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How to Reset a Chevy Silverado Oil Light

Vintage Chevy Silverado

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Nothing quite encapsulates the American can-do attitude like owning your own pickup truck that can do anything under the sun and working yourself to maintain it. And one of the easiest yet most necessary parts of maintaining your own car is performing regular oil changes.

It is a good idea to track when you do your oil changes yourself, as you should be changing it every 5,000 miles or 6 months, give or take depending on the oil you use, the computer in your car will let you know when it’s time.

But once you have changed the oil, it’s up to you to reset the computer so it can stop telling you it needs an oil change and so it can accurately tell you the next time you need to. Luckily, the process isn’t too difficult, and Copilot is here to tell you how to reset a Chevy Silverado oil light.

How to Reset a Chevy Silverado Oil Light from Any Model Year

The newer models of the Silverado do feature ways to do this through buttons and screens, but this method will work on any Silverado, new or old.

To start off, turn the ignition on, but don’t turn on the engine. This means that if you have a key ignition, insert the key and turn it to the first click to turn on the electronics. If you have a newer model from a higher trim with a push-to-start system, press the button once without applying the brakes. Once that is on, it is as simple as pumping the accelerator all the way down three times within five seconds.

There has to be a little speed to the action to make it in time, but don’t just slam the gas pedal down like you’re playing a racing game at the arcade. After pressing the accelerator three times in five seconds, you can turn the Silverado off, and the oil life will be reset the next time you drive.


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How to Reset a Chevy Silverado Oil Light from the 2019-2021 Model Years

There are two other methods to reset the oil light in a Chevy Silverado from 2019-2021. If your truck has a driver information console in the instrument cluster, you can use the buttons on the steering wheel. The first step is to turn the ignition on, but not the engine. With the electronics on, use the left and right buttons to scroll to the information menu, then select it by pressing the wheel in the center.

From there, scroll down to “Oil Life”, and hold down the center wheel button until a question prompt appears. When it asks if you’re sure you want to reset it, select “Yes”. Your oil life information should now be reset.

If you don’t have the information console, then you will use the stem located on the instrument cluster. With the electronics turned on, twist the stem until it displays “Remaining Oil Life”. Hold the stem in until it asks if you want to reset the oil, then scroll down to the “Yes” option and press the stem in to select it.


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How to Reset a Chevy Silverado Oil Light from the 2014-2018 Model Years

Again, there are two methods for resetting the oil light in Silverados from 2014-2018, depending on whether or not it has the driver information console. If it does, turn the ignition on (electronics only, not the engine) and use the steering wheel controls to navigate to “Info”. Scroll down to “Oil Life” and press the right button on the wheel. When it shows you the choice to reset it, hit the check button, and your work is done.

Without the information console, you will still turn the electronics on with the ignition and start by rotating the instrument cluster stem button to “Oil Life”. The screen should display “Remaining Oil Life”, and now it is time to hold down the stem button until the screen asks if you are sure you want to reset it. Use the stem to select “Yes,” and your oil life will be reset. But if you don’t lie these options, the first method with the gas pedal will still work for these models as well.

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