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How Long Do Toyota Sequoias Last? The Scoop on Vehicle Lifespan

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Black Toyota Sequoia driving outside

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The Toyota Sequoia is an off-road SUV, offering an adventurous drive since it’s been on the market since 2000. Though it’s gone through its ups and downs over the years, it’s still going strong today. If you’re interested in a used Toyota Sequoia, it’s critical to ask yourself the question - how long do Toyota Sequoias last?

The Toyota Sequoia is an off-road SUV, offering an adventurous drive since it’s been on the market since 2000. Though it’s gone through its ups and downs over the years, it’s still going strong today. If you’re interested in a used Toyota Sequoia, it’s critical to ask yourself the question - how long do Toyota Sequoias last?

Although lifespan might not be the first thing drivers ponder when investing in their new vehicle, it’s one of the most critical. The longer your Toyota Sequoia lasts, the more bang you will get from your buck. Read on to learn more about how long the Toyota Sequoia lasts, what is considered high mileage for this vehicle, and other valuable information. 

How Many Miles Does the Toyota Sequoia Last?

How long do Toyota Sequoias last? According to, the Toyota Sequoia has the opportunity to last more than 300,000 miles with excellent care and maintenance. Some can last even longer if you are careful with your driving and ownership. After all, a large influence on the Sequoia’s lifespan is what the driver chooses to do.

According to, here are some things that influence the lifespan of your Toyota Sequoia: 

  • Whether you drive in the day or the night
  • Aggressive or gentle driving, such as hard braking
  • Frequency of maintenance and repair performance
  • Weather conditions while driving

Watch for these while you drive the Toyota Sequoia or any other car.

The more effort you put into the lifespan of your car, the longer it will last. Acting on maintenance and general repair while driving carefully will ensure you have your Sequoia for many years to come. 


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What Is High Mileage For the Toyota Sequoia?

We mentioned that the typical mileage for a Toyota Sequoia is around 300,000 miles. Thus, high mileage for the car is anything around or above 250,000 miles. Once the car hits that point, it’s much more likely to encounter serious and expensive troubles that cost the driver far more than the car is worth.

Of course, there are reasons to invest in a Toyota Sequoia with high mileage. If you want to save money, those with more on the odometer are likely to boast a much lower price point. Also, you’re more likely to locate available Toyota Sequoias with high mileage because they are less likely to be purchased. High mileage is a choice some might appreciate.

What Is a Good Mileage for a Toyota Sequoia?

It’s always helpful to look at the ideal mileage a Toyota Sequoia should hit before it slams into critical troubles. How many miles should the Sequoias be able to travel before serious faults plague the machine, forcing you to take consistent trips to the mechanic? When examining the mileage of the Sequoia, it should be able to last at least 250,000 miles before struggling.

Those who use the Toyota Sequoia as their primary mode of transportation are far more likely to run into this mileage sooner than those who work from home or use the Sequoia as their secondary vehicle. For most drivers, the Sequoias will last at least two decades.

The more work you put into your car, the longer it will last. It’s worth it to deal with every issue as it appears to make it last.  

Should I Buy A Used Toyota Sequoia With More Than 100k?

If you want to invest in the Toyota Sequoia, you have plenty of choices available with more than two decades of selections available. Unfortunately for those on a budget, most of the affordable used options from the Sequoia will have more than 100,000 miles racked up on the odometer. Is it a good idea to purchase a used version with this odometer mileage? 

It’s perfectly okay to invest in a Toyota Sequoia with more than 100,000 miles. After all, with an expected lifespan of at least 300,000 miles, 100,000 miles is nothing on this machine. A car with 100,000 miles or more should last at least another decade before falling into disrepair.


It’s the second-largest SUV produced by the company and will fit plenty of people and cargo. If you’re interested in this car, you might wonder - what is the Toyota Sequoia’s most reliable year?

At What Mileage Do Most Toyotas Break Down?

It’s helpful to look at the typical mileage for a car from Toyota. Not only will it determine if the Toyota brand is worth investing in, but it will also prove if the Toyota Sequoia stacks up.

According to, a standard Toyota will last around 200,000-250,000 miles. Not only is this excellent for a manufacturer, but it also means the Toyota Sequoia has an incredible mileage offering. 

Common Toyota Sequoias Issues

How long do Toyota Sequoias last? When looking at the lifespan of the Toyota Sequoia, it’s helpful to determine the most common issues in the system. These will prepare you for what to expect as an owner, especially as the machine reaches the end.

According to, here are the most common Sequoia issues: 

  • Oxygen sensor might fail
  • Exhaust manifolds can crack and break
  • Loud vacuum cleaner on cold start

These are some of the most frequent troubles in the Sequoia’s system.

You might note these in any year of the Sequoia, good or bad. However, they are most likely to come to life in the least reliable versions of the Sequoia with poor maintenance history and excessive mileage racked up on the odometer. 


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Final Thoughts

How long do Toyota Sequoias last? You can expect at least 300,000 miles from the Toyota Sequoia, especially if it has excellent care and maintenance. It’s a solid option for longevity, which is part of why it’s lasted for decades. It also beats the average for other cars from the Toyota brand.

We hope this information is helpful when purchasing your next vehicle! If you decide the Sequoia is the most practical choice for your life, put in proper care and maintenance to maximize the years you get from the machine. It will be worth the extra work to keep costs down and time on the road high.

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