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Subarus with Backup Cameras: What To Know

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Subaru in a field

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Backup cameras are an essential feature in the car industry as they help to guide new drivers. They provide the confidence you need when reversing and prevent unforeseen backover accidents. Rear-view cameras used to be a premium feature in some vehicles a few years ago. 

Today, they are a requirement by law in all vehicles sold in America. Subaru has been fitting backup cameras in most of its vehicle for a while now. In this post, we’ll provide all the details you need to know about Subarus with backup camera.

List of Subarus with Backup Camera

Subaru has eight models on the market today. They include the Subaru Forester, Subaru Outback, Subaru Impreza, Subaru Legacy, Subaru Crosstrek, Subaru Ascent, Subaru WRX, and Subaru BRZ. 

For all Subaru vehicles that have been manufactured and sold since 2018, the backup camera comes as a standard feature. However, it’s good to note that many Subaru cars started offering the feature way before. Below is a list of those with a backup camera and the year they began offering the feature.



How Backup Cameras Work

Backup cameras are specifically designed and made to mount on the rear of a vehicle. They prevent backup collisions by eliminating the rear blind spot that most people have when reversing. The idea behind a rear-view camera is simple—to send an image of what’s behind you to the monitor that’s on your dash. 

However, even with that basic description, the backup camera remains to be a sophisticated piece of technology that is only getting more high-tech. The image that you see on your monitor is actually a mirror image that makes sure the orientation of your vehicle’s rear is transmitted correctly. 

If the camera sent the direct feed of what it sees, you’d have a reversed image. This means that you’d steer right when you want to go left when reversing. The system is programmed to correct this so that the view makes sense to the driver. The camera is usually installed while aiming downward. This provides the best view of what’s immediately behind the car. 


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At best, the camera is typically a small piece of equipment that isn’t easily noticeable. It’s designed to be unobtrusive and you may find it hidden near the license plate, in the tailgate, in the trunk, or in the bumper of your car. When it comes to the display, most vehicles use the existing monitor that’s already on the dash. 

Other vehicles will have two monitors with one connected to the rear-view camera. Models from premium brands may use the rearview mirror as a monitor. This provides the advantage of displaying the rear of the car where the driver is accustomed to looking while reversing. While it may be convenient, it comes with a smaller and less detailed feed when compared to that of the larger monitor. 

Advantages of Backup Cameras

1. Safety

The main job of backup cameras is to prevent backover accidents. They allow you to spot an object, obstacle, or person that may be behind you as you reverse. This helps to prevent unforeseen accidents that could cause injuries, loss of property, or even death. It comes in handy especially for first time drivers that are learning how to backup. 

2. Easy and economical to install

Most vehicles today come with a backup camera as standard. But, for vehicles made before 2018, this may not be the case. Many people think that backup cameras are an expensive addition. This is not true. 

They are quite affordable and easy to install. They are worth the investment because they can help you save money in the long run. They also provide the extra confidence that comes with knowing that your car is much safer to use. 

3. Make parking easier

Backup cameras can help you park your vehicle quickly and safely. On top of aiding the rear-view mirror, they increase your width of image to help you have a better view of what is behind you. This is especially if you need to parallel park your car in a squeezed parking lot.

They ensure that you’re making the right moves. Without one in your car, it’s easy to scrape against obstacles and other cars next to you. It also prevents you from hitting any passing pedestrians when parking in a tight area. 


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4. Great for towing a trailer

Backup cameras are especially helpful when you need to line up a trailer with your vehicle’s hitch. Most systems include on-screen guidelines consisting of two parallel lines that help you to direct your car. 

Some even change the color of the lines as you get closer to the object behind you. That, combined with warning sounds from rear-facing sensors, makes it easier to hook your trailer and tow it to a desired destination. 

Challenges of Backup Cameras

1. Limited view

Many backup cameras may not be able to see objects that are under the vehicle or under the rear bumper. When reversing, it’s important to first confirm that there are no obstacles beneath the vehicle. This is especially true if you had parked your car where kids are playing. If an object or child suddenly disappears from your view, it’s best to recheck before backing any farther. 

2. Accumulation of dust

It’s common for the image that you get on your monitor to go blurry. This is often due to dust and dirt that may have covered your camera. If you notice this, take a soft piece of cloth and wipe the camera. This will help clear any dirt that may be blocking your view. 


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Backup cameras are slowly becoming a popular feature that a lot of people want. They are an exceptional addition to the rear-view mirror. In addition to the convenience that they provide, they are a great safety feature to have. We hope the information provided above helps you in your search for Subarus with backup cameras.

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