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Jeep Liberties were a solid yet underrated part of the Jeep lineup for many years. Even though they were discontinued in 2012, there are still plenty of great reasons to seek out a Jeep Liberty. You’ll want to go in knowing all the information you need about the differences between year models, though, which is why we want to steer you to the 2009 Jeep Liberty. Read on to discover why 2009 is the best year for the Jeep Liberty and what that means for you!

Quick Answer: Get the 2009 Jeep Liberty

We’ve found that the best year for the Jeep Liberty is the 2009 year model. It was introduced in the Liberty’s second generation, featuring up-to-date technology and, most of all, top-tier safety ratings. The 2009 year model comes with almost all of the best features ever introduced in the Jeep Liberty series while having the fewest complaints from drivers across the board. For these reasons, you’ll want to get your hands on a 2009 Jeep Liberty if possible.


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Is the Jeep Liberty Right for You?

Jeep Liberties are reliable, well-put-together vehicles that can be a great choice for you to take home with you. If you’re into Jeeps, this model is what helped popularize the modern Jeep look in its second generation, and its technical specs are up to snuff with the rest of the brand as well. Everyone may not find the Liberty super stylish and sleek, but this five-passenger SUV has the room and safety features to be a great choice for small families. It also features excellent towing capabilities if that’s more your speed. Either way, if any of the above sounds like something you’d want, look no further than the Jeep Liberty.

Three Different Trim Levels

Three trim levels are offered for the 2009 Jeep Liberty: the base Sport trim, the Limited trim, and the Rocky Mountain trim. Since the Sport is the base trim, it doesn’t come with too many special features. It will, however, still get you where you want to go in comfort and safety. This model features a 210 hp, 3.7 liter, V6 cylinder engine, and 4-speed automatic transmission.

Next up, we’ll talk about the more advanced Limited trim level. Equipped with fog lamps, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, keyless entry, and heated mirrors, this trim definitely expands on the already robust capabilities of the base 2009 Jeep Liberty. Furthermore, you have the option of adding features like remote engine start, a trailer hitch receiver, and a sunroof for a little extra money.

The 2009 Jeep Liberty Rocky Mountain is the nicest trim level and includes a suite of great features on top of the Liberty’s inherent reliability. If you’re thinking about buying a Rocky Mountain trim, you can expect to enjoy a multimedia system with navigation radio that can adapt to traffic on the fly, a deeply tinted sunscreen glass, an overhead console, a power sunroof, and speed control. Both the Limited and Rocky Mountain trims have the same 210 hp, 3.7 liter, V6 cylinder engine, and 4-speed automatic transmission as the base trim, so don’t expect any additional performance there.


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What’s the Drivetrain and Gas Mileage Like?

Each of the trim levels in the 2009 Jeep Liberty comes with the option of Rear Wheel Drive or Four Wheel Drive. For all three trim levels, the cars with Four Wheel Drive have a combined gas mileage of 17 MPG, and those with Rear Wheel Drive get 18 combined MPG. 

What Technology Comes With the Jeep Liberty?

2009 is the best year for the Jeep Liberty not only because of its wonderful safety record but also because it features some of the best technology of the entire Jeep Liberty lineup. The Sport has basic features like front reading lamps and a vehicle anti-theft system to start but can be suped-up with bonus features like cruise control and fog lamps if you’re so inclined. The more advanced Limited and Rocky Mountain trim levels start off with all of these features and then some, including an alarm, a universal garage door opener, a power sunroof, and heated mirrors. The bonus features you have the option of adding are better here, too. You can pay more to get rear parking aid, remote engine start, and rain-sensitive wipers to really sweeten the deal with these trims. On top of all this, the Rocky Mountain trim has a sunscreen glass with a powerful tint and a multimedia system designed to work around traffic, which was cutting edge for its time. Although the technology for this 2009 car might not beat out the features being introduced today, it’s still got some great equipment. 


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What Will You Pay for a 2009 Jeep Liberty?

The Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price for the 2009 Jeep Liberty Sport is around $23,000 for the Rear Wheel Drive model and $24,600 for the Four Wheel Drive model. However, you must keep in mind that we’re talking about a car that’s over a decade old, so for used pricing, you should be paying much, much lower than these estimates. According to U.S. News, the average price paid for the RWD 2009 Jeep Liberty Sport is $6,115, and for the 4WD it’s $6,539. Surprisingly, the average price paid nowadays for the Limited is even cheaper if you want the RWD, sitting at about $6,060, while the 4WD model might run you about $6,908, which isn’t too shabby. The Rocky Mountain trim is rarer, so it’s more difficult to give an estimate, and it’s more expensive. We found that regardless of which drivetrain you want, you’re probably looking at the cost of around $8,000 for this trim.

2009 Jeep Liberty Safety Features and Reliability

In 2008, Jeep ushered the Liberty into its second generation, including better safety features with it and upping the reliability across the board. One of the biggest reasons that the 2009 year model is the best year for the Jeep Liberty is that Jeep had a year to work out all the kinks in this second generation and make the 2009 model the most refined Liberty to date. This year’s model has the lowest safety complaints across the board and has been rated highest for reliability among Jeep Liberties. Safety features like a vehicle anti-theft system, anti-lock brakes, and enhanced navigation equipment, along with a great track record, make this a solid choice for an SUV purchase. The 2009 was recalled once, but it was many years ago, so these issues should have been worked out for any Jeep you’re looking at. To be sure, though, request a record of the vehicle’s history and have a trusted expert take a look so you can rest easy knowing you’ve got a great, reliable Jeep Liberty on your hands!

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