How Long Do Honda Accords Last? The Scoop On Its Longevity

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Honda Accord driving quickly

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The Honda Accord was the first vehicle sold by an import company to become a top contender in the United States, and it lived up to its legacy. The mid-size car triumphs, offering sportiness and comfort in one body. Of course, the lifespan of a vehicle is critical to consider. If you’re interested in the Accord, you might wonder - how long do Honda Accords last?

Longevity is vital when considering what car you want to invest in for the next decade. The longer a vehicle lasts, the less you will pay for repairs for a long time. Longevity in a car also tends to mean it’s safer and more exciting to drive. Read on to learn more about how many miles the Accord will last and other valuable insights you should know.

How Many Miles Does the Honda Accord Last?

How long do Honda Accords last? According to, a Honda Accord is anticipated to last between 200,000-300,000 miles. If you take proper care of your Honda Accord, it may stretch long past that milestone before experiencing a need for severe repairs. Many factors may extend or shorten the longevity of your vehicle.

According to, here are factors that will influence the lifespan of your Honda Accord:

  • The rate at which you manage repairs
  • Tune-ups and regular maintenance performed
  • Habits while driving

These will contribute to the lifespan of your Accord. 

The better you care for your vehicle, the more mileage you will get out of your machine. If you notice minor issues, take care of them as soon as possible before they turn into critical and expensive faults. It will only grow more expensive over time - work with them now to ensure you have the best ownership experience.


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What Is High Mileage For the Honda Accord?

According to, anything over 200,000 is considered high mileage for a Honda Accord. It’s anticipated that these vehicles will reach that number, but it’s unlikely they will perform well too far after that point. If you notice an Accord with more than 200,000 miles in a lot, take caution before making an investment.

Of course, it’s critical to note that not every Honda Accord with high mileage is a bad investment. If you notice a newer one with many miles, it’s a better option than an older version with the same mileage. Newer versions will have quality technology and safety updates and are less likely to break down.

What Is a Good Mileage for a Honda Accord?

When thinking about the question - how long do Honda Accords last - it’s helpful to understand what good mileage looks like for this vehicle. According to, if a Honda Accord reaches 200,000 miles, it’s a solid vehicle. Anything over that is a bonus, though there have been versions known to make it up to 300,000 miles.

Those who tend to drive more will reach the end of their Honda Accords lifespan much quicker than those who don’t head out as often. Hondas are built to be sturdy, but excessive driving plays one of the biggest roles in how long you will be able to own your Accord.

Of course, another vital factor is how well you maintain your car. Someone who drives often but cares for their vehicle might be able to own it for longer than an individual with minimal driving habits and poor maintenance on their Honda Accord.

Should I Buy A Used Honda Accord With More Than 100k?

It’s tricky to land on the right used car, especially once you look at the odometers. It’s rarely encouraging to notice mileage in the six-digit range, and it might make you hesitant. Is it worth it to buy a Honda Accord with more than 100,000 miles racked up?

There is no need to worry if you fall in love with a Honda Accord over 100k miles. This vehicle can last 200,000 to 300,000, boasting even more with proper care. As long as you maintain your Accord, it will continue to get you from one point to another if purchased with a six-digit odometer reading.

At What Mileage Do Most Hondas Break Down?

When considering the question - how long do Honda Accords last - it’s helpful to know about how long Hondas will last on the road. This value will reveal whether it’s worth it to look into used Hondas and if the Honda Accord is a valuable asset.

A typical Honda will last 200,000-300,000 miles, which is exactly the same as a Honda Accord. The brand is well-known for its long-lasting vehicles, and the Accord is an excellent example of that.


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Common Honda Accord Issues

As with any vehicle, it’s helpful to know potential issues you might face. These may appear slowly at the beginning of your ownership and ramp up as your Accord hits the later stages of life.

According to, here are the most common Honda Accord troubles:

  • Ignition switch failure: This critical issue affects models from 1990 onwards, where the ignition switch might fail, preventing the car from starting. The average occurrence is around 140,000 miles, and symptoms include difficulty turning the key or complete failure to start. Though a recall was issued, replacements cost between $151-$187 if not covered.
  • Check engine and D4 light flashing: Common in automatic transmission models, this signals rough or failing shifts. The repair costs vary widely, from $60 for minor sensor fixes to $3,000 for complete transmission replacements, based on specific failure codes like P0700 and P0730.
  • Dark radio/climate display: This issue affects models, particularly post-2001. It involves the interior display going dark due to bulb failures, necessitating sometimes expensive unit replacements, especially if DIY is not an option.
  • Faulty door lock actuator: Spanning 28 model years, symptoms range from unresponsive locks to intermittent locking, often requiring complete actuator replacement after 120,000 miles, involving substantial labor due to the need to dismantle the door.
  • Warped front brake rotors: This is a universal automotive issue but notably problematic for the Accord. Excessive heat and wear lead to rotor warping, which manifests as vibrations during braking. Replacement is the only solution, with a preference for high-quality or OEM parts for optimal performance.

You may notice these troubles at any time and at any stage of its life. However, they are most likely to make themselves known in the older, less reliable years.


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Final Thoughts

The Honda Accord is a solid choice for longevity. With an average lifespan of 200,000-300,000 miles, it matches with the typical lifespan for the Honda manufacturer. It’s a safe bet if your focus is a long life in your vehicle.

We hope this information was helpful! It can feel overwhelming to determine how long a car will last and whether or not it’s worth it. Our knowledge should make the process much easier, revealing the inner workings of the Accord, how long it will survive on the move, and potential issues you could face on the road.

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