Who Owns McLaren? Here’s the Scoop

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McLaren car

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McLaren is a British luxury automobile company that produces fast cars for interested drivers. They have been on the market since 1985, rising to the top as one of the best in the game. With car companies, it can be tricky to determine who is in charge. Who owns McLaren today?

If you’re interested in learning more about the ownership of McLaren, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more about who owns McLaren, who owned them in the past, and where the vehicles are made. The more you know about McLaren, the more comfortable you may feel investing. Who owns McLaren? Let’s talk about it.

Who Owns McLaren Today?

Who owns McLaren today? According to motorbiscuit.com, McLaren has seven investors that hold a stake in the company. There is one shareholder that owns most of the company - the Mumtalakat Holding Company. With 56.4% of the company, they are the critical stakeholders. 

Here are the other six owners and how much of the company they own:

  • TAG Group Limited - 14.2%
  • Nidala Limited - 9.84%
  • Favorita Limited - 5.78%
  • Perlman Investments Limited - 5.77%
  • McKal Holdings LTD - 5.24%
  • Acanitt Limited - 2.65%

Together, they make up McLaren.

Who owns McLaren? These seven shareholders. These owners will likely shift. Most companies experience ownership changes as the market ebbs and flows. It’s a natural part of the business. Stakeholders tend to sell when they can make an incredible profit off their shares. Change is evident by examining McLaren’s past.


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Who Owned McLaren in The Past?

McLaren has seven owners today, but they haven’t always been owned by these investors. Other people were responsible for the company in the past and have since passed on the torch to those with a reason to invest money in the car brand.

According to mclarenpalmbeach.com, here are a few past owners of McLaren:

  • Bruce McLaren
  • Teddy Maye
  • Ron Dennis
  • Mercedes-Benz

There have been many fights for the claim to McLaren over the years.

The company has changed along with the owners over the years. McLaren began as a racing car brand and eventually shifted into luxury cars. The stakeholders in a company can influence how and where the vehicles are produced. Now that we know who owns McLaren and who owned it previously, let’s discuss where these vehicles are made in the world.

Where Is McLarens’ Made?

McLaren is an iconic British brand. We’ve talked about the ways ownership has shifted over the years. You might wonder, after learning who owns McLaren - where are these cars made? Are they still manufactured in Europe, or has production moved to Asia? Let’s discuss the locations where McLaren cars are manufactured today.

According to mclaren.com, McLaren Automotive cars come to life in Surrey, England. Unlike other vehicle brands that have moved to other countries, the McLaren brand has remained loyal to the country where it originated. They continue to push boundaries right from their traditional location.

The manufacturing location may change for the company in the upcoming years. If the market shifts, it may become necessary for them to make a move. However, McLaren currently keeps its products in England, and it appears they will continue under the current owners. 


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How Much Is McLaren Worth?

According to cbinsights.com, the McLaren company was worth $756.9 million on July 16th, 2021. That’s a lot of money. This luxury automobile company is one of the best on the market thanks to its valuable vehicles.

Here are a few factors that contribute to the high value of the McLaren company:

  • Fancy cars
  • Excellent business model
  • Practical ownership

It’s an excellent place to invest if you have a significant sum of money.

As with all companies, the value of the McLaren company has ebbed and flowed over the years. However, McLaren has remained relatively stable over the years. With such incredible value, you might wonder how the company began. Where did McLaren find its roots in the world? How did it begin?

How Did McLaren Start?

McLaren came to life in 1963, founded by a racecar driver named Bruce McLaren. He formed the McLaren Racing Team and began racing fast cars, emerging victorious many times. Bruce McLaren died in the late ’70s, but his team kept winning. The McLaren car brand began to emerge.

The brand took off in the 80s, creating fast vehicles that one race after race. They continued to be one of the top teams through the early 2000s until they collaborated and eventually became owned by Mercedes-Benz.

The 2010s is when the brand came into its own. The company developed into what it is today, securing its spot as a singular brand on the market. Today, it continues to serve as a dominating force in the fast car market.


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