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The 7 best used car pre-purchase inspection services in Newark

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Photo of Autobahn pre-purchase inspection storefront in Newark

The Best Pre-Purchase Inspection Services in Newark NJ

Buying a used car these days can be a difficult process. While there are plenty of reputable sellers out there, it only takes one bad egg (or lemon) to ruin the experience. Fortunately, there are services to help weed out the lemons. Here are 8 pre-purchase inspection services in the Newark, NJ area.


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AutoBahn Auto Repair

Address: 638 Raymond Blvd, Newark, NJ 07105

Phone Number: 973-465-4100

Specialty: Auto Repair

Google Rating: 4.3

Website: https://www.autobahnautorepair.com/pre-purchase-inspection

AutoBahn primarily services German automobiles, but they do some import and domestic work as well. Their pre-purchase inspection is comprehensive and performed by a team of ASE certified techs, so you can rest easy knowing the pre-purchase inspection was done right. Take your car to AutoBahn if you want to buy a German car in the Newark area.

ECP Auto Service

Address: 794 Raymond Blvd, Newark, NJ 07105

Phone Number: 973-589-5871

Specialty: Auto Repair

Google Rating: 4.7

Website: http://www.ecpauto.com/

ECP Auto Service specializes in servicing German cars, mainly Audis and Volkswagens – although they also work on BMWs and Porsches. Despite their 4.7 star rating, their website is not extensive, although customers leave reviews such as “First time here…I was treated very professionally and called before work was performed. Great service, great price.” 

Lemon Squad

Address: Mobile

Phone Number: 888-231-7965

Specialty: Auto Inspections

Google Rating: NA

Website: https://lemonsquad.com/

Lemon Squad specializes in mobile car inspections. Simply make the appointment, tell them when and where, and a mobile tech comes to the location and performs the inspection on the spot. Lemon Squad has inspections tailored to three categories of car: standard, exotic and commercial. Prices range from $169 for a standard inspection to a $249 to a heavy vehicle inspection. Lemon Squad serves the entire nation, so wherever you are, give them a call.



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Address: Mobile

Phone Number: 888-415-6576

Specialty: Mobile Inspections

Google Rating: 5.0

Website: https://motovise.com/

Motovise specializes in on-site used car inspections. They have three categories of inspection: standard, negotiator and exotic. Prices range from $119 for a standard inspection to $209. You do not need to be there in person to have the car inspected; they can do it alone and send you the report afterwards. Motovise is a solid mobile service to use in the Newark area if you need a pre-purchase inspection done.


Address: Mobile 

Specialty: Mobile Inspections

Phone Number: 1-800-Buy-Wise

Website: https://www.bluestar.com/

Blue Star is an independent company. They only do inspections, they do not sell repairs or cars. They do a 225 point inspection that includes lifting the car to inspect the underbody and a test drive. 

They have plans that offer up to 7 years of protection from quality administrators. Blue Star has a 5 star rating on Yelp and reviews on their website are generally favorable. 

Blue Star has nationwide coverage, so you can get a pre-purchase inspection from them in any state and you should. It’s worth the money.



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Car Dr.

Address: Mobile service

Phone Number: 800-932-1120

Specialty: Mobile Inspections

Website: https://cardr.com/

Car Dr. provides a 120 point inspection for anyone in the Newark area. They’re partnered with CARFAX and have a checklist to make sure the car you want to buy is really the car it appears to be. Book an appointment online and inspectors will come to the inspection location, then send you an immediate inspection report. If you live in the Newark area or nearby, call Car Dr. for your pre-purchase inspection needs.

Lemon Protector

Address: Mobile 

Phone Number: 516- 983-3800 / 718- 229-7594

Specialty: Mobile Inspections

Website: http://www.lemonprotector.com/service_area.html

Lemon Protector performs used vehicle inspections across the NY, NJ and CT area. They’re a mobile service and will come directly to the vehicle to perform an inspection. 

Lemon Protector has a thorough inspection: a 450 point inspection that includes lifting the car and a test drive. Despite this, their prices remain comparable to others in the area. 

Due to their attention to detail, they have earned a 4.5 star rating on Yelp. If you want to ensure you’ve gotten the most thorough pre-purchase inspection in the Atlantic City area, go with Lemon Protector. 

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