How Much Does A Range Rover Oil Change Cost?

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Black Range Rover

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Range Rover might not be the first vehicle manufacturer you think of when you think of a luxury brand, but they’re one of the best luxury SUV brands out there. Popular, powerful, and durable are just part of the reputation behind Range Rover. 

But, like most vehicles that focus on the luxury market, Range Rover maintenance costs are a good bit higher than average, including Range Rover oil change costs.

Basically, all maintenance is going to be a little more expensive if you own a Range Rover, so you need to know what kind of costs to expect if you decide you want to own a Range Rover. 

Since oil changes are some of the most common and most important maintenance work you need, knowing the cost of this basic service is one of the best ways to make sure you’re prepared for Range Rover ownership costs. 

Here’s what you need to know. 

How Much Do Range Rover Oil Changes Cost? 

Like all vehicle brands, there is a range of different costs when it comes to different Range Rover models and years. Some are going to be more expensive than others. However, Range Rovers tend to be larger vehicles, which also means that they tend to cost a little more for things like oil changes. 

You should expect a Range Rover oil change to cost $300-$400 depending on where you get it done and which model you have. 

At most dealerships, you’ll be looking at a price closer to $300-$350 for most models, but there are a few outliers that can be more expensive. 

You should also budget slightly more if your Range Rover has a lot of miles on it and plan on more frequent oil changes to help keep your engine running at top efficiency. 

That’s a little more expensive than most consumer vehicles, but there is some good news. Like other luxury brands, and despite the size of Range Rovers, they don’t need oil changes as often as other vehicles. 

Going to an independent mechanic might be a cheaper option, but there are a few reasons it might be worth paying the full price at a Range Rover dealership or with a Range Rover certified mechanic. 


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Why Is It Worth It To Go To A Range Rover Mechanic?

One of the big advantages of going to a Range Rover mechanic is that you know that you’ll be getting OEM parts. That means an OEM filter designed to fit your specific model of Range Rover, giving you a better seal and better durability. 

Range Rover mechanics also use fully synthetic oil that’s longer-lasting and a better lubricant than many of the alternatives. That’s the standard, not something you need to request. 

But probably the most important advantage is that Range Rover mechanics have the time to look over your whole vehicle and check to problem signs and other issues they can help with or recommend additional services to prevent problems before they get started. 

On the one hand, that does mean that the mechanic will have more opportunities to sell additional services, it also means that your vehicle is likely to stay in good condition longer since those checks are great for catching problems before they have potentially damaging symptoms that you can notice as a driver. 

Why Do Range Rover Oil Changes Cost So Much?

There are a few reasons Range Rover oil changes cost more than other brands. 

For one thing, almost all luxury vehicle brands charge more than other brands for services like oil changes. They also tend to take a little longer, so you’re paying for the increased labor costs for changing the oil. 

There’s also the increased cost for mechanics that are specifically certified and trained in maintenance for Range Rover vehicles. Like almost all brands that offer certifications, mechanics usually charge more once they have the certification, which also works to increase the labor costs. 

Those are the highest additional cost for Range Rover oil changes. But the cost of materials also increases the cost, which is a large part of the price difference as well. Synthetic oil is often more expensive than partially synthetic, but it’s also higher quality and more durable. 

OEM Range Rover filters are more expensive than generic alternatives, but they also do a better job of keeping your oil clean and keeping your Range Rover’s engine in good condition. 


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How Often Should You Get Your Range Rover’s Oil Changed? 

Your Range Rover’s oil should probably be changed at least once every 5-7k miles. That’s 1-2 times a year for a lot of drivers, which is roughly standard, but high mileage drivers should get their oil changed more often. 

Changing oil regularly is important if you want to keep your Range Rover in reasonable condition. It helps control temperature and prevents excessive damage to the inside of your engine. 

Pollutants in your engine oil can create too much friction or heat, which prevents the oil from working as well. Since a lot of those pollutants and the grit that get into engine oil can actually come from the fuel you’re burning; there’s no way to avoid that dirt and contamination. 

Your oil filter can help, but eventually, it will need replacement as well. 

Now, the 5-7k mile estimate is primarily for US drivers. If you’ve brought a range rover overseas somewhere with different fuel quality standards, you might need a different maintenance schedule. 

For instance, fuel in Europe usually burns cleaner and offers a higher-octane rating than fuel in the United States. That means that fewer contaminants are making their way into your engine oil, which also means you can probably go a little longer between oil changes without damaging your engine. 

Of course, if you’re looking to save money on your Range Rover oil changes, you can do the oil change yourself. You can order OEM parts and high-quality oil on Range Rover’s site or from any reputable parts dealer. 

Of course, you need to know what you’re doing if you want to change your own oil, and it usually takes 1-2 hours to make sure you can fully drain the oil out of your Range Rover before you install the new filter and refill your oil reservoir.


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