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HEB Gas Prices: Everything You Need To Know

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Over the past few months, motorists have felt the pain as they fill up at the pump due to surging gas prices. For a few weeks now, consumers have been given slight relief as fuel prices continue to decrease, albeit slowly – especially considering the record highs in March. However, prices are still a lot higher than last year, highlighting the importance of staying on top of gas prices.

With that said, we’re back with another gas pricing highlight – this time, it’s for H-E-B or HEB. If you haven’t heard of HEB, it’s likely because you’re not from Texas. Otherwise, Texans are pretty familiar with HEB’s chains of convenience stores.

So how are HEB gas prices nowadays? Is HEB gas good quality? Are there ways to help save when filling up at an HEB gas station? Today’s post will highlight HEB gas prices, and we’ll answer these burning questions and more.

How Much Does HEB Gas Cost?

Aside from fuel products, HEB also offers on-the-go foods and car wash. With that said, HEB is the 2nd largest grocery store chain in the state of Texas behind Walmart. As of 2021, HEB has 320 locations across Texas. HEB gas prices can be pretty competitive in some areas, but they didn’t make the top ten lowest prices in Texas.

Once again, we’ll check GasBuddy.com for HEB gas prices in various locations in Texas and see how it compares with its competitors.


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Comparing HEB Gas Prices

In San Antonio, TX, the price per gallon of HEB is $3.39, and it’s the 2nd lowest price in the city, tied with Murphy USA. The lowest gas price comes from the highly-rated Grissom Food Mart at $3.33 per gallon. Other companies like Valero, Walmart, and Exxon dominate the rest of the top ten.

In Houston, TX, the HEB gas stations are nowhere to be found in the city’s top ten lowest gas prices. The Houston HEB has a per-gallon price of $3.65 for regular and $4.19 for premium. Apparently, Houston is a very competitive location with players like Sam’s Club at $3.37 per gallon, Exxon at $3.41, and Love’s Travel Shop at $3.45.

Moving over to Woodlands, TX, HEB has found its footing again with the price of $3.65 per gallon for regular and $4.19 for premium. HEB’s pricing is currently third in the area, with Costco taking the top spot at $3.59 per gallon and Murphy USA at $3.63. Another pretty good showing for HEB.

It is another competitive location in Corpus Christi, TX, but HEB manages to sneak its way into the top ten. The HEB branch in Port Avenue offers a per-gallon price of $3.49 and is tied with several fuel retailers like Sunoco, Sam’s Club, and Valero. Meanwhile, the lowest price in the city is by Exxon at $3.29 per gallon.

Overall, HEB gas prices are highly competitive in general, without relying on gas savings programs or membership. Having lower gas prices is better for many people than dealing with another points system.

Is HEB Gas Good Quality?

Right out of the gate, HEB gas is not a Top Tier brand. Why is this significant? The Top Tier brands, which apply to all grades of gas (not just premium), are recommended by AAA because it minimizes carbon buildup in the engine (i.e., intake valves). Carbon buildup can reduce fuel economy and lead to performance issues like acceleration hesitation, rough idling, or engine knocks.

Oil companies create their blends of fuel by mixing additives and detergents to enhance the quality of the gasoline they’re getting from refineries. At a minimum, fuel products must meet the EPA’s standard for gasoline. By adding certain additives and detergents, Top Tier gasoline surpasses the standards required by the government.

Unfortunately, HEB gas isn’t a Top Tier product. However, that doesn’t mean that HEB gas is of low quality either. In reality, HEB gas is considered generic, and it’s essentially the same gas supplied to companies like Kroger and Shell. Upon further digging, we found out that HEB gets its gas from wholesale supplier Ewing Oil, one of the largest supplies in the Southeast U.S.


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How to Save on HEB Gas Prices

HEB used to have a gas savings program where customers could purchase gift cards and use them to fill up on gas to save 12 cents per gallon. Unfortunately, these types of promotions are usually on a limited run. It’s good that HEB prices are on the low side because, unlike most gas stations, HEB doesn’t have a fuel savings program – at least not one that’s currently active.

As of now, HEB offers a Points Club Rewards program that gets you coupons and discounts for convenience store goods but not for fuel. Therefore, our best advice is to be on the lookout for HEB promos that involve gas savings, as the company tends to advertise them heavily.


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Tips on How to Save Gas on the Pump

Below are some quick tips to help you save on HEB gas prices:

1. Use Gas Price Apps

It’s the worst feeling to buy fuel at one place, only to come across a station with a lower price down the street. To avoid this scenario, always use a gas price app like GasBuddy to find the cheapest gas on your way to work or home.

2. Use Cash Instead of Cards

Many stations have a lower per-gallon price if you’re paying cash. This is to sidestep the card processing fees when using credit cards. Some stations may even let you pay for the cash price when using debit cards. Always check with the gas station if that option is available.

3. Join a Fuel Rewards Program

Obviously, this isn’t an option when filling up at HEB locations. But in general, you should join a fuel rewards program, especially if you’re a regular customer of a particular gas station. Make sure you read up on the details on how you can save.

4. Plan Your Routes

Making your gas reserves last is the best way to save on gas. Reduce your drive time by planning your routes and driving schedules. For instance, if a grocery store is on your route, you can do your shopping after work instead of on weekends. Also, if you have multiple errands, do them all in one trip instead of taking multiple ones.

5. Develop Better Driving Habits

How you drive can affect your vehicle’s fuel economy. For instance, while it’s fun to go fast on your ride, having a lead foot will make your car consume more fuel in the long run. One of the ways to improve your driving habits is to learn how to accelerate gradually.

Furthermore, you’ll want to obey the speed limits, especially on the highway. According to the Alternative Fuels Data Center, driving more than 5 mph over 50 mph will cost you 18 cents more per gallon. Thus, for lightweight vehicles, you can save about 7%–14% in fuel consumption by reducing your speed by 5-10 mph.

6. Keep Up With Maintenance

As a car owner, one of your most important duties is to keep up with vehicle maintenance. Otherwise, you’ll have several mechanical issues and excessive repair bills. Staying on top of your maintenance schedules also improves your car’s fuel economy. For example, underinflated tires can negatively affect fuel efficiency and may lose as much as 2 cents per gallon.

Moreover, regular oil changes may improve gas mileage because your vehicle runs at peak efficiency. Don’t skip or postpone your maintenance.

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