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The 6 Best Car Detail Shops in Denver

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When it comes to car detailing, different auto detail shops offer different packages to cater for varying needs. You can always opt for a full detail that may include an exterior wash, interior vacuum, window cleaning, wheel and tire shining, and so much more.

The best car detail shops in Denver also offer higher-tier services like paint restoration and protective coatings, UV treatments, and all manner of other high-tech services. 

If you’re the type to go for just a simple auto detail job for your car, many shops also offer basic services that may include a simple wash and shine. We’ve searched for the best car detail shops in Denver, and none of them will steer you wrong.

1. Best Overall: Superior Auto Image

Superior Auto Image was established in 2010 by Kevin Gomez. Gomez started providing the services he does now in 1993. His experience makes him one of the best in the industry. He is able to make each car stand out from the rest by doing a spectacular job when it comes to washing and detailing. 

The range of services that Superior Auto Image provides is dizzying, and it includes car window tinting, headlight restoration, vinyl wrapping, ceramic coating, windshield repair and replacement, hail damage repair, paintless dent repair, interior car cleaning, paint repair, and complete auto detailing. The results of his broad spectrum of services are on full display on the company’s Instagram page

What Their Customers Say

Customers say that Superior Auto Image is a business that is highly rated for a reason. The services offered are top-notch and of the highest quality. The customer service is also second to none, and the team is able to respond promptly to all requests and answer all questions asked. Their goal is to ensure that you and your car get the best treatment. 


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2. Runner Up: The Works

The Works is an auto detailer owned by a Certified BMW Spa Technician with more than ten years of experience working on both private and corporate vehicles. The shop caters to several types of vehicles including daily drivers and exotic cars. All services offered are customized and personalized to meet every client’s need. 

Some of the services offered include paint correction, ceramic coating, paint and window coating, wheel coating, trim coating, undercarriage coating, and interior and exterior detailing. Pricing is differentiated according to the type of vehicle you own. You can see some of the work that has been done at the shop on its Instagram page

What Their Customers Say

Customers say that The Works has a team of professionals that are easy to work with. They are also able to exceed customer expectations by going above and beyond with their detail services. Whether you drive a small car, wagon, SUV, or truck, these guys have the skills and tools to make it shiny and spotless. 

3. Best Auto Detail for Money: Starlight Car Care

Starlight Car Care was established in 2016 as a one-stop shop for all auto detailing and reconditioning services. It has quickly grown to become one of the best car detail shops in Denver in the last four years. The team’s goal is to make each customer feel valued and deliver services that exceed expectations. 

Services offered include car accessory installation, cosmetic car repair, window tinting, paint protection coating, and car detailing. These offerings are packaged uniquely for each client and are delivered alongside fantastic customer support. Whether you’re a busy owner or car enthusiasts, the business has the right solution for you. Here’s a glimpse of what we’re talking about.

What Their Customers Say

Customers say that Starlight Car Care does not just take care of cars alone. The team goes out of their way to ensure that their customers are also looked after while the cars are being cleaned and detailed. The shop is a place many would love to go back to over and over again thanks to their wonderful services and professional customer service. 


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4. Best Mobile Auto Detailing Service: Evolution Mobile Detailing 

Evolution Mobile Detailing was started by a team of experts that had been detailing trucks and cars for years. The main focus was to bring together all the skills and provide superior service that meets every customer’s need. The team understands that most car owners are busy. and therefore they need mobile detailing. 

They’ll come to your home or place of work to offer a wide range of services. This includes fixing minor imperfections, hand washing and drying, door jamb cleaning, clay bar paint decontamination, tire and rim detailing, window and mirror cleaning, upholstery vacuuming, ozone deodorizing treatments, and complete auto detailing services. You can check the results of their work on their Instagram page

What Their Customers Say

Customers claim that Evolution Mobile Detailing is a place they recommend to anyone wishing to get their car cleaned and detailed. The owner of the service is incredibly knowledgeable and thorough when it comes to delivering what customers want, solidifying its position among the best car detail shops in Denver.

5. Most Convenient: Colorado Detail Werks

Colorado Detail Werks is an auto detailing shop dedicated to protecting and maintaining all vehicles that require detailing services. The main goal of the business is to make every car look better than the day it was bought. If you’re someone who is not happy with how your car looks, consider taking it to these guys. 

Some of the services they offer include polishing, paint protection, vacuuming, scratch removal, waxing, paint restoration, complete interior detailing, odor removal, headlight restoration, oxidation removal, and wheel and rim cleaning, tire detailing, and car washing. Some of the vehicles that have been worked on at the shop can be seen on their official Instagram page

What Their Customers Say

Customers claim that no other business can take care of tough stains and imperfections like the guys at Colorado Detail Werks. They make your car look like it just rolled out of the showroom. This is whether you have milk stains within the interior or minor scratches and paint dents on the exterior. 


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6. Best All-Around Car Detail Service: Island Man Detailing 

Island Man Detailing provides professional auto detail services for owners of both brand new cars and used models. They are the go-to place when you need to keep your vehicle looking fresh and sparkly clean. As an all-around shop, it has a team of professionals that is always ready to serve you when you pull into the shop. They also operate mobile if need be. 

Some of the services offered include carpet and upholstery vacuuming, stain removal, dashboard cleaning, window cleaning and protection, odor removal, dirt and debris removal, simple exterior washing, undercarriage cleaning, engine bay cleaning. and so much more. You can take a look at these services on the business’s Instagram account

What Their Customers Say

Customers say that Island Man Detailing is a place that delivers exactly what they say. Most customers even went back for more car treatments and referred several of their friends to the shop. They say that they were able to enjoy a wide range of services designed to meet all their vehicle needs. 

Protect Your Investment!

Your car isn’t cheap, and taking proper care of it is an important step in keeping it in tip-top shape. Professional car detailing is about much more than a surface level clean—it’s about reversing damage done by road grit and UV exposure, and about protecting both your car’s interior and exterior for months to come.

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