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Buick Enclave Remote Start: The Full Rundown

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The Buick Enclave is one of the best the Buick brand has created. First produced in 2008, this three-row SUV provides plenty of room to get where you need to know. The Buick Enclave has also jumped onto the remote start train, incorporating this feature into many models. What do you need to know about the Buick Enclave remote start?

If you’re looking to learn more about the Buick Enclave remote start, you’re in the right place. Read on to learn more about this exciting feature, what it means for the Buick brand, and much more. There’s a lot to go over, so let’s get started.

What is Remote Start? 

If you’re constantly on the road and don’t know what remote start is, it’s time to get familiar. According to itstillworks.com, remote start is a system that starts the car from a remote distance. You don’t have to be inside the vehicle to get the engine going, which can make the driving process much more comfortable. 

Turning on the engine isn’t the only thing a remote start accomplishes. Many systems are also capable of performing:

  • Heating and cooling inside and outside
  • Warming up the seats
  • Turning on entertainment systems

You might even be able to utilize the remote start with an app on a smart device.

Remote start is generally the same across all brands, but each company has unique features that set them apart. Let’s talk about the Buick remote start system and how it works.


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How Does Buick Remote Start Work?

According to wheelsjoint.com, there are two methods you can take advantage of to remote start a certain version of the Buick. You can utilize the physical fob key to get the engine going, or you can utilize the myBuick application to handle the remote ignition. Both utilize a little instruction to complete successfully. 

To utilize the key fob for your Buick remote start, you should:

  • Get close enough to your car, usually about 200 feet
  • Press the lock button
  • Hold the remote start button for at least four seconds 
  • Wait for the signal lights to flash and the engine to turn on

It will run for fifteen minutes before turning off to save energy.

If you prefer the app method, there’s a different process. To remote start through the myBuick app, you should:

  • Select your region and country on the app
  • Sign in and accept rules and regulations
  • Enter your vehicle’s VIN and other information
  • Press and hold the power button on the screen
  • Wait for the car to turn on and the light to flash

A phone is simple to utilize to kick your vehicle into gear.

The available actions on the app might differ depending on the Buick vehicle you’re driving. The Buick Enclave has different actions depending on the year you have.

How Do You Know If Your Buick Enclave Has Remote Start?

Although many Buick Enclaves are equipped with remote start technology, not all of them have this feature. If you’re unsure if you can take advantage of the Buick Enclave remote start with your vehicle, there’s a way to check with ease.

According to tap.fremontmotors.com, you can check to see if you have Buick Enclave remote start by doing the following:

  • Finding the key fob or an image of the key fob
  • Looking for the button that looks like a curved arrow
  • Testing the remote start process

You can also talk to a dealer to determine if you have Buick Enclave remote start.

Most of the later models and higher-end models have remote start abilities. Still, it’s critical to double-check if you want a car that has this feature. Not all will provide this benefit.


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What Are Unique Features of the Buick Enclave Remote Start?

There are many vehicles on the market that are capable of a remote start. Is there anything that sets the Buick Enclave remote start apart? What makes it unique?

According to wheelsjoint.com, some of the features that come with the Buick Enclave remote start include:

  • Automatic shutoff after thirty minutes
  • Climate control based on selected user settings
  • Additional safety features when running with a shutoff cap

These help the Buick Enclave remote start feature stand out as an excellent option among competitors.

Between all of these features, you can enjoy a toasty car in the morning without worrying about someone breaking into your car. A remote start can prove helpful, especially if you get up early in the morning.

Benefits of Remote Start with the Buick Enclave

One way to determine if this feature is ideal for you is to compare the pros and cons that come with it. By putting these next to each other, you can determine if the Buick Enclave remote start is the right choice for your life. According to easywayinsurance.ca, here are some of the upsides that come with the Buick Enclave remote start:

  • You can rest in the warm car ahead of time
  • You receive extra security features with the engine on
  • You can get rid of ice on the windshield ahead of time

You’ll find it much easier to kick off your day with a vehicle prepped and ready to go.

Many ideal qualities come with the Buick Enclave remote start. However, there are also some bad things to consider.


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Downsides of Remote Start with the Buick Enclave

Many good things come with the remote start feature of the Buick Enclave. However, there are also some disadvantages. It’s just as critical to cover these.

According to easywayinsurance.ca, here are some of the downsides that come with the Buick Enclave remote start:

  • It can add additional pollution to the air
  • It can increase the possibility of being labeled as a risky driver
  • It can wear down the engine
  • It can waste gas

These might cause people to avoid the remote start feature with the Buick Enclave.

As many reasons as there are to utilize the Buick Enclave remote start, there are also many reasons to avoid it. You’ll find this give and take with many pieces of technology.


Many benefits come with the remote start, as well as disadvantages. If you’re someone who doesn’t want to deal with waiting for the vehicle to warm up as you drive, a remote start can be a life-changer. It’s up to you to determine if this feature is best for you.

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