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The 6 Best Car Detail Shops in Miami

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Car detailing services always vary from one shop to another. This is especially true where services are categorized differently and priced accordingly. The cheapest services normally bundle together simple cleaning work, while upgraded packages offer more attention to detail and top-of-the-line vehicle treatments. 

In Miami, you’ll get a mix of everything in the shops you’ll visit. However, you’ll need to know the right spots to take your vehicle whenever you need a thorough clean-up. We went out in search of the best car detail shops in Miami, and here are our favorites. 

Best Overall: High End Detail

High End Detail is a Miami-based auto detail shop that was started in 2013. Josue Recinos used to provide mobile detail services from his van. Even though the company is no longer mobile, the team carries on the same determination, passion, and love for hard work that Recinos had from the beginning. 

Some of the services that High End Detail offers include engine cleaning, paint protection, paint restoration, polishing, scratch removal, oxidation removal, tire detailing, bug and sap removal, and headlight restoration. All the work is done to the highest quality and using the latest technologies to give your car that perfect look. Here’s a gallery of some of the results.

What Their Customers Say

Customers say that Josue Recinos is a man that takes pride in the cars that he works on. His level of attention to detail remains unmatched. He is able to do jobs that car owners previously assumed were impossible. This, combined with his excellent service, makes High End Detail one of the best car detail shops in Miami. 


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Runner Up: Total Steam Auto Detailing

Total Steam Auto Detailing comes second on our list of best car detail shops in Miami. The business uses steam to do carpet and upholstery cleaning which it believes helps to dissolve and remove any residue found on surfaces and material. This is also without causing any damage. 

Some of the other services offered include permanent paint protection coating, paint restoration and correction, and eco-friendly steam detailing. Fortador Ceramic Coating is also offered which provides a superior, hard wearing, clear ceramic coating that protects your car from environmental impacts. Here’s a look at some of the cars the team at Total Steam Auto Detailing has worked on. 

What Their Customers Say

Customers claim that the team that works at Total Steam Auto Detailing is very professional and welcoming. They go above and beyond to do a perfect job on all cars that pull into the shop. Some do say that their services are expensive, but that’s because the shop only uses the best products and equipment. 

Editor’s Pick: Ravishing Details Mobile 

Ravishing Details Mobile is a car detailing business that was started in 2014. It boasts plenty of experience in giving cars that perfect shine that they should always have. Among its specialties include paint correction, ceramic coating, complete detailing, and mobile detailing. The goal has always been and remains to be to save you money and time while delivering fast and convenient services. 

Ravishing Details Mobile also specializes in trim restoration, tire and wheel coating, scratch removal, wipeless windshield, and scratch removal. Whether you need to protect your car from stains, swirl marks, or scratches, Ravishing Details Mobile has the right solution for you. Take a look at some of their work on the business’ Instagram page

What Their Customers Say

Customers say that Ravishing Details Mobile is one of the most honest and hardworking car detail shops you’ll find in Miami. Carlos, the business owner, is able to go beyond in delivering what most customers expect. For that, most think that this is one of the best car detail shops in Miami and that you shouldn’t think of going anywhere else. 


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Best All-Around Car Detailing Service: All Class Detailing

All Class Detailing is a boat and auto detailing business that offers a wide range of services to the residents of Miami. It was founded in 2001 with the goal of providing state-of-the-art mobile services. Its mobile unit comes with enough water, electricity, and equipment needed to take care of your boat or car at your home or marina. 

The main services offered include washing, compounding, waxing, and ceramic coating. However, the team is well-trained and equipped to deliver all types of detailing services. Satisfaction is the company’s main objective. Products used also consider the environment and are eco-friendly. Be sure to check out the All Class Detailing Instagram page for more. 

What Their Customers Say

Customers say that All Class Detailing is the place to be when you want your car to look showroom new. Whether you have a used vehicle that has been on the road for a while or a newer vehicle that has lost its luster, All Class Detailing will deliver the results you want and go beyond your expectations. 

Best Mobile Service: Marksman Detailing

Marksman Detailing is a professional detailing shop that was started in 2018. Though the business is young, the owner has extensive experience working on high-end cars, yachts, and private aircrafts. The business currently offers mobile detailing services that guarantee high customer satisfaction and great results. 

Services offered by Marksman Detailing include steam cleaning, interior detailing, paint correction and enhancement, scratch and swirl removal, rock chip paint touch up, engine bay detailing, headlight restoration, and protective coatings/sealants. All of the services are offered upon appointment and are available at affordable prices. You can take a look at some of the work the business has done here

What Their Customers Say

Customers say that Marksman Detailing is one of the best car detail shops in Miami. This is thanks to the owner’s passion for what he does. He is able to revamp your car even in its worst condition. He is also super friendly and courteous to those he works with. 


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Most Convenient: Kikis Detail

Kikis Mobile Detailing is an on-demand car detailing service located in the South Florida area. The business provides detailing services at the car owner’s convenience. Owners can get any service they need with just a few clicks. Whether you drive a sedan, SUV, or CUV; the business provides a wide array of services that cater to your needs. 

Services offered include complete interior and exterior cleaning, tire dressing, leather conditioning, bug and tar removal, trim restoration, clay bar, pet hair removal, fabric protection and much more.

Prices charged for these services are subject to change upon inspecting the condition of the car. You can have a better look at what the business does on its Instagram page

What Their Customers Say

Customers claim that Kikis Detail is one of the most convenient and best car detail shops in Miami. The team brings its own water and equipment and are always ready to provide exceptional services at an amazing price point. The customers also recommend their business to anyone looking for car detailing services in Miami. 

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