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Which year models of used BMW 435 to avoid

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BMW began releasing its 4 Series in 2014, tweaking the 2-door 3 Series models to introduce this new line of compact executive cars. The BMW 435 was only produced between 2014 and 2016 as a convertible and a coupe and features rear- or all-wheel drive.

With so few years of the 435 to choose from, it’s essential that you choose the right one for you. Good thing CoPilot is here to help you every step of the way!

Quick answer: Avoid BMW 435 year model 2016

The only BMW 435 year model that we recommend avoiding is the 2016. Even though it only has one complaint, it’s that the car died while driving so it’s serious enough that we recommend avoiding it. 


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Which year models of BMW 435 are safe to buy used? 

The BMW 435 is a very reliable compact car, known for their turbocharged engines and great customizability. In the short three years the 435 was produced, there were some stark differences in terms of quality between the models.

We want you to make a safe purchase that you can trust, so we recommend the following BMW 435 year models.

  • 2014 BMW 435
  • 2015 BMW 435

You really can’t go wrong with either the 2014 or 2015 435. The 2015 year model is the safest route you can go because it has zero complaints, so we highly recommend this one!

The 2014, on the other hand, has one complaint of excessive brake noise. This is a pretty minor issue that can be solved with relative ease, so we still recommend this model.


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Which year models of BMW 435 to avoid: 

There’s only one year model of the BMW 435 that you should stray away from. This one may not provide you the same security as the other two models, so we don’t recommend the following BMW 435. 

  • 2016 BMW 435

The 2016 BMW 435 is inadvisable because it’s been reported to die while driving at only 4,000 miles, representing a huge safety hazard.

Because there’s only one complaint about this, it isn’t likely that you’ll experience it, but there isn’t much point in taking the risk when there are two other perfectly reliable year models out on the market. 


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BMW 435 problem counts by year

These are the most common problems reported by owners on platforms such as carproblems.com, carcomplaints.com, and Car Talk Community. The biggest issue that’s been reported is the car dying while driving. 

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