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Which Years of Used Toyota Mirais Are Most Reliable?

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Blue Toyota Mirai

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The Toyota Mirai is a midsized hydrogen fuel cell vehicle or FCV. Originally showcased during the Los Angeles auto show in 2014, the Mirai quickly became one of the fastest-selling FCVs in the market, even into 2022. Nowadays, it’s a good idea to know which are the most reliable Toyota Mirai years if you’re in the market for one of these used cars.

Of course, that can be tricky to answer! Each iteration of the Toyota Mirai has come with different features, inclusions, and potential problems. Let’s take a closer look.

Most Reliable Years for the Toyota Mirai

The Toyota Mirai has been manufactured for several years, and the later years of manufacturing are widely considered to be better (though this is partially because of better hydrogen refueling availability as time has gone on). The most reliable Toyota Mirai years include:

  • 2019 Toyota Mirai
  • 2020 Toyota Mirai
  • 2021 Toyota Mirai
  • 2022Toyota Mirai

However, “most reliable” does not always correlate with cost-effectiveness. Even if you find a great used 2021 Toyota Mirai, for example, expect to pay extra both for the initial asking price and for wear and tear costs later on.


The Mirai has been in production since 2016, so used car buyers have plenty of choices. Is the Toyota Mirai reliable? Today, we will talk about the worst Toyota Mirai years to avoid and their reliability issues.

Are Toyota Mirais Generally Reliable?

Whether you choose one of the most reliable Toyota Mirai years or not for your used vehicle, general reliability is something to keep in mind. Unfortunately, because the Toyota Mirai is a fuel-cell vehicle that uses hydrogen to power its locomotion, that system will require special attention and maintenance from time to time.

According to, you’ll need to pay for a mandatory ion exchange element and fuel-cell cooling system fluid top-off approximately every 30,000 miles. That costs around $1000. Depending on how often you drive your used Toyota Mirai, this could add up to quite a lot of money indeed.

In addition, indicates that a used Toyota Mirai has an average consumer review score of 3.2 out of 5. Thus, the Toyota Mirai is not nearly as reliable as many other vehicles of the same size and class. This could be due to the increased sophistication and complexity of the hydrogen fuel cell system.


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Which Toyota Mirais Are the Least Reliable?

Unfortunately, several years of the Toyota Mirai are not known for their reliability. These include the:

  • 2016 Toyota Mirai
  • 2017 Toyota Mirai
  • 2018 Toyota Mirai

These vehicles generally suffered from very low availability, as well as low popularity. The 2016 debut model of the Toyota Mirai had a big issue with abnormal voltage being generated by the fuel system. The 2017 Toyota Mirai was rated as one of the worst model years for this hydrogen-powered sedan overall, as was the 2018 Toyota Mirai.

Are Toyota Mirais Expensive to Maintain?

Even a used Toyota Mirai can be expensive, and you’ll also want to keep repair and maintenance costs in mind. Fortunately, a used Toyota Mirai shouldn’t run you too much in terms of annual maintenance fees. According to, the annual repair cost for a Toyota Mirai is $237.37. That’s quite affordable, especially when you consider that the average for most vehicles is over $400 per year!

This is partially because repair parts can be acquired at low costs. For example, even a brake pad and rotor replacement appointment will only cost less than $500 on average. But remember the above-mentioned mandatory fluid top-off for the fuel-cell cooling system, which actually makes maintaining a Toyota Mirai more expensive than average.


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Which Toyota Mirai is Most Reliable?

If you’re looking for the overall most reliable Toyota Mirai year, you’ll be best off purchasing a used 2019 or 2021. According to, these Toyota Mirai years are known for their overall dependability and relatively low costs, especially the 2019 Toyota Mirai.

Indeed, the 2019 Toyota Mirai has been on the market for long enough that many maintenance technicians now know how to tackle some of the most common problems experienced by this vehicle. Furthermore, it uses a slightly simpler hydrogen fuel cell system, which could reduce the likelihood of having to pay out-of-pocket for emergency expenses later on. 

What Are the Most Common Toyota Mirai Problems?

Even if you get one of the most reliable Toyota Mirai years, you might run into certain key problems that previous consumers have already encountered. According to, the most common Toyota Mirai problems include but are unlimited to:

  • Abnormal voltage generated by the fuel system
  • Inaccurate maximum mileage
  • Hydrogen tank is bulky
  • Electronic stability control failure

In addition to these problems, keep in mind that, regardless of which year of used Toyota Mirai you purchase, the car is only available in limited markets, and there are limited hydrogen filling stations. Given this fact, you may not be able to refuel your used Toyota Mirai as often as you could any other used vehicle on the market.


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Is the Toyota Mirai Worth It?

For many, the draw the hydrogen-powered sedan will make the Toyota Mirai an attractive prospect, especially for used prices. However, there’s some evidence that hydrogen is not actually a greener or more eco-friendly fuel material compared to fossil fuels, as the hydrogen fuel has to be refined at a plant that is – in many cases – powered by fossil fuels anyway.

Furthermore, the Toyota Mirai will undoubtedly be difficult to refuel and maintain given the lack of easy access to hydrogen refueling stations around much of the country. A used Toyota Mirai is really only worth it if you live in a big metropolitan area for this reason alone.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the most reliable Toyota Mirai years include the 2019 and 2021 Toyota Mirai models. But any used Toyota Mirai will require you to adapt your travel schedule and your maintenance budget significantly in order to get the most use out of this car.

The Toyota Mirai has a lot to like, including comfort, user-friendliness, and reasonably good hydrogen cell mileage. But if you’re looking to save the environment, there might be better ways that preserve your transportation flexibility, such as going to an all-electric car instead.

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