The Best Year For The Honda Fit

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Honda Fit tires

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The Honda Fit is a unique hatchback that has grown in popularity over the years. Although it isn’t super powerful, its fun shape and exciting handling make it a crowd favorite. If you’re interested in this vehicle, consider old and new models. You need to ask - what is the best year for the Honda Fit?

If you’re interested in learning more about the best year for the Honda Fit, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more about whether or not this vehicle is for you, what trim levels are available, and the technology inside the car. The more you know, the better a decision your next vehicle will be for your life. 


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Quick Answer: Get the 2014 Honda Fit

The Honda Fit has had some excellent years and some less than ideal. If you’re on the hunt for the best year for the Honda Fit, try out the 2015 model. It’s one of the newest options when looking for a used car and offers plenty of technology features. According to, it has all the fancy gadgets and gizmos and provides excellent reliability on the road.

If you’re looking for the best year for the Honda Fit, look no further than 2015. It’s much cheaper than the newer versions with some of the same modern features.

Is the Honda Fit Right For You?

Before purchasing a vehicle, it’s critical to determine if it’s the right choice for you. Who is the Honda Fit made for in the world? Who would benefit most from this car?

The Honda Fit is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a fuel-conscious car that can seat five. Although this vehicle wouldn’t be ideal for someone with a large family, smaller families or couples can benefit from its efficiency. It has excellent handling that works well with the lower price point. 

If you want a smaller vehicle that behaves well on the road, the Honda Fit is ideal! There’s plenty to enjoy in this car. It feels like a much larger vehicle than it is in reality.


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Three Different Trim Levels

There are three different trims available with the Honda Fit. It’s critical to consider what you want if you’re interested in the best year for the Honda Fit - not all trims are created equal in vehicles.

According to, here are your three options when dealing with this vehicle:

  • Honda Fit DX at $14,635
  • Honda Fit LX at $17,095
  • Honda Fit Sport at $18,995

Each offers different price points and features for the user.

Typically, the more expensive the trim, the more features come standard with the vehicle. Each version of the 2014 Honda Fit comes standard with items like power windows, mirrors, an FM/AM/CD audio player, and an MP3/Aux jack. 

What’s the Drivetrain and Gas Mileage Like?

The Honda Fit has a decent drivetrain for its size. According to, you can expect a 1.5-L engine in the Honda Fit, working to power the vehicle with 117 horsepower at 6,600 rpm. It has a 5-speed automatic transmission and offers excellent power on the road for commuters everywhere. It’s a fun ride.

The best year for the Honda Fit offers an estimated mpg of about 29 combined, which is decent for its size. The mpg works well for those who need the vehicle to commute from one place to another. It’s also critical to consider the electric version of the vehicle, which offers over 100 miles to the gallon.


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What Technology Comes With the 2014 Honda Fit?

Technology is a critical piece of the puzzle when selecting a new vehicle. It’s one thing to purchase a car. It’s another to invest in a vehicle filled with the latest gizmos and gadgets. What does the best year for the Honda fit have to offer? What can you expect from this car?

According to, here are a few of the technologies that come with the 2014 Honda Fit:

  • AM/FM stereo radio
  • Speed-sensitive volume control
  • Passenger vanity mirror
  • Cargo organizer

It will provide a wonderful experience to any driver.

Although the 2014 Honda Fit might not be as advanced as newer models, it has just enough. The price makes it worth the investment.


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What Will You Pay for a 2014 Honda Fit?

The final model of the Honda Fit, the 2020 version, had a value of about $17,000. If you are purchasing a used version of the best year for the Honda Fit, you can expect to pay much less for the vehicle. 

According to, you can expect to pay about $11,000 for a vehicle in rough condition and $14,000 for one in outstanding condition. No matter which you choose, you will get a better deal than the newest version in a decent state.

Finances are critical to consider. Some families can’t afford to spend lots of money on a new car. If you are trying to stay within a reasonable budget, determine how much damage you can handle. The worse shape the vehicle is in, the less you will pay for it. Of course, keep safety in mind as you search for the right option.

2014 Honda Fit Safety Features and Reliability

Safety is another crucial item in a vehicle. Price doesn’t matter if you’re going to perish in a car crash. Luckily, the best year for the Honda Fit comes with safety additions.

The 2014 Honda Fit includes safety features like airbags, traction control, and front-impact airbags. Everything works with the driver and passengers in mind.

The 2014 Honda Fit is also very reliable. According to, the vehicle scores a 4.55 compared to other cars in its category. That score places it above average, meaning you can hit the road more often and pay less for repairs.

If you need a commuting vehicle, the 2014 Honda Fit is the right choice. It won’t cost too much to get from one place to another.

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