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Which Years Of Used Dodge Darts Are Most Reliable?

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Black Dodge Dart

Dodge Dart by Kevauto - CC-BY-SA-4.0

During the 1960s, the Dodge Dart was one of the more popular muscle cars on the road. The Dart has only partially caught on and never achieved legendary status like the Chargers and Pontiacs, but a few folks fondly remembered it. Fast-forward to the mid-2010s, Dodge repurposed and released the 2013 Dodge Dart as a compact sedan in a somewhat baffling decision.

The Dodge Dart was supposedly Fiat Chrysler’s attempt to start things over – a small sedan that combines Italian car technology with an all-American design. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite work out for Fiat Chrysler. Although the Dodge Dart was released with much enthusiasm from the manufacturers, it was apparently not that infectious due to the lukewarm response from customers.

Sadly, the Dodge Dart came back to life only to be unceremoniously buried again by its creators. We’re not sure if anyone still remembers this small sedan by Dodge, but if you’re looking to buy a Dart from the used car market, we’re here to help.


If you’re looking to get your hands on a Dart, your best bet is to buy a used model. For today’s post, we’ll round up the worst Dodge Dart years to avoid and which models you can pick up safely.

So what is the most reliable year of Dodge Dart? Unless you’re considering buying the classic muscle car model, you’re looking at a grand total of four models. Let’s see which models you should buy as used or avoid altogether.

2013-2016 Dodge Dart (1st Generation)

Debuting in 2013, the Dart is actually the first decent attempt by Dodge for a small car. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite stick the landing. It has a 1.4-liter turbo engine that offers sufficient power but is thrashy. It also provides an agile and comfortable ride quality but fails to deliver in fuel efficiency.

Moreover, the Dodge Dart wasn’t exactly a very reliable vehicle, so we advise anyone who’s buying used to exercise caution and read our reliability breakdown below.

Avoid: 2013 Dodge Dart

To say that the Dodge Dart had a rough start would be an understatement. The 2013 Dodge Dart was not a reliable small car, no thanks to its laundry list of severe mechanical issues. According to, the 2013 Dart had collected over 2,000 NHTSA complaints and six recalls. Plus, the website also gave it the “Avoid Like the Plague” seal of disapproval – not exactly a glowing recommendation.


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If you read the conversations about the 2013 Dart, you’ll find out that three of its most serious issues include:

  • Transmission failure: With over 20 written complaints, frustrated Dart owners criticized the 2013 model for its faulty transmission. One owner claimed that they had nothing but trouble after buying this car. Another complainant said that the vehicle would shift but would not go into gear which nearly caused an accident. Other symptoms include rough shifting, jerking, and illuminating warning lights.
  • Weak suspension system: Another main issue with the 2013 Dart was its weak suspension system. Several owners complained that shallow potholes and normal ripples on the road have caused their car’s suspension to cause a banging noise or outright failure. In some cases, the damage was so severe in the Dart they had to stop driving it.
  • Engine issues: Unsurprisingly, the 2013 Dart also struggled with numerous engine issues. Based on multiple reports, the 2013 Dart’s engine would stall randomly, sometimes in dangerous spots like an intersection. This problem was worse because it happened at low mileage, like 30-40k miles. Other symptoms drivers have experienced include loss of power, engine failure, and illuminating check engine light.

The 2013 Dodge Dart is truly worth avoiding, even if you can find a used model for a reasonable price.

Avoid: 2014 Dodge Dart

Although the 2014 Dodge Dart was much better than the debut model, it still had severe reliability woes. Thus, it’s hard for us to recommend it on this list of the most reliable year of Dodge Dart. As of this writing, the 2014 Dart had received 594 NHTSA complaints, and three recalls – a definite improvement over the original 2013 Dart. Sadly, it had some glaring issues that are hard to overlook, including:


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  • Engine stalls: Its engine issues made it difficult for us to recommend the 2014 Dart. Frustrated drivers complained about the Dart’s engine’s tendency to stall or die while driving. Drivers explained how they had to stop and restart their vehicles; some even had to jumpstart their cars.
  • Noise while turning: Several complaints described the jarring noise from the Dart while turning. Users from the Dodge Dart forum described the noise as a “dry rubbing noise under the steering column.” Several users have determined the issue was due to an improperly sealed strut mount, which led to moisture.

Avoid: 2015 Dodge Dart

The 2015 Dodge Dart had better reliability ratings but received more complaints and recalls than the 2014 model year. The 2015 Dart has 760+ complaints and five recalls, so we hesitate to recommend buying a used model. While it’s not the most reliable year of Dodge Dart, it certainly has come a long way since its debut.

The number one pain point for owners of the 2015 Dart is, once again, engine issues. With 29 written complaints as of today, the 2015 is still prone to engine failures and stalling. Many owners have complained that engine stalls tend to occur while driving uphill, making it extremely dangerous.

The 2015 Dart also received reports of a steering lock while driving and a faulty strut. Fortunately, the following model was a lot better.

Avoid: 2016 Dodge Dart

If you absolutely have to buy a Dodge Dart, get the 2016 model year. The 2016 model is the most reliable year of Dodge Dart, mainly because it lacked the significant issues of its predecessors. As per CarComplaints, the 2016 Dart only has 300+ complaints and four recalls. As for its main issues, the 2016 Dart had a problematic thermostat, a suspension issue involving a broken control arm, and premature clutch wear.

Many of these reports are relatively few and far between, so we can’t consider them widespread. As such, the 2016 model is the only Dodge Dart that we can recommend buying used, especially if you can get a good deal.

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