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The Best Year For The Lexus SC 430

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Black Lexus SC 430

Lexus SC 430 by Alexander Migl CC BY-SA 4.0

In the world of little sport-coupes, there might not have been any in 2010 more luxurious than our pick for the best year for the Lexus SC 430. Although, more like a cross between a two-seater sports car and a luxurious hard-top/drop-top cruiser, people who own these little gems have little bad to say about them.

Now putting it into the sports coupe category is kind of pushing it. It handles like a luxury car and has about as much power as a luxury car - but the sports class is where it’s placed - making it hard for the Lexus to compete with its competition.

But what we’re going to do is take its competition away and just focus on why this Lexus is still a great vehicle to own, drive, and have some top-down-fun in.

2010 Lexus SC 430 Powertrain and Gas Mileage

Under the hood of this little coupe is an unassuming V8. You would expect to see something small with a turbocharger and maybe even all-wheel-drive, but you have to remember this is a 2010 model, and that puts it being built way before small engines, turbocharges, and hybrids flooded the automobile market this decade.

The 4.3-liter V8 does just fine for this little Lexus. It won’t get you anywhere at the speed of light, but it will get you from 0-60 in about 5.8 seconds and can finish the quarter-mile in 14.3 seconds. That’s all thanks to the 288 horsepower and 317 lb.-ft. of torque routed through a 6-speed automatic with overdrive.

The overdrive helps the coupe get to a top speed of 149 mph. Again, with a V8, less any type of hybrid performance, the gas mileage tends to suffer a little for such a small car. EPA-Estimates gas mileage will come in at 16 city / 23 hwy / 19 combined mpg.

Although labeled as a sports car, the suspension is not ready to go and hit any corners hard and fast. The suspension rides comfortable and smooth like a big-body Luxury car. Yes, fun to drive, but probably not if you’re looking for a sports car feel. But if you’re looking to cruise quietly in style, this best year for the Lexus SC 430 should be your 2010 used car to pick.


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2010 Lexus SC 430 Interior Comforts

The front leather seats are comfortable, the rear leather seats are really nothing more than storage space. You might be able to transfer a kid in the rear seats if you need to, but other than that, they are really nothing more than storage space.

The rest of the interior is everything plus luxury. Pretty much all this Lexus has is standard luxury features. Enjoy a Mark Levinson auto system, power everything, dual-zone climate control, a navigation system, real-time traffic and weather, satellite radio, iPod/USB connectivity, Bluetooth audio, 6-disc CD changer, and walnut wood grain trim accents throughout the cabin.

2010 Lexus SC 430 Exterior Styling

The 2010 Lexus looks just as good on the outside as it does on the inside. The big Lexus emblem in the front lets everyone know you are riding in the lap of luxury. The exterior also includes 18-inch alloy wheels with performance tires, fog lamps, heated auto-dimming outside mirrors with integrated puddle lamps, and adaptive xenon headlights.

Retractable Roof for the Lexus

If riding with your top down is something you enjoy but you’re not so hip on rag-tops, the best year for the Lexus Sc 430 is perfect for you. The hard-top is a three-section aluminum top that will stow away in the trunk in just 30 seconds. There is also a wind deflector that can be used behind the front seats to help keep the thundering wind to a minimum when the top is down. 


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Cargo Space for the Lexus

We wouldn’t plan any big trips with anyone where cargo space is going to be an issue. Trunk cargo volume ranges from 9.4 cu.-ft. with the optimal run-flat tires and 8.8 cu.-ft. with the standard spare tire. Unfortunately, once you fold-down your top, you drop down to no cargo space in the trunk. Your cargo space will be your two back seats, and we wouldn’t count on them for too much.

Lexus SC 430 Safety Features

All safety features come standard on the Lexus including front passenger airbags, dual front knee airbags, and front side-mounted airbags. You also get Stability Control and Traction Control, Brake Assist, and Antilock Brakes with Electronic Brake-Force Distribution.

2020 Lexus SC 430 Recalls

There are three recalls, all three recalls are for the same problem. Here are the latest recall information and problems.

Recall Number: 16V128000     Recall Date: 03/03/2016


Frontal driver’s side airbag inflator module: When the inflator deploys, the explosion may result in sharp metal fragments hitting the driver or other occupants resulting in serious injury or death. 

Recall Number: 16V127000     Recall Date: 03/03/2016


Frontal passenger-side airbag inflator module: When the inflator deploys, the explosion may result in sharp metal fragments hitting the driver or other occupants resulting in serious injury or death. 

Recall Number: 19V741000     Recall Date: 10/17/2019


Frontal driver’s side airbag inflator module: When the inflator deploys, the explosion may result in sharp metal fragments hitting the driver or other occupants resulting in serious injury or death.

Insurance Rates for a 2010 Lexus SC 430

The brand and the fact that it is classified as a sports car should tell you a little bit about what insurance premiums are going to look like. The only thing that is really saving you here is that it is an 11-year-old vehicle when this was written.

As always premiums will depend on your age, driving record, what company you go with, how much coverage you put on the vehicle, the deductible you choose, location, among other things. For the most part, premiums should be pretty decent if you have a pretty good driving record and you’re over the age of 25. 


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What should I Expect to Pay for 2010 Lexus SC 430

Since these luxurious 2010 models are the best year for the Lexus SC 430, you can expect to pay anywhere from $19,555 - $25,995. Some will be daily drivers with high mileage on them and some will be weekend cars with low mileage. Either way, we wouldn’t expect to come across any that are in bad shape or not worth the money.

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