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A Subaru Outback Lease: Everything You Need To Know

Silver Subaru Outback

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Getting a vehicle is always a big decision. Not only do you have to decide whether you want new or used, buy or lease, you also have to decide what make and model of vehicle you want and what your budget is to get that vehicle. If you’re thinking about getting an Outback are you wanting to buy, or are you thinking about a Subaru Outback Lease?

Even if you’ve only considered a lease a couple of times, it’s worth getting the details so you know what all of your options are. 

We’ll cover the details about Subaru Outback leases, why you might want to consider one, and the downsides that might make you want to buy instead. 

Let’s get started. 

Why Consider A Subaru Outback Lease

Subaru Outbacks are some of the most popular vehicles out there, especially for people who want a compact vehicle that can still handle driving outdoors and road trips, camping, hiking, whatever you can throw at it. 

Outbacks are one of the more popular options for people who are looking for SUV qualities in a smaller crossover vehicle. 

But, while the Outback is a popular vehicle, that doesn’t explain why it’s a great option to lease. 

One of the big advantages here does have to do with the popularity of the vehicle. Since Subaru Outbacks are a popular car, you’ll have a lot of options if you want a Subaru Outback lease. You’ll probably be able to choose from a variety of model years and trim levels. 

They also tend to hold their value pretty well overall. That means that your Outback will still have a higher value at the end of your lease, which is great news whether you plan to return your Outback, renew your lease, or buy it from the leaseholder. 

You’ll also get the advantage of a car that handles mileage pretty well, so it will be easier to keep the vehicle in good condition. 

The popularity of Subaru’s comes with one other big advantage for leasing; it’s easy to find a mechanic that can work on your car. It shouldn’t be difficult to find a mechanic you trust that can help keep your vehicle in good condition. 


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Leasing Vs. Buying: Which Option Is Better For Subaru Outbacks

A lot of times, when buyers are debating between leasing and buying a vehicle, price is a big factor. After all, who doesn’t want to get a good deal? 

The truth is that leasing is usually the less expensive option, at least in the short term, but that doesn’t always mean it’s the most cost-effective option. You have to think about things like the residual value of the vehicle (higher is better), how hard that vehicle will be to care for, and what your goals are for that vehicle. 

If you’re looking for a Subaru Outback to drive for just a couple of years, you might be well served by leasing, for instance. But if you want a vehicle for 5 years or longer, buying may be a better option. 

Subaru Outback leases tend to do well, though, for a few reasons. For one thing, Subaru vehicles tend to maintain high residual value even after a lease. The higher value means that you’re losing less value if you lease and then buy the vehicle, and it also means that you’ll probably get a better lease rate since the dealership is losing less value in the vehicle per lease. 

Outbacks are also available in a lot of different model years and trim levels, and there are usually leases for several model years available. That means you aren’t limited to just the most recent release when you’re leasing an Outback. 


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However, buying can be a better option in some cases. For instance, if you put a lot of miles on a car in six months to a year, you might want to buy to help avoid the mileage limits on a lease. 

Buying can also be a better option for long-term ownership. Paying a lease for more than a few years can start to cost more than the car payments for the same vehicle, even though leases are usually cheaper at first. 

There is some middle ground, though. Some leasing deals also give you the option to buy your Subaru Outback at the end of the lease. That option can save money all around since the lease is usually cheaper than your initial car payments, and then the car payment when you buy the vehicle is also a little cheaper since the overall value of the vehicle has gone down slightly. 

Some dealerships also offer deals for people who lease and then buy their vehicles because they’ve already made some money off that vehicle, so they don’t need a huge profit margin on the sale. 


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How To Decide Which Option Is Best For You

Choosing between a lease and purchasing a vehicle is hard. When it comes to a Subaru Outback lease, here are a few things to consider to help decide if a lease is right for you. 

Do you know you like Outbacks? If you already know you want to be driving an Outback for 5 or more years, buying may be the better choice. 

Do you like driving the latest release? Leasing an Outback can be a good way to make sure you’re always ready to trade up for the newest model. Plus, leasing can be the more affordable choice if you’re changing cars every couple of years. 

Do you put a lot of miles on your vehicle? High mileage drivers are usually better off buying instead of leasing because of mileage limits and fees. But, if you’re a low mileage driver, leasing might be a good idea. 

What kind of insurance requirements does your lease have? You may want to look at a potential lease agreement before buying since they’ll often require a higher level of insurance coverage to make sure the full cost of your car isn’t lost if it’s totaled during your lease. 

Do you like taking your vehicle over difficult terrain? While Outbacks can handle a lot of difficult roads, drivers who want to go everywhere with their Outback might want to buy instead of leasing, so they don’t have to pay fees for excessive wear at the end of the lease. 

Final Thoughts

A Subaru Outback lease can be a great investment into your future and a great way to give yourself a lot of options when it comes to your vehicle. But that doesn’t mean it’s the right option for everyone. If you’re considering a Subaru Outback lease, make sure you look carefully at the terms of your lease agreement and feel confident that it’s a good arrangement for you.

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