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Ford Fusion Remote Start: The Full Rundown

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Fod Fusion

2019 Ford Fusion by Kevauto — CC BY-SA 4.0

Ford is one of the oldest names in automotion. Some of the original consumer vehicles were produced by this pedigree company. From the Model A, a water-cooled beast spitting steam as it chugs down cobblestone streets, to the GT MK II, a low-bellied racetrack beast, Ford has done it all, and shows no signs of slowing down. So it comes as no surprise that the iconic car manufacturer has also succeeded in creating one of the most popular hybrid vehicles on the market today.

The Ford Fusion is available as either a standard hybrid or plug-in PHEV build, and has a number of great options and accessories available that allow you to truly create the car of your dreams. One of the modern must-haves in any new vehicle, the Fusion included, is remote start.

If you need to warm up your vehicle on a chilly morning or cool it down before you load up on a hot afternoon, being able to turn on your car before you open the doors is quickly going from luxury to necessity in the world of modern cars. In this article, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about Ford Fusion remote start.

What Is Remote Start?

Remote start is exactly how it sounds: it’s a way to turn on your vehicle from outside and at a distance. The most recent Ford remote start systems work at a range of 300 feet, nearly the length of a regulation football field, meaning you can successfully start your car whether it’s in your driveway, down the street, or across a crowded parking lot.

Keep in mind however that obstacles like trees, pillars, and even other vehicles might interrupt the signal and shrink your range.

There are two kinds of remote-start mechanisms commonly found in vehicles today. One is a simple radio transmission system which works via a button on your key fob that sends signals to your car to start. The other is a more sophisticated app-based system which is generally integrated with a wider variety of features like security, climate control, and more. Users can start their car from a smartphone, smartwatch, tablet, or voice-interface home device.


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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Ford Fusion Remote Start

Ford has always been an incredibly accessible brand. They’re affordable, comfortable, useful, and generally offer a little something for everyone who might ever consider buying one. The Ford Fusion is representative of this generalist mode of thinking, and offers a range of options to suit all tastes and needs.

Car and Driver says the Fusion is “…good at many things, but not great at anything,” and we think that’s just fine. The myriad options offered with new Fusions allows you to customize this Ford hybrid to suit your unique taste. And this includes the remote start.

The Fusion offers both a fob-based remote start function as well as an app-based solution. The fob remote start comes as standard on all vehicles with the SYNC Connect system. A click of a button can turn on your Fusion at a range of up to 325 feet. Not only that, but the Fusion also has standard automatic climate control on all builds, so your remote start will activate this and get the vehicle to a comfortable temperature before you ever set foot inside.

The app-based remote start is powered by their FordPass Connect system and allows you to not only start your car, but also unlock and unlock your vehicle, check fuel levels, and connect to WiFi via your FordPass Connect hotspot.


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Ford Fusion Remote Start: The Downsides

We tried very hard to find something to complain about with regards to the Ford Fusion’s remote start functionality. The truth is that there are very few things to nitpick, from the cost, to the functionality. SYNC 3 connect comes as standard on all new Fusions, so fob-based remote start is always an option.

But you might not ever find yourself using it, so long as you keep your phone charged, because FordPass Connect is fee-free for Ford owners and a limited number of passengers as of 2019. This is a unique benefit offered by Ford, as most connectivity features from other manufacturers require a paid subscription.

A more general downside to remote start functions is that it’s possible that you could receive a ticket for doing so in a state with more stringent emissions laws. Some locales have made it illegal to let your car idle – that is, to let it run without you behind the wheel – beyond a certain number of minutes. Washington D.C., for example, disallows idling over just 3 minutes. Pennsylvania, on the other hand, has given the go-ahead on idling for up to 20 minutes as long as the temperature is below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Check out the idling laws in your home state, and be careful where you use your remote start.

Ford Fusion Remote Start Over the Years

Fusion began having remote start functionality in 2018 models via the SYNC Connect system. Older models will already have the fob-based system in place and owners should be able to continue using it to start their Fusion. To use it, press your lock button once and your remote start button twice. Your headlights will flash, and an LED light on your key fob will let you know if your vehicle has successfully started up.

FordPass Connect is available immediately for 2020 models, and simple to install and operate for 2018 and 2019 models of the Fusion. You can do this by downloading the FordPass app on your phone, creating or logging into your Ford account, scanning your VIN barcode at the front of your Fusion, and accepting the invitation to connect via your touchscreen interface within your vehicle. You will be able to access all remote features, including ignition, from this point onward!


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Ford Fusion Remote Start: Other Options

If you have a much older Ford Fusion that doesn’t come equipped with SYNC or other digital interface features, you might want to consider purchasing an aftermarket remote start for your vehicle. There exist a number of plug-and-play options for an average of 170 dollars that are easily installed by a professional – many of which can be found at your Ford dealership!

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