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Since its 2008 market debut, the Chevrolet Traverse is consistently a popular choice in the midsize SUV segment. The Traverse offers a quiet interior, responsive handling, a comfortable ride, and plenty of utility – thanks to its three rows of seating. This makes the Traverse a viable alternative to full-sized SUVs, including Chevy’s Tahoe. Although the Traverse does have it rough due to segment competitors like the Hyundai Palisade and Kia Telluride, it certainly does an excellent job of holding its own.


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If you’re looking to buy a used Chevy Traverse, you’re lucky because you have plenty of good choices. However, like with all vehicles, some model years are better than others. So you’re probably asking: what’s the best year for Chevy Traverse?

After careful deliberation and numerous back-and-forths, CoPilot picked the 2019 version as the best year for Chevy Traverse. Why is this the case? Keep reading to learn more.

2019 Is the Best Year for Chevy Traverse

Unlike many three-row SUVs in the midsize segment, the Chevy Traverse focuses on providing ample space to all three rows of seats – not just the first two. In this case, the 2019 Traverse offers more third-row legroom than the likes of the Honda Pilot and Toyota Highlander – this cemented the Traverse’s place as one of the roomiest three-row crossovers in the market.

Chevy had some great ideas and a winning formula with the launch of the 2018 model, and we considered picking it as the best year for Chevy Traverse. However, we couldn’t get past the reliability concerns of the 2018 model, so we ultimately settled with the 2019 version. We also went with the 2019 Traverse because it’s part of the 2018-2021 redesign year.


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How Much is the 2019 Chevy Traverse?

Based on the listings from, the average sales price for a used 2019 Chevy Traverse is $17,995 to $49,990. The overall price depends on various factors, including mileage, condition, location, specifications, and vehicle history.

First, let’s look at the semi-entry level model, LS, which includes an available all-wheel drive and deep tinted glass. For buyers on a tight budget who don’t mind a high-mileage vehicle, you can get a 2019 Traverse with FWD and 158k miles for $18,000. On the flip side, a 2019 Traverse with AWD and 31k miles can be yours for $28,000.

Moving up the trim level, you have the RS Traverse with Surround Vision, an 8-inch color touch-screen with navigation, and a 10-speaker Bose premium audio system. One of the best prices for a 2019 Traverse RS with AWD is $28,500 with only 60k miles on the odometer. Meanwhile, a practically new 2019 Traverse RS with AWD and 20k miles is up for grabs for $40,495.

Finally, the Traverse High Country includes many high-end features and amenities, including heated/ventilated seats, IntelliBeam headlamps, a heavy-duty cooling system, and tons of driver assistance features. A 2019 Traverse High Country with AWD and 113k miles is available for $29,995. Meanwhile, low mileage 2019 Traverse High Country with AWD and 30k miles fetches a price of $41,980.


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The Specs of the 2019 Chevy Traverse

If you want practicality from your crossover SUV, there’s much to love about the 2019 Chevy Traverse. It’s our pick for the best year for Chevy Traverse because it offers more passenger and cargo space than its class competitors. The 23 cubic feet of cargo space is a class-leading number, so you won’t find yourself scrambling for more space.

The 2019 model carries over the 3.6-liter V-6 engine from the previous year but adds more horsepower bringing it to a total of 310 hp. The V-6 is mated to a nine-speed transmission, which helps smooth out the ride quality and improve fuel economy. On top of its potent engine, the Traverse boasts some of the quietest cabins while driving. However, you’ll undoubtedly feel its size while parking or maneuvering at low speeds.

Technology-wise, the 2019 Traverse provides plenty of features to keep the family entertained, including Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, and OnStar with 4G connection and Wi-Fi – available on all Traverse trims, which is nice. It also includes a larger high-mounted 8-inch display, which is relatively intuitive. Conversely, the build quality and materials are low-rent, especially at this price point.

According to, the 2019 Traverse has mpg ratings of 18/27/21 city/highway/combined for the FWD model and 17/25/20 city/highway/combined for the all-wheel configuration.


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2019 Chevy Traverse Reliability and Recalls

RepairPal assigned a reliability score of 3.0 out of 5.0 to the Traverse, an Average score. Moreover, the average total annual cost for repairs for this SUV is $656, which is slightly higher than average across all models. Meanwhile, J.D. Power scored the 2019 Traverse with 81100 for Quality and Reliability.

Switching over to, the 2019 Traverse received 205 complaints and three recalls. Its top three issues are:

  • Engine problems
  • Uncomfortable seats
  • Shift to park message

As of this writing, the 2019 Traverse has 3 safety recalls involving its airbags and missing bolts on the start-stop accumulator endcap.

2019 Chevy Traverse Safety Features and Ratings

The 2019 Traverse received high safety scores from the NHTSA with a 5-star rating. Meanwhile, it didn’t receive the Top Safety Pick award from the IIHS, but the Traverse was rated highly in the crashworthiness tests.

The 2019 Traverse didn’t skimp on safety and driver assistance features as a more recent model. Standard safety features include a rearview camera and Chevy’s Teen Driver Technology. In addition, optional safety features include surround vision, forward automatic braking, blind spot monitoring, rear parking sensors, and lane keep assist, to name a few.

Other Chevy Traverse Years to Consider

After the 2019 version, the 2020 and 2021 Traverse models are also good options. They retain most of the good qualities of the 2019 model but with even better performance and fuel economy. Please read our guide on the Chevy Traverse years to avoid to learn which models you should steer clear of.

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