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How Much Does It Cost To Fix a Bumper That Is Falling Off?

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There are many reasons why your bumper would be falling off of your vehicle. The most common of those reasons is a rear-end accident. These accidents usually leave minor damage and are mostly targeted at the bumper.

The bumper absorbs the impact so that nothing else gets damaged. So if this happens to you, how much does it cost to fix a bumper that is falling off might be a valid question you have.


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In almost all cases, the person who rear-ends the person in front of them will be held at fault unless you live in a no-fault insurance state. In a no-fault insurance state, no matter who was at fault for an accident, your insurance will have to pick up the bill.

This makes it easy to see how important it can be to not only have insurance but also know what is covered on your insurance.

Insurance Deductible

It’s common for some people to opt for a higher deductible for a lower monthly payment on their insurance. If this is the route you took, you might want to get an estimate on the damage. If the damage is less than the deductible, it would be smart to pay out-of-pocket for the repairs.

If you don’t, you will end up paying more for the deductible than the repairs cost and the risk of your insurance premiums going up.  

How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Bumper That is Falling Off?

The price of any automobile repair will vary from shop to shop and from vehicle to vehicle. It usually goes like this: The more expensive the vehicle costs, the more it will costs to fix the vehicle.

If your bumper is hanging off, one would half assume you incurred enough damage to need to have the bumper replaced. This will cost more than just having a scratch or a dent removed. Bumper costs will probably run you around $200 - $500 for a front bumper or a rear bumper. That is for your average run-of-the-mill vehicle. Again, the more expensive the vehicle or larger, or exotic, you will pay more for the bumper. 

How Much Will Labor Cost You for a New Bumper?

The cost to paint and hang a new bumper will depend on the shop or dealership you take it to. A shop or dealership on the up-and-up probably won’t have much of a price difference. Between the cost of the bumper’s paint job and labor, you will be shelling out about $900 - $1,500.

The price will go up depending on if the headlights or parking lights are embedded in the bumper, and cameras and sensors that are involved with the bumper will also make the price go up.


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What Can You Do to Save Money?

Not everyone cares so much about how their car looks. So if you don’t mind having a bumper on your vehicle that has no paint job on it (flat black, primer color), you will probably save a few hundred bucks. This may save you a few bucks but don’t forget about resale value, this will hurt it.

Do You Need Your Bumper Replaced?

How much does it cost to fix a bumper that is falling off? vs. How much does it cost to rehang the old bumper? If you can rehang your bumper, you could save a significant amount of money, but that’s up to you.

You can attempt this yourself or have it done professionally, but if the bumper is too damaged, a professional body shop probably won’t help you with this job for safety reasons. But if they can fix it, it might just be a little bit of adjusting and a few bolts and your vehicle could be good to go. 

This is not recommended, but I have seen people rehang their bumper with Duct tape and have it work. If you’re just hanging your bumper so you can get to a body shop, you could use this method or use something similar like wire or a clothes hanger. But these methods are not recommended for everyday use or any type of activity where you have to increase your speed to more than you would on a side road.

Is It Illegal to Drive Without a Bumper?

It’s tempting to want to drive without a bumper since technically it doesn’t affect the way your vehicle runs, but the police can pull you over for defective equipment and give you either a fix-it ticket or a fix-it ticket with a fine.

Hint: Don’t get lippy with the police and you will probably drive away with just a fix-it ticket and not fine.

Another Hint: A dragging bumper is a lot more dangerous and a lot easier for police to spot and want to pull you over than if you just had no bumper at all. So if you have to wait a few days to get your bumper fixed, it’s best to do one of two things: tie or tape your bumper up and out of the way or take the whole bumper off.

Panting and Hanging a Bumper Yourself  

How much does it cost to fix a bumper that is falling off if you plan on fixing it yourself? If you find that your bumper needs minor attention like a few nuts, bolts, and screws, you would be saving yourself one heck of a lot of money by doing it yourself. But if you have a bumper that is no good, then you’ll be on the search for a replacement bumper.

You might find a used bumper in good shape for your vehicle for about half the price of a new one if you look in places like eBay, Craiglist, or a junkyard. You can shop for a new replacement at any dealership that deals with the make of your car, you can also check Amazon: automotive, carparts.com, RockAuto.com, and a number of other automotive outlets for the part you need. 

Now painting your bumper is up to you. If you can do the painting correctly yourself - great, you just saved some more money. But if you don’t know how to paint auto parts it is best to leave the painting up to the professionals.


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How Long Will an Auto Body Shop Take To Fix Your Hanging Bumper Problem?

It could take a body shop anywhere from a couple of hours to about three business days to fix your hanging bumper. Everything from how busy the body shop is to how much work is needed to be done to your vehicle and what kind of vehicle you have will all play a part in the time frame in which they can get your project done for you.

Hint: Don’t rush the body shop or complain about time, it will only take them longer to get your car done. And the price to the question of “how much does it cost to fix a bumper that is falling off?” might just go up. 

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