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Sam’s Club Gas Prices: Everything You Need To Know

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Sam’s Club is a chain of retailers that provides bulk food based on paid membership. To access the store inside, you need a special card to prove you belong to the organization. Another perk they offer for members is gas. If you’re interested in this aspect of the company, you might wonder - what should you know about Sam’s Club gas prices?

You’ve come to the right place to learn more about Sam’s Club gas prices! We’ll talk about everything from how they compare to other companies to the variation that comes by state. You should know your options if you’re considering the best way to get gas. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s dive right in!

What Is the Average Sam’s Club Gas Price?

UPDATE (6/23/2022): Fuel prices have reached the national average of $4.940 per gallon since the article was published.

To purchase gas at Sam’s Club, you must first become a member. Once you do, you can take advantage of their gas prices. According to Momdeals.com, Sam’s Club gas prices are typically 10%-20% lower than the average cost in the area. For instance, if the cost was $3.59, you might expect to pay about $3.24 for gas.

Sam’s Club strives to offer gas options for lower prices all around the country. The convenience fees of being a member are worth it to gain access to their more affordable fuel, especially if you live in a state where gas is a pricey endeavor.

Many companies strive to be like Sam’s Club in their offerings. Let’s talk about how Sam’s Club compares to other similar places next.


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How Do Sam’s Club Gas Prices Compare to Other Companies?

Several other membership-only gas stations exist in the country. For these, you will need to pay a fee to join before earning rewards and purchasing gas from their gas stations. Let’s discuss these next to give you a better idea of your options. 

Here’s how Sam’s Club compares to its two major competitors, according to Motorbiscuit.com:

  • Costco: Costco is easily the bigger competitor of the two when looking at gas prices. You’ll often find the cost nearly $0.20 below the national average. This drop is exceptional for customers.
  • BJ’s: This is another bulk store competitor of Sam’s Club. They’re about $0.10 below the national average, making them a little pricier occasionally.

Sam’s Club typically falls in the middle, but it’s often the most expensive option when looking at these three competitors.

The strongest competitor to Sam’s Club gas prices is easily Costco. If you’re looking to save lots of cash every time, a membership here will be more effective than Sam’s Club. Still, not everyone is close to a Costco. 

These locations offer excellent discounts for those who use them over traditional gas stations. If you’re looking to save, a membership to these locations will serve you well.


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Do Sam’s Club Gas Prices Vary By State?

As mentioned above, Sam’s Club gas prices vary by state. This fluctuation is due to the area’s taxes, supply, demand, and inflation. You won’t find the same gas prices in California as in Alabama.

Here are a few examples of gas prices for Sam’s Club if we assume them to be about 10% below the local price:  

  • Florida: $3.19
  • California: $4.20
  • Texas: $2.75
  • Alabama: $2.80
  • Arizona: $3.30
  • Georgia: $3.10
  • Ohio: $3.00

Sam’s Club tends to be consistent in the way they structure their gas prices across the nation, so you know you’re dealing with consistency when it comes to this company.

Sam’s Club is excellent at providing savings for their customers based on the national average. However, you might wonder - does Sam’s Club give a way that customers can make their gas prices even cheaper?


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Does Sam’s Club Provide Ways to Make Gas Cheaper?

If you want a way to save money on the gas you pump, you might wonder if Sam’s Club makes it possible to save even more money. After all, many prominent gas stations prioritize giving customers a way to keep money in their pocket so they’ll return for more.

Those who want to earn rewards with Sam’s Club gas prices will find several options with this company. Here are a few of the savings options according to samsclub.com:

  • Sam’s Club Credit Card: The Sam’s Club credit card makes it possible to earn rewards whenever you use the card to fill your car.
  • Sam’s Club Membership: The basic membership provides minimal savings and other benefits at the pump.
  • Sam’s Club Membership Plus: The membership plus card offers even more savings. You can get up to 5% back when investing in a Sam’s Club Membership card.

All three of these cards provide savings and lower the cost of gas for all customers. You need at least Sam’s Club Membership to buy the gas, and along the way, you will earn additional savings with this bonus.

Unfortunately, the Sam’s Club Membership Plus is twice the introductory price. If you want more money back on filling up your tank, you need to spend significantly more on your purchase.


We’ve talked about many aspects of Sam’s club gas prices. From how they compare to other companies to the benefits you can get with this corporation, there’s so much that comes with gas at a Sam’s Club location. If you’re thinking about buying a membership for gas, it’s critical to consider all these things.

We hope this information was helpful! Most states have Sam’s Club, so those who frequently commute might enjoy the discounted gas prices of becoming a member here. If you’ve never tried it out and have no Costco or BJ’s in your area, Sam’s Club is an excellent way to keep some money in your pocket.

Sam’s Club Gas FAQs

Do you need to be a Sam’s Club member to pump gas?

Yes, most Sam’s Club Fuel stations are only open to members, and you need a valid membership to purchase fuel. However, a few Sam’s Club gas stations are also open to the general public. These locations are usually near a Walmart or mandated by the law to be available to the public.

Is Sam’s Club fuel a Top Tier brand?

No, Sam’s Club gas is not Top Tier. There is some confusion regarding this matter, but Costco has Top Tier gas. While there are many benefits to using Top Tier gas, filling up your vehicle with non-Top Tier fuel is perfectly fine.

Can you get gas from Sam’s Club after hours?

You’re out of luck if you’re looking to fill up at Sam’s Club fuel center after hours. Unlike many gas stations open 247, Sam’s Club locations are not available after hours. The standard fuel center hours are 6 am to 9 pm on Monday to Saturday and 9 am to 7 pm on a Sunday. Here are more details on Sam’s Club fuel center hours.

Will Gas Prices Go Down? [UPDATE]

During May and the better part of June, consumers were subjected to record-high gas prices, which only added pain at the pump. Last week, the average gas price was $5 for many states in the US Experts predicted that gas prices would keep increasing to $6 per gallon on a national average, but it didn’t happen.

Unexpectedly, gas prices have decreased over the past few days and have inched below $5 per gallon. While that’s undoubtedly a bit of good news, it’s not entirely a welcome development either. According to a report by CNN, gas price relief is on the way and has fallen 16% in just two weeks after a record spike.

However, according to the report, the price decrease is likely due to investors banking on a recession. This mix of good and bad news will probably push the Federal Reserve to aggressively raise interest, which may spook many investors and send equity markets tumbling.

While plummeting prices are good, don’t expect them to drop rapidly.

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