How to Transfer a Car Title in Arizona

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Transferring a car title is necessary whether you are buying or selling a car. It may initially seem confusing since the steps vary by state. Those who occupy the Grand Canyon state might wonder how to transfer a car title in Arizona.

Keep on reading to learn how to transfer a car title in Arizona. It might seem overwhelming, but these steps will make it easier. By the time you finish reading, you will be able to transfer the car title without issue.

Ensure That Your Title is in Order

Before transferring a car title, you must ensure that your own is in order. This process includes paying off any debt, replacing damaged or lost documents, and obtaining a release from any lienholder that might have their name on your title.

If your title is not in order, you will not be able to transfer a car title in Arizona. You can replace or fix any errors on the document by contacting your local Arizona DMV. If applicable, we will talk about releasing a lienholder on your title.


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Acquire Title Transfer Documents

When learning how to transfer a car title in Arizona, it is vital to understand what documents you need in this state. All of these are critical to have. You can keep these items in a file on your computer or in a physical setting. Sometimes, having both is the best possible option.

The documents that you will need to have to transfer a title in Arizona include the following:

  • Lien information, if applicable
  • The lien release, if applicable
  • The VIN, or Vehicle Identification Number
  • The make of the car, year, and specific model
  • The name, birthday, and address of the person or persons who will be put on the new title

These items are vital before officially transferring a car title in Arizona. You can get most of these items before you have a buyer, but some can only be completed once you have a person who will take the car. Make a checklist and ensure that you double-check it before moving forward.

You should write down these items and put the list where you can see them. Keep everything in one place so you can grab it when needed. If you lose any of this information, ensure that you replace it.

Understand the Fee Required

When transferring a title, there is a small fee that you will need to pay. According to the official ADOT website, the current price is $4.00. This cost is low, so it should take little money out of your pocket.

You can pay this fee:

  • In-person when you are officially transferring the title
  • Online where the title will be electronically based

Much of the Arizona DMV process takes place online. They have done an excellent job simplifying the process. You can do everything in person, but if you want to make it easy, you can do everything on the DMV site.

Though unlikely, this fee could change over time. Make sure that you check the website beforehand. This step will ensure that you are prepared for the finances that you will need to supply.


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Deal with Lienholders

Lienholders can be in charge of your title if you have any debt you acquired to pay for your vehicle. You will need to settle this claim before giving the title to your buyer. To release the form, you will need to complete a document.

According to, this form should have the following:

  • Your vehicle descriptions include the Vehicle Identification Number, the make of the vehicle, and the specific model that you are dealing with
  • The lien holder’s signature
  • A stamp that proves you have paid for everything, as you cannot have any debt left on the car when you transfer the title
  • A statement that gives the date when the debt was completely paid off to the lienholder

Once you submit this form, the lienholder will release the title. It will be in your name, fully, once again. Only then can you hand over the title to the individual who has invested money into your car.

The most vital thing to know when understanding how to transfer a car title in Arizona is that you should pay off your debt beforehand. Dealing with lien holders and the release can seem intimidating. By following the above steps, you should be able to release the title without too much trouble.

Create a Bill of Sale

According to, the bill of sale is a document that records the transfer of ownership from one hand to another. You will need to draft this document or hire someone to create it. Money is always involved in this exchange.

The bill should be signed by both you and the person purchasing the vehicle. You can then get this item notarized. Having a bill of sale will solidify the transfer of ownership, validating items that might come up in the future. The bill of sale is not necessary, but it provides a way to write things down and make them permanent.


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Complete the Transfer at a DMV

Once you have everything together, you and the buyer should go down to the DMV to fully complete the car title transfer. If the buyer cannot be there simultaneously, you must constantly communicate throughout the process.

The transfer fee will need to be paid by one of you. Typically, the seller will pay. This price is low in Arizona, so it will not take a large chunk out of your pocket. Decide ahead, so you do not need to have these conversations when you get there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s the car title transfer process if you buy from a private seller in Arizona?

The easiest way to transfer a title when buying from a private seller in Arizona is to use the eTitle Transfer program. This program allows you to complete the transfer online, provided that conditions are met. For example, this program is only used for transactions between individuals and applies to passenger vehicles only. You’re expected to pay the same title and registration fees.

Q: How do you transfer a title in Arizona if the owner has passed away?

When the vehicle owner has passed away, and you’re the legal inheritor, there’s no need to go through the probate process. You must fill up the Non-Probate Affidavit, providing the owner’s name, date of death, place of death, and vehicle information. Furthermore, you also have to wait 30 days after the date of passing, and the car’s value shouldn’t exceed $75,000.

Q: How do you transfer a car title in Arizona when gifted between family members?

You’ll go through the same process when giving an old car to another family member. The release should also be provided if there is a lien on the vehicle.

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