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10 Red Flags To Look Out For In a Used Car's CarFax History

The biggest concern on everyone’s mind when purchasing a used car is reliability - you want to be sure that the car you’re purchasing has been well-cared for and free of mechanical issues. The best way to know a used car’s history is a maintenance & damage history report. History reports like CarFax can tell you a lot about a car, including previous accidents, maintenance history, info about previous owners, and more.

The Top 8 Fastest-Depreciating Cars

Three years ago, you bought a nice new car, but now you’re thinking it’s time for a change. You’ve been kind to the car; it’s in excellent condition, and it’s still practically new. Then you look up your trade-in value and see it’s worth less than half of what you paid 3 years ago. How is this possible? Brand-new cars depreciate quickly, with most models losing up to 20% of their value the first year alone.

The Top 3 Car Brands You Can Rely On

When you look at the long history of the automotive industry, there are a few names that stand out among the crowd. Over the years, there have been a few long-lasting and consistently-reliable vehicles and brands that stand the test of time and have proven themselves worthy of praise. There’s a reason why the three brands that we’re going to be discussing in this article are considered three of the most reliable vehicle manufacturers in the world.

Is a CPO Vehicle Better Than a New Car?

When you’re going to buy a car, you might scratch your head at the label associated with a lot of the vehicles you’re going to see. “Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle,” for instance. What is a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle? A Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle (or CPO) is a used car with low mileage and no history of major damage. Different manufacturers have different criteria for what constitutes a Certified Pre-Owned car. Some will say that in order to be considered a CPO, the vehicle in question needs to have less than 60,000 miles on the odometer.

How to Buy a Car-A Guide for New and Used Cars

So you found the perfect car. It’s a vehicle so right, you’ve just gotta have it. Perhaps it’s a car you’ve always dreamed of owning, or it’s a great price and includes all the right features. Congratulations! But how do you actually buy a car from the dealership? The car-buying process can be complicated and tricky, especially if it’s the first used car you’ve ever bought. Have no fear, we are here to help!

What are The Best and Worst CPO Programs?

A Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle, also known as a CPO, is a used car with low mileage, no history of major accidents, and is backed by the manufacturer. Each manufacturer has different criteria for what constitutes a CPO. For some, those three letters are a stamp of greatness. Others have a very loose interpretation. That’s why we’ve compiled the best and worst CPO programs throughout the auto industry. So, which manufacturer should you pick when looking for the best possible CPO?

How to Negotiate the Best Price for a Used Car

Haggling and negotiating are important parts of the used car buying process, but if you walk into a dealership without knowing how to negotiate, you’re not going to get a favorable deal. There’s an art to negotiation, and you have to enter into your used car buying experience knowing that. There are several phases to a successful used car price negotiation. The first phase occurs before you make your way to the dealership, and the second is at the dealership itself.

The Difference Between Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles and Used Cars

When watching a commercial for car dealerships, you’ve likely heard the term “Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle” being thrown around. But what is a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle? Is it just a fancy way of saying “used car”? Believe it or not, it’s not just sales jargon. Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles are very real, and they’re an important part of the used car buying process. In order to determine whether a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle is right for you, you’ll first need to understand the differences between a CPO and a regular used car.

How Used Car Pricing Works & How To Get A Better Price

When shopping for a used car, you may find anxiety creeping up around the entire process. After all, shopping for a used car is often portrayed as a harsh process where conmen in loud suits and greased back hair try to swindle unsuspecting marks out of their money. In reality, the used car buying process can be easy to navigate, as long as you go in understanding the prices, how dealers make their money, and how you can use that knowledge to negotiate a better deal for yourself.

5 Car Buying Mistakes and How You Can Avoid Them

The process of buying a car has always been a tedious task. You need to find a brand, model and make, evaluate the different features available, determine your budget, assess the various cars on the market, perform vehicle history checks, test the car out, and then negotiate a price that works. And none of it can be rushed, after all this is the vehicle because you’ll be driving around for the next few years.

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