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Toyota 4Runner Towing Capacity: What to Know

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Grey Toyota 4Runner

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The Toyota 4Runner is a powerful car many people invest in for adventures on the road and in the wilderness. Those that camp often might be curious about the Toyota 4Runner’s towing capacity. Just how much weight can this compact SUV drag behind itself on the road? Can it pull a trailer or a camper?

Read on to learn more about the Toyota 4Runner’s towing capacity. By understanding what it can pull, you can determine what you will need to bring on trips. You might even be able to decide if the car is right for you by the end of this piece.

What is Towing Capacity? 

Knowing what towing capacity is is just as vital as understanding how much of it a car has. Without proper knowledge of this term, you will not understand what to do with the particular strength shown.

Towing capacity is how much weight a car can pull behind them on a trailer. This strength permits the movement of items such as:

  • Boats
  • Trailers
  • Campers

All of these items can be towed, depending on a car’s towing capacity.

We will go over the Toyota 4Runner’s towing capacity. If you own this car, you will be able to see just what it can handle. If you do not have this vehicle, you can decide if it is the right choice.


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What is the Toyota 4Runner’s Towing Capacity? 

Now, we can discuss the details about the Toyota 4Runner. It is vital to understand what it is capable of to avoid causing damage to your car. This compact SUV is pretty powerful. Users of the car can feel safe with the strength that it possesses and exhibits to the world.

According to mossytoyota.com, the towing capacity of the Toyota 4Runner is about 5000 pounds. This power is enough for the car to tow:

  • A small boat
  • A camper
  • A trailer

All of these items will work with a 5000-pound capacity.

Outdoor people will be happy to know the Toyota 4Runner towing capacity permits the towing of many critical pieces of gear, such as campers. The world is yours to explore with this car, as it can traverse many surfaces while also pulling this weight behind it.


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How Does the 4Runner’s Capacity Compare to Other Midsize SUVs? 

You might want to see how the Toyota 4Runner Towing capacity compares to others of its kind. Many midsize SUVs can tow more, but many can handle less. The 4Runner is a solid middle-ground contender compared to the midsize SUVs on the market, ideal for anyone who loves being in the middle.

According to kbb.com, a few of the midsize SUVs that can tow more than the 4Runner include:

  • The Dodge Durango
  • The Land Rover Defender
  • The Lincoln Aviator

All of these can tow a bit more than the 4Runner, the best by almost 3000 pounds. Of course, this makes them more expensive than the 4Runner.

This observation is not to say that the 4Runner is weak. If you need a trailer or boat pulled, this vehicle is sure to fit your needs without issue. If you have heavier needs, one of these other midsize SUVs will likely work best for you.

Should Towing Be Avoided? 

Towing does not need to be avoided with the Toyota 4Runner. It is a strong car, capable of dragging a heavyweight, ideal for any item you might need to be moved from one place to another. It is one of the best cars for towing, thanks to its high towing capacity.

Avoid putting too much weight on the back of the Toyota 4Runner. Though it can tow a lot, there is still a maximum. If you exceed 5000 pounds, you risk damaging the vehicle in ways that cannot be undone. To keep your car in the best condition possible, do not exceed the towing capacity that has been laid out.


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How Does Towing Capacity Affect the Toyota 4Runner? 

Thanks to the heavyweight, the item towed behind the 4Runner might impact the control that you have over the vehicle. This issue is especially real if you are going fast. Though traveling on a highway might be necessary for your trip, you should avoid it as much as possible to stay safe while you are carrying a heavy load.

In general, you can stay safe by keeping an eye on your driving. You should also avoid overloading the 4Runner and making jerky movements. Anything too sudden has the potential to damage the car and significantly decrease its longevity. Watch what you are doing to make sure the towing capacity doesn’t harm the vehicle.

Are There Any Downsides Associated with Towing?

One of the biggest downsides of the 4Runner is that it can occasionally be hard to control when going fast. If you are towing a heavy load, this can prove to be dangerous to the driver. Using the 4Runner at its full towing capacity is safest when you are taking side and back roads, traveling at a speed that will permit you to stop whenever you need to.

If this does not scare you, the 4Runner is generally a reliable and strong vehicle. It can take on anything that is thrown at it and even go off-road if the time calls for it. All you need to do is be cautious and ensure that you are taking care of the car. The gentler you are, the longer everything will last. This is ideal for any consumer.


The Toyota 4Runner is a great car for those who want a decently sized vehicle that can handle whatever road is placed in front of it. With a decent towing capacity, users can feel safe strapping anything from a camper to a boat to the back of it. With the right towing gear, anything is possible.

Though there are stronger midsize SUVs on the market, the Toyota 4Runner makes for a good middle ground amongst the competition. Those who do not want anything too big will find that the 4Runner is just the right size, ideal for a small party that is looking to explore the world while towing a camper or trailer right behind them.

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