Wawa Gas Prices: Everything You Need To Know

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Wawa is a combination of convenience stores and gas stations stretching across the United States’ easter part. They provide everything from coffee to sandwiches for your trip, no matter where you’re going. Another thing they offer is gas. If you’re a Wawa visitor, you might wonder - what should you know about Wawa gas prices?

You’ve come to the right place if you’re interested in understanding Wawa gas prices. We’ll talk about how the price varies by state, what they do to make gas cheaper, and much more. Wawa is a quality place to get gas, no matter where you’re going. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s dive right in!

What Is the Average Wawa Gas Price?

Wawa offers the option to purchase their gas with either cash or credit. According to wawa.com, the average cost for fuel at Wawa is about $3.50. This price fluctuates occasionally but generally stays close to the same no matter where you go.

This company prides itself on providing quality fuel with honest pricing. They aim to give cheaper options to the average person and companies that use fleets of trucks to make deliveries and cart people from one place to another.

There are a lot of companies out there that aim to provide affordable gas to consumers. Let’s talk about how Wawa stacks up compared to similar competitors. 


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How Do Wawa Gas Prices Compare to Other Companies?

There are plenty of other companies out there that offer gas and convenience locations all in one space. All of them are unique in their ways, setting them apart as standards in the gas world. How do Wawa gas prices compare to other companies? Do they come out on top, or are they far behind in their pricing?

Here’s how Wawa compares to several other companies, according to cnet.com:

  • Chevron: Chevron is one of the oldest companies in the game. They have excellent food and offer up to $0.07 in savings if you get the right card.
  • Sheetz: Sheetz is the most similar to Wawa. Their services and gas prices are pretty similar.
  • BP: BP offers similar savings to Wawa, and their prices are slightly lower. They have competitive prices but don’t offer the same level of convenience as Wawa. 
  • Sinclair: Sinclair is the weakest competitor. They’re a smaller gas company with minimal savings for customers.

Wawa is a strong contender in that it offers affordable gas along with a delicious array of food.

The closest competitor to Wawa is Sheetz. This company provides an upscale gas experience for a similar price per gallon and quality food anyone can enjoy. The other gas options provide cheaper gas, but they don’t offer the same experience you’ll get when you visit a Wawa to fill up. 

Some of these gas places do offer better rewards programs. Chevron varies with commitment, and BP gives $0.05 off as well. The choice is yours.

Do Wawa Gas Prices Vary By State?

Wawa is not located in every state. Right now, they operate in seven states with about 850 retail spaces and around 600 gas stations, according to wawa.com. All of these states have different average price points for gas. Is Wawa the same? Do their gas prices fluctuate by the state?

Like all gas stations, Wawa prices change by state. Here are the average gas prices for each location according to gasbuddy.com:  

  • Florida: $3.45
  • Pennsylvania: $3.60
  • New Jersey: $3.80
  • Washington D.C.: $3.70
  • Maryland: $3.45
  • Delaware: $3.45
  • Virginia: $3.35

All Wawa locations stay within about $0.50 to keep consistency with each station.

Wawa gas prices are pretty reasonable for the average driver. However, you might wonder - is there anything Wawa provides to make a cheaper option for loyal customers? Let’s talk about some of these next.


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Does Wawa Provide Ways to Make Gas Cheaper?

If you want cheaper access to Wawa gas, you might be curious if they have an option to take advantage of for lower fuel prices. After all, many gas stations provide membership cards or apps that give customers access to rewards. Does Wawa have something like this for Wawa gas prices?

Customers who want a way to earn rewards with their gas will enjoy what the company offers. According to wawa.com, some of the ways you can help make your gas cheaper include:

  • Wawa Credit Card: This option is available for all people. It provides $0.50 in savings per gallon for the first month and $0.05 after that.
  • Wawa Fleet Card: This option allows businesses to lower expenses with trucks that take diesel.
  • Wawa Universal Card: This card permits flexibility at most US gas stations for businesses that use trucks that run on diesel. It stretches beyond the east coast and opens up other options for businesses big and small.


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Although you’ll only save about $0.05 after the first month with these rewards, every little bit helps. Those who commute long distances daily will appreciate the savings built over time.


We’ve covered a lot about Wawa gas prices! From their locations in several states to available saving options, Wawa is a quality company offering much more than just gas. They provide ways to save on your commute and let you have fun doing it along the way.

We hope this information was helpful! Wawa is a unique chain only located in specific spaces across the country. If you’re considering Wawa gas prices, know that they offer choices for the service they provide and the locations they occupy. Make the most out of your trip with a stop at a Wawa to refill your vehicle.

Are Gas Prices Going Up Again? [UPDATE 926]

Over the last 100 days or so, consumers could have a bit of respite as gas prices went down from record highs earlier this year. As of this writing, the national average is $3.725 per gallon, and it’s fast approaching the dreaded $4 per gallon again. Is this a cause for concern?

According to AAA, the rising gas prices on the West Coast and the Midwest are due to refinery issues resulting from planned maintenance. In addition, domestic demand has decreased as fewer drivers fuel up, and lower prices, in general, have certainly softened the blow.

Although the demand for fuel has decreased, the supply line is still relatively limited, and prices continue to fluctuate, contributing to the increase in the national average price. According to AAA’s report, if demand remains low, there’s a good chance that the price increases will be minimal.

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