Still, it’s a solid car that compares to the Honda Fit in a number of ways, including its compact look and feels with great specs. 

Price tag: The starting price is $15,420

Fuel Economy: Up to 31 mpg 1.4L four-cylinder

Verdict: The Sonic has less room on the inside than the Honda Fit though it still packs a punch on the road. It’s attractive from the inside out and has a price that makes it worth looking at. 

The Great 8

For a car like the Honda Fit, look no further than our list of the great 8. You’ll find good fuel economy, competitive prices, and modern looks that you’ll want to take for a spin stat.

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