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When Should I Replace My Shocks And Struts?

Photo by Clint Patterson on Unsplash The average person doesn’t know the answer to the question “When should I replace my shocks and struts?” In fact, a lot of people might not even know what they are - or where they are - but that’s OK. We’ll take a few moments to go over where they are, what they do for your car, what kind of damage they can cause to your car, and when to replace them before they cause that damage.

Which year models of used Toyota Tacomas are most reliable?

Image by Nick Magwood from Pixabay Toyota introduced its pickup truck, the Tacoma, in 1995 and saw critical and commercial success. What started out as a compact pickup in its first generation became a midsize pickup in its second and third. The Toyota Tacoma will suit all your needs for an off-road journey, packed with a powerful engine and six-speed manual transmission. You don’t want your fun ruined by an unreliable year model, though, so CoPilot is here to make sure you pick the best used Tacoma year model for your needs.

Which year models of used Ford EcoSport are most reliable?

Ford EcoSport 2018 by Dispvas2018 — CC0 1.0 Originally crafted by Ford Brazil in 2003, the Ford EcoSport is a 5-door SUV that was given a major update when it entered the North American market in 2018. Improvements included an overhaul of the front end design as well as the rear bumper, and the addition of a touchscreen infotainment system. At CoPilot, we’re here to help you navigate the many different used year models of the Ford EcoSport you might find.

Which year models of BMW 745 are most reliable?

BMW 7-series 745 by Chanokchon — CC-BY-SA-4.0 BMW released its 7 Series line of cars in 1977 as its flagship model. All 7 Series cars are developed in the sedan bodystyle, used by BMW to introduce innovative features before implementing them in other models. The BMW 745 cars were introduced in 2002 and remained in production until 2005. Enjoying the 745’s iDrive control system and distinct appearance is easy, as long as you get the right year model.

How to Buy a Car in Florida

Photo by Dennis Rochel on Unsplash The Sunshine State has something for everyone. Equal parts natural paradise, retiree community, and metropolitan wonderland, Florida is a melting pot of people of all ages and from all walks of life. And with 876 new-car dealerships alone across the state, there’s a quality vehicle to suit the individual needs of each and every resident. So finding a great car to fit your exact lifestyle won’t be a problem.

How to Buy a Car in Massachusetts

Photo by A n v e s h on Unsplash If you’ve only bought cars in one state, you may think that the paperwork you provided and laws you had to follow are the same in every other state. But the U.S. is a big place, and from Alabama to Washington, each state has its own rules and regulations you should be aware of when purchasing your next vehicle.

How to Buy a Car in North Carolina

Photo by Johnathan Ciarrocca on Unsplash North Carolina is one of the fastest-growing states in the nation. According to a study by U.S. News, NC ranks #4 in fiscal stability, and has one of the highest college graduation rates in the country. Several North Carolina cities were also voted among the top 25 places to retire in the States. All of this means that people both young and old are flocking to the “Tar Heel State” every day.

How Long Does An Oil Change Take?

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash The light turned on again! That, or you’ve been paying careful attention to your car’s odometer, and you know it’s time for another oil change. Getting the engine lubricant drained and replaced every 3,000 to 5,000 miles is a hugely important part of regular car maintenance. Done right and often enough, it will keep your vehicle happy and running for hundreds of thousands of miles.

How Often Should You Replace Your Brakes?

Photo by Benjamin Brunner on Unsplash You need your car to have brakes. This may be an eye-rollingly obvious statement, but it’s true! Brakes are arguably the most important part of any road-safe vehicle (besides maybe the wheels) and they work very hard every time we drive to keep us safe – our brakes deserve to be treated with care and respect. But unless you’re a mechanic or super-dedicated car enthusiast, you might not know much about the brakes on your car, and you may wonder - how do you know if your brakes need to be replaced?

How Often Should You Replace Your Spark Plugs?

Source: Pixabay This teeny tiny component of the traditional gasoline engine can cause big problems when it fails. That’s because spark plugs are responsible for moving your car forward. Literally – an arc of electricity from the end of a spark plug ​ignites the gasoline in your engine​, “driving” every other aspect of the motor. The gas-powered car we know and love would not have been a possibility without these little pieces of technology.

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