Tesla Model Y Ground Clearance: What To Know

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White Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y by Evnerd - CC-BY-SA-4.0

The Tesla Model Y is a sleek SUV design from the new Tesla brand, offering a spacious interior and quick acceleration for those who want a roomy, efficient vehicle. The crossover SUV has room for five passengers inside for decent commutability. If you’re interested in this vehicle, it’s critical to consider all features - including the Tesla Model Y ground clearance.

If you’re interested in learning more about the ground clearance of the Tesla Model Y, you’re in the right place. From the dimensions to the features, it’s critical to examine every portion of the car before buying. Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of the vehicle, the ground clearance by generation, and other valuable Model Y information before an investment. 

Ground Clearance Pros and Cons

The Tesla Model Y ground clearance, and ground clearance in general, measures the distance from the very lowest portion of the vehicle, excluding the wheels, to the ground. There are several good and bad things to consider when looking at high ground clearance to help make the ideal selection for your life.


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Ground Clearance Pros:

A ground clearance measurement is excellent because it provides a much better view to the driver, offering a higher position on the road and a better ability to see the road and potential obstacles. It also lowers the risk of potential damage to your undercarriage due to speed bumps, potholes, and more. A high ground clearance will make the vehicle appear much more grandiose.

Ground Clearance Cons:

Of course, some cons come with any feature, and that includes ground clearance. For example, there is a slightly higher chance of serious rollover in an accident thanks to the more extreme center of gravity. Also, if you have trouble moving or have a loved one with issues moving, they might find it tricky to get in the machine.

Tesla Model Y Ground Clearance by Generation

The Tesla Model Y is a new vehicle, which means there is only one generation of the electric vehicle thus far. It first came onto the market in 2020 and is still produced today, offering a unique electric SUV option for those who want to maximize their miles. 

The Tesla Model Y has a ground clearance of inches, according to way.com, making it one of the shorter vehicle selections on the market. It’s made to maximize speed but not necessarily to permit safety in movement when shifting through rough terrain.

The Tesla Model Y may improve its ground clearance in the years to come. However, for now, the ground clearance is one of the lowest selections on the market, thanks to its desire to be a sports car.

Model Y Ground Clearance by Generation

First Generation: 2020-2024
All Models: 6.6 inches

What Version of the Model Y Has the Best Ground Clearance?

There are multiple models of the Tesla Model Y, but the ground clearance hasn’t changed during the vehicle’s existence. It remains at 6.6 inches and hasn’t risen or fallen during its time on the market. This number makes lovers of sports cars happy and those who want a more secure vehicle selection nervous to take the car on the road.

No matter which version of the Tesla Model Y you go with, you will get the same ground clearance from 2020-2024. You will get a slightly improved system and a higher price point depending on the year you select, but you won’t get a shift in the ground clearance and potential damage to your system.

If you want an electric vehicle with a higher ground clearance, you might want to go with a different car. The Tesla Model Y is an impressive car, but it hasn’t come far in technology to keep the undercarriage in one piece. 


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Should You Purchase the Model Y Based on Ground Clearance?

If ground clearance matters, you might want to look elsewhere for another electric or traditional gas vehicle mode. According to theway.com, the Tesla Model Y’s ground clearance is only 6.6 inches and thus does not have enough support to deal with any tricky terrain or anything with a slight unevenness. 

There is also no room for adjustments in the suspension of the Model Y, meaning there is very little room for the vehicle to adjust to what is going on while driving. For instance, the Tesla Model X can increase from 5.7 inches to 8.1 inches thanks to the air suspensions, but the Tesla Model Y doesn’t have any room for movement when going off-road.


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The Tesla Model Y has excellent ground clearance if you’re looking for a car that will keep you low and ready to hit high speeds on the pavement. However, if a high level of clearance is one of your primary concerns, you might want to go with a drastically different vehicle selection. 

Sports cars aren’t known for their ability to go off-road, which means you typically will not land on a high ground clearance for many choices. Tesla is among the brands that have yet to improve their ground clearance, though it’s likely it will rise if demand for off-roading selections goes up in the coming years. 

Final Thoughts

If you want to keep the undercarriage of your vehicle in the best possible state, the Tesla Model Y ground clearance is critical to consider. Right now, every version of the Tesla Model Y has a ground clearance of 6.6 inches. There is no difference from the first version of the car to the most recent selection on the market, so you won’t lose ground clearance if you buy used.

We hope this information comes in handy! It can feel like too much to attempt to land on the right vehicle for your life, so an understanding of ground clearance should make things much easier to understand. Unfortunately, the Tesla Model Y is a little behind in this area with much room for improvement compared to other selections for cars with similar dimensions.

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