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A Kia Stinger Lease: Everything You Need To Know

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Kia Stinger on a street

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The Kia Stinger is one of the big surprises in the big sports sedan market. Brought to us by the guy who worked on the E39 BMW M5, the Stinger offers the driving verve and premium feel similar to its elite European rivals.

If you’re curious about this sports sedan but can’t quite afford to buy one, you should consider getting a Kia Stinger lease.

Today, we have a Kia Stinger lease guide about the things you need to know before signing a lease contract. We recommend that you keep reading, especially if you’re new to car leases in general.

How Does a Kia Stinger Lease Work?

Leasing a Kia Stinger is essentially similar to renting a car from the dealership. The lease allows you to drive the Stinger from a dealership for a predetermined amount of time and miles. Similar to a car loan, you make monthly payments for your Stinger lease, but in the end, you’re required to return it.

Typically, a car lease for a Stinger ranges from 24 to 48 months (two to four years) but depending on the dealership, you may negotiate the exact months in between or go over/under the usual term limits.

In some instances, although you’re dealing with the dealership, you’re not actually leasing the Stinger from them. In reality, you’re leasing it from a lessor (usually a finance company) who buys the Stinger from the dealer and leases it to you.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Lease a Kia Stinger

Understand how car leasing works

Not knowing what you’re getting into is a surefire way to get an unpleasant leasing experience. Most people just look at low monthly payments and sign the contract. But in reality, leasing isn’t for everyone, and it comes with its unique rules and conditions.

Research the Kia Stinger’s pricing

Before stepping inside a dealership, know all the essential pricing information about the Stinger, such as its MSRP, invoice price, and market price (what people are paying). For the MSRP, the Kia Stinger manufacturer’s page should have the information you need. The invoice and market prices should be available in car shopping sites like Car Gurus or Edmunds.


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Know how lease payments work

You’ll be at a huge disadvantage if you walk into a dealer without knowing how lease payments work. If you know how lease payments are calculated, you’re bringing the ball into your court and giving you the power to negotiate. In general, you’ll always want to negotiate for the price of the Stinger and determine how many monthly payments you have to make.

Know how to evaluate a lease offer

Knowing if a lease deal is good or not can be a game-changer. Any good lease offer will involve a good vehicle price; other factors can come into play as well. Ideally, you want an excellent vehicle price plus high residual value and/or low money factor.

Check online for manufacturer lease deals

Lease deals have become more popular because more companies have made leasing more accessible via promotional deals. Car companies will have regular offers and deals on selected models and trim levels, and they usually last for a good month or so. In this case, check Kia’s website if they have active lease deals or offers for the Stinger.

More often than not, subvented manufacturer deals are better than the negotiated deals by customers due to several factors like reduced money factor and lowered lease price.


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Buy extra miles

Frequent drivers may want to negotiate for a lease with higher mileage limits. Otherwise, if you don’t drive more than 15,000 miles per year, you may skip this step.

Arranging for extra miles at the beginning of your lease can help you save money if you drive a lot. If you exceed your limits, you will incur expensive mileage overage fees - as much as 25 cents per mile. However, leasing isn’t a practical choice if you exceed more than 20,000 miles per year.

Avoid add-on products

Once you’ve settled on a Kia Stinger lease, you’ll meet with the dealership’s finance office to finalize. However, it’s the finance officer’s job to try and sell you add-ons to your lease. Extra products like security systems, credit insurance, paint sealant, wear-and-tear insurance, etc., may look tempting, but they can be very expensive.

Just outright refuse all of them. Even if you’re interested in these add-ons, you may find them cheaper than other providers.


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Finalize the contract

If you have to, double or triple check the contract and make sure all the numbers add up, and nothing extra was added to your Stinger lease. When there’s something you’re not sure about, feel free to clarify it with the salesperson. Don’t sign the contract unless you’ve reviewed and are satisfied with all the figures and terms.

Enjoy your stinger and understand the obligations

Like renting an apartment, your new car lease comes with several obligations. You’ve signed a contract that obligates you in many ways, like how many miles you can drive, who can drive the car, how much wear and tear is allowed, and many more. Understand these obligations to make your leasing experience smooth and hassle-free.

Kia Stinger Lease: What to Expect?

According to TrueCar, if you get a 2022 Kia Stinger lease, expect to pay around $459 per month for a 36 months contract with a 12,000 mileage limit. Alternatively, we highly recommend using Kia’s Payment Calculator to give you an idea of how much your monthly payments will be.

For instance, leasing the 2022 Kia Stinger GT-Line will cost you $418 per month with a 36-month term, 15,000 mileage cap, $2,000 down payment, and 720 credit score. There are various active deals and discounts available, so your mileage may vary. Finally, your final numbers may depend on which local dealer you choose to get your lease from.

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