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Ford F-150 Remote Start: The Full Rundown

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2018 Ford F-150 by Kevauto — CC BY-SA 4.0

On a cold morning or a hot summer day, there is nothing like having a remote start in your Ford F150. If you have a fairly new F150, you possibly already have a factory-installed remote start. But if you have an older one or one that hasn’t been installed prior to purchase, we’ll give you the information you need in this Ford F150 remote start: The Full Rundown.

How Much Will a Remote Start Cost to Have Installed?

A remote start will run you about $200 - $400 depending on how sophisticated of a  remote start you purchase. There are remote starts that only start your truck, which work fine, and there are remote starts that can be programmed to start your truck and turn on your parking lights, climate control, heated and ventilated seats, and more. Obviously, the latter is going to be the more expensive kind and will cost you more for a professional to install.


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Don’t Attempt to Install a Remote Starter on Your Own!

If you’re a professional, by all means, go for it and save some money. But if you’re not a professional, by all means, don’t go for it because you won’t save yourself money, instead, you’ll probably end up costing yourself money.

If you’re not sure what these car terms and parts mean or how to locate them, then you are not ready for this project:

●  Wire splicing

●  Ignition switch

●  Brake security switch

●  Starter

●  Tachometer wire

●  Power wire

●  Ground Wire

●  Wire strippers, crimpers, and cutters

Can a Remote Starter cause Damage to My F150?

If the remote starter is installed properly, you shouldn’t encounter any damages before, during, or after the install. But if you proceed to install a remote starter yourself with no formal training (formal training does not include YouTube videos), you could cause damage to your truck that a professional will have to fix, and it will end up costing you more money than if you just took it to a professional in the first place. 

Will a Remote Starter Void My Warranty? 

A remote starter will not void your warranty if it is installed correctly. Unless the remote starter is installed wrong and it is determined that whatever problems you are having with your truck are a direct result of the remote starter or the installation, you will not have any problems. In fact, adding a remote starter can bring up the value of a vehicle.

Should I Worry About Theft Issues with a Remote Starter?

A remote start should leave you with no worries of theft as each remote starter has its own individual frequency code. There are also some other theft deterrence features that remote starters have. If you start your vehicle by remote start, the door locks are automatically activated, and if someone does happen to hope in the driver seat, if the brake paddle is pushed in before the key is inserted in the ignition, everything will shut down. 


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How Much Range Does a Remote Starter Have?

A factory-installed remote starter will usually let you start your truck from 300-500-feet. For an aftermarket remote start, you would have to look at the features to find out how far of a range you would have. 500-feet is average, but there are some that can range up to 1000-5000-feet, sometimes that range is needed.

Pros and Cons Ford F150 Remote Start: The Full Rundown

Like with anything, remote starters have their pros and cons and warnings you should know about.

Pro: The convenience of starting your car up on cold or hot days before you get into your vehicle.

Con: How much extra gas money it’s going to cost you from year to year.

Pro: You can keep your vehicle running safely for pets or occupants on a hot or cold day if you need to make a quick errand.

Con Your truck could run out of gas in the parking lot as you’re away.

Pro: You can start up your vehicle from the comfort of your kitchen or living room.

Con: If you leave your vehicle in the garage, it is not recommended to start it up until you pull your vehicle out.

Pro: Depending on the brand and model of remote starter you go with, some models come programmable to your SmartPhone

Con: Programming your remote starter to your SmartPhone might cost you a little more to have it done correctly. 

Con: If you own a European, a hybrid, or a manual vehicle, you will probably have to pay extra to have a remote start put in.

Pro: Most European and hybrid models will come with a remote start, and manual transmissions are pretty rare these days.

Con: If you have to park far away from your worksite or office building, depending on the brand and the features of your remote start, you may not have enough distance to start your truck from where you work every day.


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Hiring an Installer Ford F150 Remote Start: The Full Rundown

Possibly the best course of action for installing a remote start on a Ford F150 is to take it to a Ford dealer. This way you know you will be in good hands. If you know a good vehicle accessory shop that would be fine too, but I would make sure they have a good reputation in the neighborhood.

But never trust your best friend, your neighborhood backyard mechanic, or anyone else that you don’t know for sue has experience doing these kinds of things. If you go to a reputable shop and something goes wrong, they will most likely fix the problem and any other problems that were caused by the result of the installation. See if your backyard mechanic will offer you that. 

When you find a professional that you trust and can do the job correctly, there are a few things to make sure of before you make a deal. When you talk about the cost of installation, you want to make sure the bottom line cost includes everything.

It should include the remote start transmitter, usually two key fobs, a bypass module for the ignition, programming, and a quick hands-on tutorial for you so you know how to use all of the remote start features.

Is a Remote Starter Worth It for my F150?

Most people find the price and convenience that the remote starter offers more than worth it. Once installed correctly, they’re not prone to have any problems and they don’t get in the way of any normal activities you would already use your truck for. By all accounts, it’s a great purchase. That’s our Ford F150 remote start: the full rundown.

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