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Toyota RAV4: Should You Buy Used or New?

The RAV4 is a crossover SUV that’s great for families, long trips, and even some offroading. With lots of colors to choose from and a Hybrid option available, there’s a RAV4 out there for everyone. But is a new or used model the best fit for you? What did used RAV4s cost when they were new? To make your car search as easy as it can be, we laid out what RAV4s cost now (their current listing values) and how much they cost when new, showing how much their price has dropped from their original listing and how much money you can save buying them now vs.

Which Used Year Model of Yaris Is The Best Value?

The Toyota Yaris is a subcompact sedan that was first produced in 1999. Built with efficiency and fuel economy in mind, the Yaris is the perfect vehicle for drivers who want to save on gas without buying a more expensive eco-friendly vehicle. Whether you’re using it to commute to work or taking the occasional road trip, the Yaris will save you big on gas. But with money in mind, should you buy a Yaris new or used?

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